About Us

What Is the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club?

The Angeles Chapter is the regional chapter of the National Sierra Club.  The Angeles Chapter includes Los Angeles and San Diego counties. For over 100 years, the Sierra Club has played a key role in protecting millions of acres of America’s national parks, open space, and wilderness areas.

What is the San Fernando Valley Sierra Club Group?

The San Fernando Valley Sierra Club Group is an integral part of the Sierra Club, Angeles Chapter.  The Valley is one of the most populated regional groups of the Angeles Chapter, with some 4,700 members.  With a rich diversity of natural area and climate, we have many options to choose from for our recreational activities.

What are the activities of the SFV Group, Angeles Chapter?

The Group offers routine hikes of varying degrees of difficulty every Tuesday and Thursday morning.  There are monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of each month held at 7PM at the Reseda Neighborhood Council headquarters.  These meetings feature speakers and slide presentations.  On weekends there is car-camping and destination hiking, city walks, and local hikes (daytime and evening) for individuals and families.  Our Group also publishes its own monthly newsletters, Vall E Vents and The Valley Sierran.

Hike Schedule

As previously mentioned, hikes are offered (varying degrees of difficulty) every Tuesday and Thursday morning.  Weekend and evening hikes are also available.  Locations for the hikes include the Santa Monica, Santa Susana, and San Gabriel Mountain ranges.  We also hike in Simi Valley.  Another hiking gem which is a favorite is the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area, which includes Lake Balboa.

Hike Leaders

All Sierra Club hike leaders must go through a National Sierra Club training course, and must maintain CPR and first-aid training certification.  All hikes include both leaders and co-leaders to insure participant safety.

Conservation Activities

We are working on various conservation issues in the San Fernando Valley.  Our efforts include:

2 members on the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Steering Committee, which helps to keep the Sepulveda Basin attractive to wildlife.

Working Against the Hidden Creeks Estates Development near Porter Ranch in the Santa Susana Mts.  (See more info. in our "Take Action" website section)

Oil drilling performed by the Termo Company in the Santa Susana Mts,  Aliso Canyon.  They have 18 wells and are requesting  to drill 12 more.  (See more info. in our "Take Action" website section)

Gas Storage in the Santa Susana Mts, Aliso Canyon and the gas leak that resulted.  It has been leaking for more than a month.  (See more info. in our "Take Action" website section)

Vall E Vents and Valley Sierran

The Group’s official newsletter, Vall E Vents, appears in print three times a year.  It also comes out once a month in electronic form.  The membership newsletter, Valley Sierran, is published monthly in electronic form.  Both publications cover a wide range of topics and offer links to environmental resources.   The two newsletters are edited by volunteers.

Join Our Club

Join the hundreds of members of the Sierra Club!  You will be supporting a good cause.  You can also volunteer to be a part of the SFVSC Group team and assist in the direction of the Group.  Joining is an easy as a walk in the park!   Complete our membership application, or sign up online at the Sierra club website (www.sierraclub.org).


The San Fernando Valley Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the headquarters of the Reseda Neighborhood Council, 18118 Sherman Way Reseda 91335.

The Bank of America Building is just west of Lindley Ave. on the south side of Sherman Way. The meeting room is at the front of the building. Parking is in the back of the building. For more information, phone or Joe Phillips at 818-348-8884 or recreationbyjoe@yahoo.com.

SFVSCV Group Management Committee

Barry Katzen, Chair/Political

Belen Katzen, Secretary

Michael Stevenson, Programs

Terrie Brady, Conservation Chair

Joe Phillips, Outings/Publicity/Hospitality

Julie Szende, Membership/Editor, Valley Sierran

Chris Anstead, Treasurer

David Troy, At Large Member

Address: Sierra Club-San Fernando Valley Group, P.O. BOX 370485, RESEDA, CA 91337