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sign hill oil drilling canvass

Sierra Club Goes Door to Door in Signal Hill to Block a 20-Year Permit Extension

Last Monday, Sierra Club and our partners (Food and Water Action, Climate Brunch, and Center for Biological Diversity) launched a canvass in Signal Hill. We knocked on over 150 doors and educated residents about the harmful health effects of living near oil drilling and the proposed 20-year permit extension for oil drilling by Signal Hill Petroleum.   
We Tap

Tapping In To Clean Drinking Water Everywhere

Bringing awareness to public fountains, the safety of tap water and the issues with single use plastic bottles is a key to a healthy and environmentally sound future. The City of Los Angeles is proud to host the 2028 Olympics. WeTap’s project, 2028 for 2028, identifies 2000+ cites using scientific analysis and mapping, as well as common sense to improve access to public drinking fountains in Los Angeles, focusing on outdoor public locations with high value to communities.