This Year’s Team Sierra City Hike

  • Posted on 9 September 2022
  • By Elizabeth Neat, Fundraising Committee Chair
What sites or experiences come to mind when you think of “Downtown LA”?  For me, it has been hotels and conventions and getting lost driving in a maze of freeway ramps and one-way streets.  That said, I have recently signed on to help organize the 2022 Team Sierra City Hike:  LA experience, which will take place from September 23 to October 10, and features a route through the center of Los Angeles.  This experience has prompted me to change my ideas.  Scouting the route and helping plan the event has given me a whole new take on Central Group’s territory.  
Participants snaps a photo during City Hike 2019
City Hike is an annual, national, Team Sierra event to raise money for the Club.  This year our campaign will highlight the breadth of conservation and environmental justice efforts of the Angeles Chapter and offer an opportunity to explore downtown LA with friends.   
I would like to give you a brief preview of the route:
  • Start at Union Station.  While inside check out the artwork in the tunnel between the East and West buildings, listen to amateur musicians on the piano in the main hall, check out the sculptures, or simply look up and admire the ceiling.  Union Station is so much more than a transit hub. 
  • Then head north to California’s newest state park, Los Angeles State Historic Park, which was developed on a former brownfield. 
  • Turn around there to head into Chinatown.  If you are hungry, there are many options for sweet and savory snacks.
  • Next, as you walk through Grand Park, you might remember the demonstrations that have been held here, check out the collection of government buildings nearby, or connect with your inner child and wade in the fountain.  
  • Then, look across at the LADWP building, with its demonstration native garden, and perhaps ponder issues around water usage. 
  • Fingers crossed that the Angels Flight Railway is in operation to ride down to Grand Central Market for lunch.  If not, take the stairs. 
  • After you walk through the market, having checked out the merchandise stalls downstairs if you are so inclined, then cross the street to find the Biddy Mason Memorial Park, dedicated to a woman who escaped slavery to become a rich, influential, generous matriarch. 
  • The last stop before returning to Union Station is Olvera Street, especially the museum, La Plaza de Cultura y Artes, dedicated to the enduring cultural influence of Latina/Latino culture.
Please visit to sign up.  Or, send me, Elizabeth Neat, an email at for more information.
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Is there a group doing this hike on any given day; or do we walk it on our own?

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