Contact Us

For further information on any of our committees please contact:

Chairperson: Barry Katzen Call (818) 341-8304 or Email:

Vice-Chairperson:  OPEN

Secretary: Balen Katzen Call (818) 341-8304

Treasurer: Gabe Szende Call at (818) 999-5384 or Email:

Conservation Chair:Terrie Brady Call at (818) 349-8889 or Email:
Contact Terrie if you have a conservation issue you wish to bring to the group Conservation Chair

Programs Chair: Michael Stevenson Call (818)419-5318 or Email:
Contact Michael if you have an envirormental program you wish to present to our group.

Membership Committee Chair: Julie Szende Call (818) 999-5384 or Email:
Contact Julie if you wish to help with membership. We need members to help greet people at the door and other membership outreach activities.

Political Committee Chair: call Barry Katzen at 818-341-8304 or Email:
Political Committee needs members to help with the endorsement process for our local elections which includes State Senate, State Assembly, and City Council.

Outings Committee Chair: Joe Phillips Call at (818) 348-8884 or Email:
Contact on Valley hikes or if you are a hike leader and wish to lead hikes in the Valley.

Newsletter Editors:

Julie Szende Call (818) 999-5384 or Email:   Newsletter is The Valley Sierran.   Comes out before the monthly program meeting

Contact Julie for information on contributing letters, articles or op-ed pieces for the newsletter. We need as much member input as possible.

Information Phone: Joe Phillips (818) 348-8884 or Email:

Hospitality Committee Chair: Joe Phillips Call at (818) 348-8884 or Email:
Please contact Joe if you could help out at our monthly meetings. We set-up drinks and snacks for socializing during the meeting. Drinks include Soda, coffee, tea and water. Snacks include cookies, cakes, nuts, etc.

Webmaster: .Peter Kosenko (temporary) Email:

Member at Large:    David Troy  Email:

General Address:  Sierra Club-San Fernando Valley Group, P.O. BOX 370485, RESEDA, CA 91337