The Sierra Club Angeles Chapter sponsors thousands of outings each year, including day hikes, backpacking, car camping, skiing... the list is endless. Open to Sierra Club members and non-members alike, these outings reflect our shared love of the outdoors and Angeles Chapter's commitment to making your outdoor experience safe, educational and fun. SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW OUR SCHEDULE OF UPCOMING OUTINGS AND EVENTS and join us!

Special Opportunities for Travel Adventure

Our exciting domestic and international excursions are led by experienced leaders and are oriented toward outdoor adventure and environmental awareness. A portion of the cost of these "Travel Adventures" goes to support the work of the Angeles Chapter.

Our Leaders

The Angeles Chapter has a rigorous leader training and safety program designed to ensure that our volunteer outings leaders are knowledgeable, inspirational and well-equipped to lead safe and enjoyable trips. We're always looking for new leaders; if you're interested, please let us know.

Current and potential Outings/event leaders: input your outing/event here, learn how to use Campfire to create events, and visit the Leadership Training / Outings Management website for forms and to learn about safety, trainings, and leading for the Angeles Chapter.


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[Header photos: Satwiwa, © Jane Simpson, Cleveland National Forest, © Steve Anderson, all rights reserved]




Sunday morning sunrise at the San Antonio Ski Hut

San Antonio Ski Hut Work Weekend - photo essay

Explore the heartfelt dedication behind the San Antonio Ski Hut in this photo essay by Morgan Goodwin. From hauling supplies to painting the exterior, witness the collective effort and love that go into maintaining this mountain gem.
The great room of the Harwood Lodge

Visit Harwood Lodge

Did you know that being a member of the Sierra Club comes with a range of exciting benefits? One such hidden gem is Harwood Lodge, nestled amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of the Angeles National Forest in California - It's your gateway to nature's paradise!
Whiskey Tango Fondo April 29, 2023

A Weekend of #SierraTogether in the Snow-capped Eastern Sierras

On April 28th and 29th, pro-cyclist and Angeles Chapter supporter Phil Gaimon hosted Whiskey Tango Fondo, an epic cycling event in the Alabama Hills area of the Eastern Sierras. The event brought together 500 gravel bike riders from all over the US and Canada to test their skills on 50, 70, or 100 mile courses, climbing as much as 11,750 feet. Riders experienced the contrast of the year’s first heat wave while also enjoying views of the Owens Valley.