Sierra Club Goes Door to Door in Signal Hill to Block a 20-Year Permit Extension

  • Posted on 1 April 2024
  • By Nicole Levin, Dirty Fuels Campaign
Last Monday, Sierra Club and our partners (Food and Water Action, Climate Brunch, and Center for Biological Diversity) launched a canvass in Signal Hill. We knocked on over 150 doors and educated residents about the harmful health effects of living near oil drilling and the proposed 20-year permit extension for oil drilling by Signal Hill Petroleum. 
You’ve probably seen the photos of oil drilling in Signal Hill: oil wells amid the suburbs, next to the library, and in the parking lots of restaurants. Signal Hill, nested in the center of Long Beach, is only 2.2 square miles, and yet there are over 500 oil wells – all within the 3200 health and safety setback zone. 
The city is set to release an Environmental Impact Report by the end of the month, after which the public will have 45 days to give public comment on this drilling-extension scheme. There will then be hearings at the planning commission and city council. 
In all of our conversations, not a single resident knew about the proposal which would also allow the oil company to drill another 46 new wells. (You can read about the proposal and our work in the Signal Hill Tribune here). 
Oil Derricks in Signal Hill
Oil derricks in a parking lot in Signal HIll. Photo Credit Nicole Levin.
In the build-up to this monumental decision, we will continue to canvass the community and to flood the council with emails opposing new drilling. 
Next canvass is April 20th, 2024 at 11 am. Sign up here

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