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Conservation Email Forum
The Angeles Chapter has established a discussion list for Sierra Club activists working on conservation issues in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. To subscribe, email In the body of the message (not header) write: subscribe angeles-conservation
Staff Support

Kim Orbe, Conservation Program Manager:

Regional Conservation Committees


The Angeles Chapter Conservation Committee coordinates action on conservation issues for the Angeles Chapter.  It recommends positions on pending conservation issues to the Chapter Executive Committee (ExComm) and provides a forum for members to discuss conservation issues.

Meetings: 3rd Wed monthly, 7:00 pm in the Chapter Offices. Contact Chair by the end of previous month for place on agenda.


Contact Co-Chairs:  Darrell Clarke & Steven Dunwoody by emailing



The Orange County Conservation Committee provides a forum to discuss Orange County conservation topics, and supervises 11 ongoing Conservation Projects.
Meetings: Meets quarterly. Contact chair for details.
Contact: Ray Hiemstra, Chair, OC Conservation:



Do you have questions or concerns about local environmental issues? Each region has a Conservation Chair who is there to help members monitor and work with governments and agencies to promote preservation of our neighborhoods; your regional chair also sponsors educational and work trips; encourages and supports other members to work for the same objectives of local neighborhood habitat preservation, clean air, clean water and sustainable communities.

Chapter-wide Conservation Issue Subcommittees


The Clean Break Committee advocates for an end to oil and gas drilling, fracking and all other forms of well stimulation, production, and distribution in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Oil and gas production and distribution pose unacceptable risks to the health and safety of our communities; environmental quality, including air, water and soil; natural resources; geology and seismic activity; and climate. These risks are of particular concern in Los Angeles County where many oil and gas wells are located in close proximity to densely populated urban neighborhoods, resulting in toxic emissions in low-income communities of color that are already disproportionately impacted by urban pollution.




To reduce global warming and improve health, the Climate Action Team educates the community and public leaders and advocates for lower greeenhouse gas emissions, clean energy technology, stringent regulation of polluters, improved air quality, and environmental justice.
Meetings:  Monthly on the first Thursday of the month 4-5:30 pm, virtually via Zoom.




The Environmental & Social Justice Committee was formed to expose the linkages between environmental quality and social justice, and to promote dialogue, increased understanding, and appropriate action, so that disproportionately affected communities will find justice and experience a healthy and sustainable future.
Meetings:  Monthly on Second Saturday, 2-3:30pm at Angeles Chapter offices

Contact:: Yvonne (Martínez) Watson, Chair:



The purpose of the Forest Committee is to preserve and restore our forests and to expand the wilderness areas that protect them. Key issues range from improving the management of our local National Forests, the Angeles and the Cleveland, as well as in the Sierra Nevada, particularly the Giant Sequoia National Monument, and supporting Roadless Area designations nationally. We conduct outreach to the public through programs and speakers, and to participants in Sierra Club outings in sensitive forest areas.
Meetings: 4th Wed, odd months except Nov, 7:30pm at Eaton Canyon Nature Center, 1750 N Altadena Dr, Pasadena.
Southern CA Forest Campaign Website:
Social Media: Facebook Page
  • Don Bremner, Co-Chair:
  • John Monsen, Co-Chair:
  • Bob Cates, San Gabriels Trail Crew Coordinator
  • San Gabriels Trail Crew: Kate Allen, Steve Anderson, Tina Bowman, Don Bremner, Winnette Butler, Allison Allport, Erik Counseller, Jim Crook, Jim Fleming, Dana & John Hunter, Bill Jackson, Cathy Kissinger, Nathan Krumm, Mei Kwan, Sharon Moore, Victoria Overbey, Ron Schrantz, Kent Schwitkis, Bob Thompson, John Yard


The purpose of the Los Cerittos Wetlands Taskforce is to employ the energy and expertise of Sierra Club members and other organizations and individuals to: Educate the local and larger community as to the value of the Los Cerritos Wetlands and the risks posed by projects and activities in and around them.

Meetings: Quaterly, Contact Chair for time and location


Contact: Ann Cantrell, Chair:

Anna Christensen, Co-Chair:


The San Onofre Task Force is organized to ensure safe operations of the San Onofre nuclear power plant and to confirm that its federal operating license is not renewed. .
Meetings: Monthly. Contact Chair for time and location
Contact:  Marni Magda, Chair:


The Save the Puente-Chino Hills Task Force is organized to educate and activate the public to help save the remaining critical open space in the Puente-Chino Hills, a world-class natural resource of oak and walnut woodlands.
Meetings: Quarterly. Contact Chair for time and location


Developing and advocating zero waste and sustainability policies within the geographic region of the Chapter. Advocating for a circular economy and collaborating with frontline communities/organizations to support and amplify environmental justice in sustainability.

