What's Up Poseidon?

  • Posted on 7 March 2022
  • By Charming Evelyn & Ray Hiemstra
In April of last year, the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board voted to grant Poseidon a permit to move ahead with the construction of their ocean desalination plant. The next step of course is that Poseidon would have to come before the California Coastal Commission (CCC).

Action of the Month - March

  • Posted on 7 March 2022
  • By Everette Phillips, Communications Chair

Register for AddUp and Register to show support for the "No to Poseidon Desalination Plant!"

VOTE for Sierra Club Board of Directors

  • Posted on 7 February 2022
  • By Angeles Chapter Updates
You can help decide the direction of the nation’s largest grassroots environmental organization by voting in the Sierra Club’s annual board of directors election. National Board members are elected for three-year terms.
The 2022 election for the Sierra Club’s National Board of Directors begins in March. You may vote by paper ballot or electronically.

Action of the Month - If you do only one thing during February- then Sign this petition

  • Posted on 7 February 2022
  • By Everette Phillips
How does a business supporter of the Sierra Club decide on which action to take if they only have 15 minutes during a week or even during a month where taking action is possible? 
We have 100,000 supporters in Southern California, and each one is busy with their personal day-to-day life issues.  Most would take action if it was easy, so this is our goal on the Southern Sierra team.

What You Need to Know About Oil Spills - The Office of Spill Prevention and Response - A Coastal Activists Guide

  • Posted on 2 December 2021
  • By Seth Weisbord
Oil spills are catastrophic events that make all of us coastal activists in some ways. We must unify in our support in effective and meaningful responses that can make a difference. For those Sierra Club volunteers with a focus on coastal issues, it is best to focus on the agencies and organizations with a focus on the immediate response with a follow-up on those responsible for clean up and of course continuous interaction with those responsible for preventing such catastrophes in the first place.

LA Zoo Expansion Threatens to Destroy Native Woodlands

  • Posted on 29 November 2021
  • By Juliet Fang, Communications Volunteer

Sierra Club Angeles Chapter is calling on the Mayor and City Council to Stop L.A. Zoo's planned destruction of native woodlands. A $650 million LA Zoo expansion would make room for modern animal habitats and veterinary support facilities, but could impact 227 protected native trees like Southern California Black Walnut, Toyons, Coast Live Oak, and other native shrubs. Instead club leaders are asking Angelenos to support the environmentally superior Alternative 1 in the Zoo Vision Plan, which preserves 23 acres of native woodlands.

Join the Climate Journey as a Cool Block Team Leader in LA and Irvine

  • Posted on 13 September 2021
  • By Kimberly Orbe- Conservation Program Manager
You can green your neighborhood, make it safer to walk in, and more. Cool Block teams will meet, discuss, and implement sustainability concepts on topics related to energy efficiency, water conservation, emergency preparedness, and more.  It’s up to you to decide with your neighbors based on your community's unique needs. This is why the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter voted to support the City of LA, and City of Irvine's Cool Blocks program. We would like to recruit you, if you live in LA or Irvine, sign up as a leader for your block.

We Need Volunteers to Save the Coast of California – passions for action and law are welcome

  • Posted on 11 September 2021
  • By Everette Phillips
We need volunteers with an interest in coastal issues and coastal law to commit time to rebuild our coastal conservation committee in LA and Orange Counties as part of the larger CCC Coastal Committee.
The Coastal Act is a great tool for protecting coastal habitats, It is only a useful tool for volunteers who know what the law contains and how to apply the law in a meaningful way when interacting with Coastal Commission staff, developers, and other stakeholders.

Coastal Cleanup Opportunities for California Coastal Cleanup Day September 18th!

  • Posted on 11 September 2021
  • By Everette Phillips

September marks the end of summer, then the beginning of school, and a special weekend when all of coastal California shows our gratitude for the beauty and wonder of great coastal places by rolling up our sleeves and cleaning litter, debris, and a remarkable amount of garbage. 

Be The Change: Act for Infrastructure!

  • Posted on 18 August 2021
  • By Mercedes Macias
Join us on September 2nd for our CA: ACT for Infrastructure Action Party as we focus our efforts on lobbying Congressional and State Representatives to pass a bold infrastructure package in which climate change is the priority. Congress must pass a bill that makes the big, bold, and ambitious investments needed to tackle the climate crisis, achieve true environmental justice, and accelerate the transition to clean energy.