Trash-A-Thon Team Sierra Event

  • Posted on 4 April 2022
  • By Sharon Koch
Team Sierra is a community determined to create a healthy world for all. Together, we're raising funds to support the Sierra Club's work for our climate and communities, wildlife and wild places. Earth Day has special meaning for all Sierra Club members. This year the Angeles Chapter will celebrate for an entire month by inviting our members to participate in Trash-a-Thon 2022. Commencing on Earth Day 2022, the event will continue for four weeks.
This is a special peer-to-peer fundraising opportunity to make money for the Angeles Chapter and have fun doing it. Sierra Club members and friends will make our hiking trails, our beaches, our local parks, and our neighborhoods more attractive by spending some time picking up trash. We raise funds by committing to a goal of spending a specific period of time collecting trash and asking our friends and family to support our efforts with a donation to our page on the Angeles Chapter Team Sierra Trash-a-Thon.  
Yes, as a participant you would have your own page on the Angeles Chapter Team Sierra Trash-a-Thon website. This is a place where you can specify your goals: hours picking up trash, and funds raised. Your progress is tracked. Explain why a trash-free area is important to you. This page could be for you as an individual or for your regional group, section, or several friends joining together to form a team.
Form a team with your regional group or activity section, and plan events to pick up trash in your area. Perhaps you could all get together on a Saturday morning and have lunch after picking up trash. Or maybe you are an outing leader and have a hike scheduled where you could ask the participants to join you in picking up trash along the way, and donate money to the effort on your Trash-a-Thon page.
This is an extraordinary opportunity to raise dollars to support the Angeles Chapter's activities throughout the year. All proceeds will remain with the Angeles Chapter to cover general Chapter expenses, support our conservation committee efforts, and communicate with our members. We will all benefit by working together on an activity in-person that results in a cleaner, more attractive environment.
You don’t need to wait until Earth Day to start building your Trash-a-Thon page. As a special incentive, the first 50 registrants will receive a reusable metal water bottle with the Team Sierra Logo. Sign up today and start seeking supporters. Set your trash pickup goals and your fundraising target. Sign up here. Learn how you can use this new fundraising tool in the future to raise funds for your entity or campaign and grow your membership.
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