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November 10, 2023 By Roberto Morales, Sr. Field Representative Sierra Club
On Tuesday, November 7, 2023, USDA Under Secretary for Natural Resources Dr. Homer Wilkes held a listening session for a long time effort to expand the San Gabriel National Monument. Sierra Club National and local LA Chapter alongside partners from the Nature for All Coalition and supporters of the San Gabriel Mountains Forever Campaign, composed of dozens of conservation groups, helped mobilize more than 150 community members and provided over 100 in person comments in support as well as thousands of petition signatures calling on the Biden Administration to expand the National Monument through the antiquities act.

November 2, 2023 By Morgan Goodwin - Senior Director, Angeles Chapter
As Bill approaches the end of his time working for the Sierra Club, I sat down with him to talk about what he’s learned in that time, hear some stories, and look at what’s as true about the Sierra Club as ever. 
Bill started as a front desk volunteer at the chapter offices. He then worked for the chapter and as the Southern California Regional Rep for that national field team on the Tejon Ranch settlement, the Sequoia National Monument, and the OC Toll Road campaign, before being hired by national and eventually running the Beyond Coal Campaign. 
In this interview, Bill reflects on the power of a bright-line goal to organize around. He talks about how to be in relationship with each other and our members. We discuss the ways in which the Beyond Coal campaign has transformed the Sierra Club, and also the qualities of the organization that remain as strong as ever.

November 1, 2023 By Elizabeth Neat

Elizabeth Neat Shares Sensory Strategies and Safety Insights from the ICO Retreat at Harwood Lodge!

November 1, 2023 By Nguyen Tran, Chapter Librarian

We invite you to our inaugural Angeles Chapter Library Committee meetings in November! Explore the rich history and future possibilities of our library. Save the dates, and let's shape the library's future together!

November 1, 2023 By Kim Orbe, Senior Conservation Program Manager
Pollution Free Cooking to Celebrate Your Holiday Festivities

November 1, 2023 By George Vine, Pasadena Group

In a campaign update from Pasadena activist leader George Vine of the Sierra Club, the Pasadena 100 coalition finds itself in an unwavering battle against the city's electric utility to accomplish a 100% fossil fuel-free electricity goal by 2030, persistently pushing for environmental change despite obstacles and resistance.

October 31, 2023 By Morgan Goodwin - Senior Director, Angeles Chapter

Explore the heartfelt dedication behind the San Antonio Ski Hut in this photo essay by Morgan Goodwin. From hauling supplies to painting the exterior, witness the collective effort and love that go into maintaining this mountain gem.

October 2, 2023 By Angeles Chapter Library Committee
Are you the kind of person who enjoys perusing bookshelves? Do you have an interest in Angeles Chapter archives and history? Does organizing and caring for one of the largest collections of books in the Sierra Club sound like your idea of fun? Do you want to help create library events and a community for members? We're forming a Chapter Library Committee 

September 29, 2023 By Jennifer Gregg, Chapter Fundraising Officer

Right now, all new monthly donations will be DOUBLED for an entire year! Last month, a few generous and passionate donors from the Angeles Chapter pooled their resources to create a match fund as their way to encourage new monthly donors. They know how important monthly donations are and they really hope that you will add your power to the work we do here in Los Angeles and Orange County. 

September 29, 2023 By Jennifer Gregg, Chapter Fundraising Officer
You are invited to join us at one of two Angeles Chapter Fundraising Workshops this October. The Fundraising Workshops are an exciting opportunity to learn directly from Ben Weiner, Sierra Club Chapter Fundraising Strategist. We are so honored that Ben is traveling to the Angeles Chapter to help us achieve growth in fundraising. This is Ben's area of expertise, and they'll be bringing a wealth of knowledge and energy to this Workshop. You won't want to miss this!

September 11, 2023 By Swell Energy & Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
Join Swell Energy in our fight against climate change by converting your home to clean power today. 

