Outings Management Committee

The Outings Management Committee manages all aspects of the outdoor activities program of the Chapter, including training and risk management. It promotes outdoor leadership and provides support for group and section outings chairs.

Meetings are held at least three times a year. Contact OMC Chair for information on meetings and topics. OMC members include the LTC, Safety and WTC Chairs, reps from Conservation and ICO, five elected Outings Reps and more members who assume other tasks of running our huge outings program. The OMC also sponsors an annual Outings Assembly, usually in the Fall. The assembly is where outings chairs and leaders can connect and share ideas, concerns and get some technical training - and learn something new. Agendas usually include a safety report and one from Leadership training. Attend, contribute your ideas and learn about fundraising outings and how to grow your programs.

For more information and updates, please visit the Leaders and Resources pages here: https://www.sierraclub.org/angeles/leadership-outing

Current Management

Current management members are listed here and on our Management page:

  • OMC Chairs Emmy Goldknopf and Tejinder Dhillon OMC@angeles.sierraclub.org
  • Leadership Training Committee Chairs Jane Simpson and Anne Marie Richardson 
  • Safety Chair Ron Campbell
  • Wilderness Training Committee Chair Pamela Sivula
  • ICO Rep Julie  Garner
  • Outings Representatives: Donna Specht, Bill Vanderberg, Don Bremner, 
  • Other positions include our webmasters, Campfire and database trainers, a Conservation rep, Huts & Lodges rep.and more.
Other Contacts

Leadership Training Committee Admin email (for leader candidates) ltcangeleschapter@gmail.com

Safety Committee email: safecomm@angeles.sierraclub.org

Concerns can be addressed to the OMC Chair or contact ombudsperson and the Chapter's Conflict Resolution Team here: ombusdman@angeles.sierraclub.org

To find hikes, trips, and other events, please visit the Schedule of Activities.


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Outings Management