Meetings: Monthly on the third Monday (online) 


Contact: Contact: Kim Orbe,


The Transportation Committee promotes solutions to oil dependence in Los Angeles and Orange Counties— supporting the Sierra Club's national campaign—especially expanding public transit; planning for livable, walkable, bikeable communities; and electrifying transportation.
Meetings: 7 pm 1st Thu of each month in the Chapter Offices

Contact: Michael Clark, Chair:



The Water Committee addresses water issues that impact the Los Angeles and Orange Counties with a focus on water supply, conservation, and beneficial uses for conserved water. Includes an education component to provide presentations and materials to residents about conservation, water supply, and water quality issues.
Meetings:  4th Thursday, 7:00 pm, every month
Contact: Charming Evelyn, Chair:


The Sierra Club Wildland Urban Wildfire Committee was formed to address land-use planning and other issues related to the increasing intensity and frequency of wildfires in the wildland-urban interface/intermix (WUI).
Meetings: 2nd Thrusday, 2:00 pm, every month
Contact: Lynne Plambeck, Chair, Phone: (661) 255-6899, Email:


Los Angeles County Conservation Campaigns & Task Forces


The Ballona Wetlands Restoration Committee protects wetlands, prairie grasslands, wet meadows, seasonal ponds, salt pannes and other habitats that make up the greater Ballona ecosystem.
Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month in Venice. Contact Chair.



The Diamond Bar – Pomona Valley Task Force of the Sierra Club, Angeles Chapter, educates and addresses regional conservation issues in the cities of Diamond Bar, Chino Hills, Rowland Heights, Walnut, Pomona, West Covina, San Dimas, LaVerne, Claremont, stretching from the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains to Puente-Chino Hills. The group monitors human activities, which pose threats to natural open space and wildlife habitats within the region, and focuses on California Native landscapes, trees, plants, wildlife connectivity, biodiversity, green infrastructure, water supplies, air quality, and transportation.
Meetings: Meetings are scheduled as needed. Contact Chair.


The San Gabriel Valley Task Force is composed of representatives from the Pasadena, Rio Hondo, and Long Beach Groups and any other interested Sierra Club members, and works to address regional conservation issues in the San Gabriel Valley, including open space and habitat preservation, water supply and quality, toxic waste disposal, local landfills, air quality, transportation, and the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel River watersheds.

Meetings: As needed. Contact Joan Licari for time and location.


Contact:: Joan Licari: 626-330-4220 or


An activist committee encouraging protection of the Santa Monica Mountains while promoting the understanding and awareness of their natural values, the Santa Monica Mountains Task Force's goals encompass maintaining open space and acquiring additional parkland, recommending Sierra Club policy on the Santa Monica Mountains, leading outings to acquaint leaders and the public with the Santa Monica Mountains, and building and maintaining trails.
Meetings: 2nd Mon monthly (except August), 7:30 pm, alternating between the S and N side of the Santa Monica Mountains. See Schedule for meetings location. Agenda and conservation information are outlined in the monthly newsletter.
Newsletter: The SMMTF Newsletter details current conservation issues, problems, and projects which affect the integrity of the mountains.



Eric Edmunds
Vice Chair
Bill Vanderberg
Angeles Chapter Conservation Committee Rep
Wendy-Sue Rosen
Volunteer Coordinator
Rachel Glegg
Outings Chairs
Howard Strauss
David Finch
Mike Robinson
Pam Smith


The Save Montebello Hills Task Force is dedicated to preserving and restoring the last remaining open space in Montebello, currently being used for oil production.
Meetings: First Thursday of each month 7:30 pm in the back room of Carrow's Restaurant, 1021 San Gabriel Blvd, Rosemead

Orange County Conservation Campaigns & Task Forces


The Save Hobo Aliso Task Force was formed to protect and preserve all unprotected acreage and waterways in and around Hobo and Aliso Canyons as well as Hobo Aliso Ridge in South Laguna. These lands are connected to two wilderness parks: Laguna Coast Wilderness Park (6600 acres) and the Aliso Wood Canyons Wilderness Park (4200 acres). Task Force efforts include restoration of a significant portion of acreage under the jurisdiction of the California Coastal Commission as well as upholding and supporting the jurisdiction of the Coastal Commission on lands deemed areas of deferred certification, as well as restoration efforts for Aliso Creek, a 303(d) pollutant-impaired body of water that flows through Aliso Canyon and into the receiving waters of the Pacific Ocean.
Meetings: Notices via email to all interested parties. Contact Chair.
  • Penny Elia , Chair
  • Dan Elia, Vice Chair
  • Sharon Larimer, Sec.
  • Jeanie Bernstein, Betsy Bredau, Terry Sehi