September 11, 2023 By Angeles Chapter Updates

September 11, 2023 By Alex Chang, Office Volunteer

Alex Chang, a recent graduate and volunteer, shares his experience volunteering in at the Chapter office this summer.

September 11, 2023 By Angeles Chapter Updates
The 2024 election cycle looms large on the horizon, with the California Primary just eight months away. In this pivotal time, the Sierra Club is gearing up to support environmental champions and combat polluter-backed candidates across the state of California. As part of this mission, we recently celebrated our 16th annual Sierra Club Political Leadership Awards fundraiser, an event that embodies our commitment to equity, democracy, and sustainability.

September 8, 2023 By Jennifer Gregg, Chapter Fundraising Officer
Plans are already underway for the 2024 Angeles Chapter Banquet and Awards Presentation! The event will be held in May of 2024 - exact date and location are TBD. Join our planning committee! We have several volunteer opportunities, including  sponsor solicitations, auction planning, awards logistics, decor, marketing, and many other ways to help make this occasion very special for our awardees and a successful fundraiser.

September 8, 2023 By Kim Orbe, Senior Conservation Program Manager

California's South Coast Air Quality Management takes a monumental step by passing Rule 1153.1, ushering in the nation’s first zero-emission standards for commercial ovens. Discover the impact and what's next in our fight for cleaner air.

September 7, 2023 By Jennifer Gregg, Chapter Fundraising Officer

Join retired pro-cyclist Phil Gaimon in his passion for cycling, cookies, and the environment. Phil supports the Angeles Chapter's climate efforts and invites cyclists to get involved. Follow him on a bike tour, volunteer at cycling events, and join the movement for a greener world.

September 7, 2023 By Jennifer Gregg, Chapter Fundraising Officer

Your monthly gift, no matter the size, aids initiatives like conservation, scholarships, and clean-air advocacy. Donors receive exclusive perks, deepening their connection to the cause.

Mass evictions from Barrington Plaza are an environmental issue

August 16, 2023 By Linda Pauer

August 16, 2023 By Ed Maurer & Patty Oh

The Cool Irvine Program, initiated after the United Nations' Cool Cities Challenge, aimed to enhance nature-based cooling solutions in cities to combat rapid urban warming. Irvine's successful pilot resulted in impressive carbon reduction, community engagement, and sustainable living practices, inspiring the creation of Cool OC, a nonprofit spreading this program across Orange County to raise awareness, provide resources, and foster a collective effort in addressing the climate crisis.

August 7, 2023 By Jenny Lopez

A decade of Latino Conservation Week signifies not just growth, but a deeper understanding of the vital connection between the Latinx community and the environment. When you imagine a Public Lands Conservationist or Nature Steward, what comes to mind? If you asked those who joined us at our “Fotos y Recreo” Latino Conservation Week celebration at Crystal Cove State Park, you are likely to have heard, “Someone like us, someone like me.”

August 7, 2023 By Jennifer Gregg, Chapter Fundraising Officer

August brings double full moons and the mesmerizing Perseids meteor shower. Our fundraising shines thanks to members like you, who surpassed goals and lit up our recent event at HiDef Brewery. Join us in sparking change through Legacy Gifts, vehicle donations, and monthly support, and let's keep our environmental victories alight! 

July 10, 2023 By John Monsen
President Obama established the 346,000-acre San Gabriel Mountains National Monument almost a decade ago. It was the culmination of years of organizing by the Angeles Chapter, its Forest Committee, environmental allies like Nature for All, electeds, and community groups. Building on this legacy Senator Alex Padilla and Rep. Judy Chu recently announced a joint effort to encourage President Biden to use his executive authority to expand the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument by 109,000 acres. The welcome news came in late June during a rally and press conference at the Eaton Canyon Nature Center in Pasadena. 

July 7, 2023 By Kim Orbe, Senior Conservation Program Manager

Join the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club and other local organizations in celebrating its Second Annual Latino Conservation Week Event and LCW 10th year anniversary! We are excited to host another unique event that invites our communidad to connect in our passion for the environment, art, conservation and cultura. 

