Action of the Month - If you do only one thing during February- then Sign this petition

  • Posted on 7 February 2022
  • By Everette Phillips
How does a business supporter of the Sierra Club decide on which action to take if they only have 15 minutes during a week or even during a month where taking action is possible? 
We have 100,000 supporters in Southern California, and each one is busy with their personal day-to-day life issues.  Most would take action if it was easy, so this is our goal on the Southern Sierra team.
If you want to make a difference, our team curates a list of environmental and sustainability-oriented campaigns on the chapter website landing page called “TAKE ACTION NOW”  There are many issues and a wide variety of ways to take action in support of an issue that appeals to you.
We realize that your time is short, and we want to help you achieve the greatest impact in making the world a better place with a few minutes you can dedicate to signing a petition or writing a letter or making a phone call, or attending a meeting.
Each month we will highlight a single action in the Southern Sierran that you can take if you have time to take only one action.
During each month we will regularly update our chapter’s homepage with THREE PRIORITY AddUp campaigns in case you have time for signing more than one petition or taking additional actions
In addition, we will curate environmentally, sustainability, and environmental justice-oriented action campaigns on our TAKE ACTION NOW landing page:
Let us know if you have ideas for improving the convenience of taking action. Your small actions, combined with all of our members taking small actions can make a big impact!
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