The Sierra Club Angeles Chapter covers Los Angeles and Orange counties and includes 14 Regional Groups (organized by geographical area) and 27 Activity Sections and Committees (organized by interest), managed by local volunteer leadership. Coordination and oversight is provided by an elected volunteer Executive Committee; the chapter also employs staff who work with volunteer leaders to advance the chapter’s priorities.

Morgan GoodwinMorgan Goodwin
Sr. Chapter Director

Morgan is responsible for developing and implementing all programs, policies, and initiatives for the Chapter. Performs long range planning, makes appropriate recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding short and long term priorities and strategies to develop and strengthen the effectivess of the Chapter.

Contact Morgan at, or call (213) 387-4287, Ext. 210

Jeremy Goldsby, Chapter CoordinatorJeremy Goldsby
Chapter Coordinator

Jeremy is responsible for office management of the Chapter, including daily administrative operations, training and supervision of the office volunteers and maintenance of  the office, equipment and schedule, along with many other administrative tasks.

He also performs all of the Chapter’s accounting duties, from processing donations, invoices and reimbursement requests through closing journal entries and the preparation of the Annual Financial Statement and the annual independent audit.

He trains and supports the Chapter Treasurer and works closely with Chapter Staff, Volunteer Treasurers and the National’s accounting team to comply with the Sierra Club's requirements.

Contact Jeremy at jeremy.goldsby@sierraclub.orgor call (213) 387-4287, Ext. 205.

Jane McFarlane, Chapter Coordinator

Jonathan Howard
Communications Coordinator

Jonathan is responsible for creating written and digital content to build the chapter's voice online. He loves finding creative ways to tell stories that boost campaign engagement using social media, email, and other online tools.

He also helps connect reporters to chapter volunteers, organizers, and program directors, and establishes working relationships between media outlets and the Chapter. 

Contact Jonathan at or call (914) 262-7061


Kimberly Orbe 
Conservation Program Manager

Kimberly works with the Conservation Committee as well as other regional groups and entities to help increase the capacity of the Chapter's conservation program. She brings years of experience working with diverse communities and grassroots organizations through an equity and social justice lens.


Contact Kimberly at or or call (213) 514-5802, Ext. 204


Jennifer Gregg in Acadia National ParkJennifer Gregg 
Fundraising Officer

Jennifer is responsible for planning and organizing all aspects of the Angeles Chapter’s fundraising program. She is passionate about building relationships with new and existing donors and partners. She aims to ensure that all donors are inspired, connected, and very appreciated! Jennifer believes that harnessing collective generosity makes exploring, enjoying, and protecting our shared environment a more accessible and equitable experience for all. Together, we can do so much! 

If you are interested in donating to the Angeles Chapter or developing a partnership with us, please reach out to Jennifer at or (213) 387-4287

The phone number for the Chapter Office is 213-387-4287.

The Chapter Office is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM - 4 PM PT. Please let staff know if you plan to visit! :)

Office Volunteers

Front Desk

Alex Chang

Chapter Librarian

Nguyen Tran


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