Dearest Deer

by Poetbroker

Vets list a twist protein that shrinks you Deer to skin and bone
Via the digestive track hidden within your still rippling limbs.
Facing the crack of the hunter's gun and fearful cougar's paw.
Prompts me dear deer to defy fate via a poem linking mine
to you and Bambi junior, sheltered below sycamore shadows,

I, the sky destroyer, predator of big cats, and forest habitat.

May your alarmed face awaken us from our restless futures
of half-starved doe-like children born to droughted spaces.
May your romping rump stop melting ice by melting hearts
down to soft "Pals of Bambi" packs, e.g. red flannel hunters
who bond in selfies beneath blue cascades of calved glacier
then join Sierra Club, seeing we are all such small creatures.

This poem about man's cruelty to animals and to nature was written by Ed Rosenthal, whose pen name is "Poetbroker."

Ed is a poet and novelist living in the San Fernando Valley.