Illustrator Willis Simms


Willis Simms died in 2009 but Charles Gooley, webmaster, his helper Elaine Trogman, Melba, his wife, the Simms & Capman families, and the San Fernando Valley Sierra Club are trying to keep his memory alive through his art. We are presenting this show of 54 slides to acquaint people with the wonderful artistic talent of Willis Simms. .

Willis created cartoons for the Sierra Club San Fernando Vall-E-Vents newsletter but he was, also, a sketcher and painter. In their home, his wife Melba has displayed many paintings he created of beautiful scenes in nature. Willis made his living as an art teacher in public school and distinguished himself by teaching his students how to make animated film. That film was shown at some film festivals both in Los Angeles & abroad. By watching this show you will become aware of Willis' passion for keeping the natural world alive and thriving. The picture on this page shows Willis flying with his treasured Canada geese over Pierce College. Both the Pierce farm and the geese were being displaced with buildings, which concerned Willis very much.