July 7, 2023 By Hoiyin Ip

Join us this Plastic Free July as we highlight local initiatives such as LAX's ban on single-use plastic water bottles and the City of Irvine's Climate Action measures. Discover how personal actions and support for key bills can contribute to statewide progress in tackling plastic pollution. Together, let's make a difference by reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability for a better future.

July 6, 2023 By Swell Energy & Sierra Club Angeles Chapter

Ensure power security during outages and enjoy fixed bill savings by adding energy storage to your home. Sierra Club Angeles members receive exclusive benefits, including up to $500 off installation and donations to the chapter on their behalf.

June 22, 2023 By Firoza Jhabvala, Sierra Club Defense Setback Team
Phasing out oil wells too close to our California communitites has little to do with gas prices and everything to do with good health.

June 12, 2023 By Angeles Chapter Updates
The Angeles Chapter is delighted to welcome Jeremy Goldsby as its new Chapter Coordinator.

June 2, 2023 By Nguyen Tran, Chapter Librarian

Calling all bookworms and adventure seekers! Prepare to embark on a literary journey like no other as our Chapter Library reopens its doors. From vintage treasures to autographed gems, immerse yourself in a world of imagination and discovery. Join Nguyen Tran, our passionate Chapter Librarian, as she unveils the library's hidden wonders and invites you to be a part of its revival.

June 2, 2023 By Swell Energy & Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
Fire season in California can start as early as May, with the peak months being July through October. Be prepared! Secure your power with an energy storage battery. 

May 30, 2023 By Kim Orbe, Senior Conservation Program Manager

The Angeles Chapter is excited to announce the inaugural graduating cohort of the Activist Academy Leadership program! 

May 30, 2023 By Angeles Chapter Updates

Did you know that being a member of the Sierra Club comes with a range of exciting benefits? One such hidden gem is Harwood Lodge, nestled amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of the Angeles National Forest in California - It's your gateway to nature's paradise!

May 30, 2023 By Jennifer Gregg & Jessica Chow

On Sunday May 21st, 250 Angeles Chapter members, volunteers, sponsors, and vendors gathered at Frankie LA to celebrate the power of the Sierra Club together. Ten of the chapter’s most inspiring and impactful members were honored for their dedication to the chapter.

May 25, 2023 By Angeles Chapter Updates
Oakland, CA - This weekend, Allison Chin was elected to serve as president (one-year term) of the Sierra Club’s Board of Directors. This is Chin’s fourth term as president. She was the first person of color to ever serve in this role.

May 1, 2023 By Jennifer Gregg, Chapter Fundraising Officer
On April 28th and 29th, pro-cyclist and Angeles Chapter supporter Phil Gaimon hosted Whiskey Tango Fondo, an epic cycling event in the Alabama Hills area of the Eastern Sierras. The event brought together 500 gravel bike riders from all over the US and Canada to test their skills on 50, 70, or 100 mile courses, climbing as much as 11,750 feet. Riders experienced the contrast of the year’s first heat wave while also enjoying views of the Owens Valley. 

May 1, 2023 By Angeles Chapter Updates

Earth Month was a breath of fresh air for the members and friends of Sierra Club Angeles Chapter, who laced up their hiking boots and hit the trails for a month full of adventure, exploration, and appreciation for the great outdoors. Here are some highlights.

May 1, 2023 By Angeles Chapter Updates
Join Sierra Club Leadership! The Angeles Chapter Nominating Committee is recruiting Executive Committee leaders for the chapter and our regional groups. Executive Committee members guide the Sierra Club’s work in our communities. We make decisions about environmental policy, recommend the endorsement of political candidates, and direct our outreach activities. A good Executive Committee member has a deep love for the Sierra Club and the environment, and a willingness to serve the organization, and collaborate with fellow members to explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of Southern California. 

April 28, 2023 By Morgan Goodwin - Senior Director, Angeles Chapter

On behalf of the Angeles Chapter, Senior Director Morgan Goodwin accepted an invitation to the Earth Day celebration at the residence of the Vice President! Click for photos and to read more about his visit.