Inter-Chapter Conservation Committees


The California/Nevada Desert Committee works for the protection, preservation, and conservation of the CA, NV desert; supports the same objectives in all desert areas of the Southwest; monitors and works with governments and agencies to promote preservation of our arid lands; sponsors educational and work trips; encourages and supports others to work for the same objectives; maintains, shares and publishes information about the desert.


CNRCC – Coastal Conservation Coordinating Committee

The CNRCC works for the protection, preservation, and conservation of the California coastline; has a focus on helping Sierra Club members understand the California Coastal Act and coordinate among California Coastal Chapters within the “California Coastal Zone” as outlined in the Coastal Act, coordinates closely with members before the California Coastal Commission and coordinates closely with Sierra Club California related to legislation that might impact the “California Coastal Zone”, supports the same objectives in all coastal areas of California; monitors and works with governments and agencies to promote preservation of our near ocean biome and coastal waterways and lands; sponsors educational and work trips; encourages and supports others to work for the same objectives; maintains, shares and publishes information about coastal California habitats, issues, agencies and laws. Helps members engage with the California Coastal Conservancy.
Contact: David Grubb, Chair

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West Regional & National Campaigns

Los Angeles is also home to several Sierra Club National staff for the Western Region, which allows a strong connection between National Priorities and local projects. 
All Sierra Club staff can be emailed directly by using the format

National/Western Regional Staff

Nidia Erceg
Nidia is the Western Regional Organizing Director for the Western Region.
Jen Simmons
Jen Simmons is the Senior Organizing Manager for the Western Region. 

Beyond Dirty Fuels  Campaign

Sierra Club’s Beyond Dirty Fuels (BDF) campaign works to protect our communities by moving away from dirty fossil fuels and toward an economy built on clean, renewable energy.
Beyond Dirty Fuels national staff work with Sierra Club chapter staff and volunteers, grassroots organizations, communities, and others across the country to block oil and gas infrastructure expansion, fight for strong, common-sense regulations that protect people instead of corporate polluters, and protect special places from oil and gas development. 
Monica Embrey 
Monica Embrey is an Associate Director with the Beyond Dirty Fuels Campaign.
Nicole Levin
Nicole Levin is a Campaign Organizer with the Beyond Dirty Fuels Campaign.

My Generation Campaign

The My Generation (MyGen) campaign is fighting for an equitable transition to 100% clean, renewable energy in California. MyGen fights against sources of pollution that affect disproportionately Black, Brown, Immigrant, and working-class communities in California from freight hubs and burning fossil fuel; working alongside partners from frontline communities, MyGen builds power locally to phase dirty gas out of California’s electricity, transportation, and building sectors. 
Volunteer leaders drive community mobilization across the state to demand local clean energy solutions that improve air quality, create good jobs, and prepare communities to take on the fossil fuel industry and take action against climate change.

Clean Transportation

Carlo De La Cruz
Carlo De La Cruz is a senior campaign representative for the Sierra Club's My Generation campaign.

Clean Buildings 

Matthew Gough
Matt Gough is a senior campaign representative for the Sierra Club's My Generation campaign.

Clean Energy 

Francis Yang
Francis Yang is the Long Beach & South Los Angeles Community Organizer for the Sierra Club’s My Generation campaign. 
Luis Amezcua  
Luis Amezcua is a senior campaign representative for the Sierra Club's My Generation campaign.

Our Wild America Campaign

Our Wild America carries on the Sierra Club's long legacy of protecting America's public lands and special places. We believe these lands should be held for and by everyone, providing opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, and come together to share experiences. Our work reaches from the most untouched national forests and vast western landscapes to the urban parks just down the street.
With the Our Wild America campaign, the Sierra Club is doubling down in the fight to preserve our wild heritage in the face of threats from fossil fuel extraction and climate disruption. Our Wild America embodies the Sierra Club’s motto of “explore, enjoy and protect.” We achieve this by working to increase access to the outdoors; protect our lands, water, and wildlife; and keep fossil fuels in the ground.
Jenny Binstock
Jenny is a Senior Campaign Representative for Sierra Club’s Our Wild America campaign. 
Roberto Morales
Rob is a Senior Campaign Representative for the San Gabriel Mountains Campaign. 


Conservation Com