Executive Committee

The Angeles Chapter Executive Committee consists of 9 at-large members elected by the membership and 14 representatives appointed by the Regional Groups. The Executive Committee meets monthly typically on the fourth Sunday, 1 p.m., on Zoom, unless otherwise noted. Meetings are open to all members. Some portion of meetings may be closed to non-voting members of the Executive Committee at the direction of the Chair.

For minutes and other documents referenced at Excom meetings go to the password-protected MEMBERS ONLY page. To request the password, please send a request with your Member ID (if you have it), name and mailing address to info@angeles.sierraclub.org, or call 213-387-4287.

2023 Meeting Dates:p January 22, Febuary 26, March, 26, April 23, May 28, June 25, July 23, August 27, September 24, October 22, December 3 on zoom, starting at 1:00 pm.


2023 OFFICERS    
Chair Dyana Peña  
Vice Chair Jason Islas  
Secretary Diane Trautman  
Treasurer Cherry Postic  
Elected At-Large Members Aura Vasquez At-Large A (2022-2023)
  Liliana Griego At-Large B (2022-2023)
  David Haake At-Large A (2023-2024)
  Nancy Barba At-Large A (2023-2024)
  Steve Dunwoody At-Large A (2022-2023)
  Anneliese Piñeda Klein At-Large A (2023-2023)
  Dyana Peña At-Large C (2023-2024)
  Coby King At-Large A (2023-2024)
  John Monsen At-Large A (2022-2023)





Airport Marina Kathy Knight Joe Young
Central Barbara Hensleigh Kawana Key
Crescenta Valley Cathy Kissinger Karen Buehler
Long Beach Gabrielle Weeks Anna Christensen
Orange County Gideon Strich John LaRue
Palos Verdes -South Bay Elizabeth Neat Al Sattler
Pasadena Russell Babbitz Bill Simpson
Rio Hondo Margee Hills David Warren
San Fernando Valley Joe Phillips Theresa Brady
Santa Clarita Valley Diane Trautman Sandra Cattell
Sierra Sage of SOC Sharon Koch Doug Shepard
Verdugo Hills Carol Henning David Eisenberg
West Los Angeles Jason Islas Meghan Sahli-Wells

Treasurer Cherry Postic  
Communications Committee -- Vacant --  
Conservation Committee Steve Dunwoody and Darrell Clark  
By-Laws and Standing Rules Margee Hills  
Finance Committee Marissa Bates  
Outings Management Committee Tejinder Dhillon & Emmy Goldknopf  
Political Committee (Los Angeles County) Jason Islas  
Political Committee (Orange County) Margee Hills & Myla Collier  
Political Compliance Officer Joe Andrews  
Membership Committee Donna Specht  

[Header photo: Leafcutter ants © Karl Humphries courtesy of Pixabay]

Executive Committee