April 28, 2023 By Swell Energy & Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
So, you’ve heard all about the NEM 3.0 solar rate changes that took effect on April 14, 2023 for anyone installing solar after the deadline. But, now what? What’s next for solar homeowners who locked in under NEM 2.0 or for homeowners who didn’t get their solar applications in by the April 14 rate change date?

April 3, 2023 By Angeles Chapter Updates

Take a look at some breathtaking photos from this year's WTC snow camp trips! Despite heavy snowfall in California, students in the course were well-prepared with essential skills for a fun weekend navigating the wintery backcountry.

March 31, 2023 By Swell Energy & Sierra Club Angeles Chapter

Don't get stuck in the dark. Power outages in California are becoming more frequent due to an aging infrastructure and unpredictable weather. Battery storage is emerging as a solution to keep your power on during outages. Secure your power and save today with Swell!

March 17, 2023 By Angeles Chapter Updates

A central theme in our 2022 Annual Report (available here) is building a foundation for lasting transformational change. In 2022, we laid fertile soil and planted deep roots that will anchor us as we cultivate a more robust collective movement in Southern California. Here’s how our work illustrates this theme...

March 6, 2023 By Sydney M. Pitcher - Volunteer, Stop the Delta Conveyance (tunnel) Campaign.

Worsening climate change means more frequent and long lasting droughts, severe flooding, rampant wildfires, longer, hotter heat waves, and much more. However, there is one great solution every state and their cities within can adopt. It’s called Sponge Cities or Permeable Cities.

March 6, 2023 By Conner Everts, SC Water Committee

Could the restoration of habitat in Southern California mean the return of the endangered Southern Steelhead Trout?

March 6, 2023 By Douglas Kent MS, MLA - SC Water Committee

Foraging urban weeds is historic, easy, and sustainable. The plants listed below can be found right outside your door, in public parks, and growing haphazardly in the pots on your balcony. Below are tips to keep you safe and 7 easy to find edible weeds for winter and spring. Bountiful harvests, incredible nutrition, and all for little or no irrigation. What better defines sustainability?

March 6, 2023 By Caty Wagner, Sierra Club CA

Sierra Club California staff recently attended tours of both the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility (ECL) and the WRD Albert Robles Center for Water Recycling and Environmental Learning (ARC) to have a better understanding of water recycling, water replenishment and the interconnectedness of water systems in Southern California. The takeaway- we need more water recycling centers and spreading ground (groundwater replenishment) facilities like these to solve California’s water crisis.

March 6, 2023 By Ed Maurer, Sierra Sage Group Management Committee
Being a climate activist can be daunting, and SolarApp+ can lighten the effort.  Since a lot more electricity generated from renewable sources is needed fast, and since governments on all levels don’t move fast, here’s one proposal your city council may actually act on fast.  With a little help from my friends at the Solar Rights Alliance, I got results in my city.

March 6, 2023 By Morgan Goodwin - Senior Director Angeles Chapter

The Sierra Club's new Executive Director, Ben Jealous, visited Los Angeles as part of his 6-week listening tour. He hiked with local leaders, had lunch with chapter chairs and directors, and participated in an open forum with the chapter's ExCom and staff. Ben's thoughtful responses and ideas left a positive impression on leaders, emphasizing the importance of investing in both global campaigns and leading local fights. This visit was significant, and everyone is excited to be part of building the next chapter with Ben as the new ED.

February 6, 2023 By Angeles Chapter Updates

The local grassroots campaign, Pasadena 100, has achieved a major victory by convincing the City Council to aim for 100% clean energy by 2030. This marks a five-year acceleration from LADWP's goal and could lead to the retirement of Pasadena's Glenarm gas plant. The community-led effort gathered thousands of signatures, garnered support from local organizations, and mobilized local residents to give public comment, making it clear that Pasadena is committed to a clean energy future.