August 2017 Wildlife and Conservation Updates

Grizzly Bear

Wolf Pack in Lassen County

The CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife has confirmed the presence of a wolf pack in Lassen County. For more information, go to

Burrowing Owls Face Eviction from Their Homes

California burrowing owls live in underground burrows. Recent regulations set by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife allow land developers to set up so-called "doors" in the entrances to these underground homes which allow the mammals to leave their burrows but prevent them from re-entering. The true culprits here are of course the developers, who want to build homes on land where burrowing owls dwell.

Help these owls stay safe in their burrows by emailing the director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Charlton Bonham, at Please ask him to suspend the "passive relocation" of burrowing owls in California.

Bears Ears National Monument

Bears Ears National Monument is a landscape of red rock canyons, flowing rivers, and a wildlife habitat for endangered species in the state of Utah. President Obama set this land aside in 2016 as a haven for all Americans (as well as wildlife) to enjoy. Plans from the Trump Administration reveal that it is now working with anti-public lands members of Congress to use this landscape for coal mining, oil and gas drilling, copper mining, off-road vehicle abuse, and vandalism of Native American sacred sites.

Please protest to the Trump Administration by emailing

You can also use Twitter: @SecretaryZinke or phone (202) 208-6317

Please also contact your member of congress by calling the Capitol switchboard at (202) 225-3121. Give the operator your zipcode and you will be transferred to your representative.

Protect Bears Ears Now!

Jim HinesInformation about wolf pack in Lassen County, the burrowing owl situation, the threat to the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, and the possible placing of GPS devices on California deer-hunting hounds was provided by James Hines, Chair, Sierra Club California/Nevada Wildlife Team.