Sustaining our Future, One Month at a Time

  • Posted on 7 September 2023
  • By Jennifer Gregg, Chapter Fundraising Officer

(and how a few Angeles Chapter members will match your contributions!)

We’ve heard it said: “We are stronger together.” The Angeles Chapter boasts nearly 90,000 people in our database who have shown interest in exploring, enjoying, and protecting our local environment. That’s a lot of strength for one Chapter! 
As one of the largest Chapters in the Sierra Club, we do some incredible work on conservation, political influence, and creating inclusive outing experiences. And, as we know: so much more work is ahead of us! 
The financial burden for these efforts is A LOT.  
One of the easiest ways to fund our work is through sustained giving. In other words: monthly donations. 
Currently, out of the 90,000 people connected to the Angeles Chapter, only 47 people make monthly donations specifically to the Chapter. It’s not that more people don’t care, it’s that many people don’t even know they can give monthly gifts directly to the Angeles Chapter. Ideally, we need at least 1,000 monthly donors in order to sustain our programs and ensure our growth.
Our goal for 2023 is for 250 to commit to donating to the Chapter every month. You can give what works with your budget. Even donors who already give regularly to national campaigns can also direct a few dollars each month to the Angeles Chapter to support local work. 
As we approach the last quarter of the year, will you become one of the 200 NEW monthly donors? 
Right now, some very generous Angeles Chapter members are offering to match all new monthly donations! These members are so invested in growing our monthly support system that they have offered to double your monthly donation starting now, all the way to December 31 2024! That means, your $15 monthly donation that starts this September, will be worth $480 by December of 2024 - twice that amount that you will have contributed!
When we combine our collective generosity, we can make a big impact on the environment! 
Here’s what monthly donations - of any size - can do for the Chapter:
  • Set up a field program to mobilize for the 2024 elections
  • Defeat oil company-sponsored ballot initiatives
  • Establish a San Gabriel Mountains National Monument
  • Grow our equity scholarship program for our wilderness training course
  • Offer more leadership and skill trainings
  • Protect wild spaces across LA and Orange Counties
  • Passing ordinances that eliminate single-use packaging to clean up our rivers and beaches
  • Reduce air pollution by lobbying for stronger clean-air regulations
Recently, a member shared this about the importance of monthly donations:
Monthly donors develop a deeper connection with the organization's mission. Regular updates and communications about the chapter's activities, accomplishments, and challenges allow donors to witness the tangible impact of their contributions. This engagement fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared responsibility… becoming a monthly donor to the Angeles Chapter will directly impact our local work. How much to donate is entirely up to you, even a donation of as little as $5 per month will make a difference!
By the way, we’re really grateful that you are making this commitment. As a way to say thanks, for the first 200 people to sign up as a $10 per month donor, we will send you a really cool reusable camp mug. 
Sierra Club Mug for Monthly Donors
Exclusive for monthly donors only - you will receive a commemorative “Angeles Chapter Field Guide” filled with discounts to local businesses, journal pages for you to record your adventures, local facts and insights, information on hikes and other chapter activities, and an Angeles Chapter Library card. These valuable Field Guides are exclusive keepsakes for monthly donors only with new Field Guides to be released every year!
Every monthly gift - no matter the size - is incredibly meaningful and highly regarded as a major contribution to our local work. What amount of monthly giving would work for you?  
It’s really easy to designate your monthly gift to the Angeles Chapter - just follow this link: I Want to Donate Monthly!
If you have any questions about making a monthly donation, or how to increase your gifts if you already give monthly, please contact Jennifer Gregg at


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