Ride the Swell to a Renewable Energy Future

  • Posted on 9 September 2022
  • By Swell Energy & Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
You may have seen the recent news about our partnership with Swell Energy (Swell) to offer Sierra Club Angeles members $500 cash back on the purchase of solar and/or energy storage batteries. Now, we’d like to tell you a little more about Swell and the value they bring to our members and our mission. 
Swell is a different kind of solar company. While they sell solar and battery backup clean energy systems for your home, like some other solar companies, what sets Swell apart from the rest is their commitment to “creating a greater grid for the greater good.” They do this by bringing solar to the masses with flexible finance offerings and incentives, by collaborating with utility partners to integrate more clean energy generated by homeowners and small businesses into the power mix, and by working to provide energy security to critical infrastructure and underserved residents of California. 
Swell Energy's Missoin
For homeowners throughout California, Swell is helping make solar and energy storage affordable for all budgets with a $0 down offer and monthly bill repayments that can be less than what you’re already paying on your current utility bill.
Swell offers homeowners the following unique propositions when adopting renewable energy: 
  • Solar and energy storage with flexible financing that meets a variety of budgets and financial requirements 
  • A cleaner and more reliable grid by partnering with both utilities and homeowners on incentive programs that offer relief to a strained electric grid
  • Incentive payments called “GridRevenue” to customers participating in Swell’s energy programs and energy savings by maximizing the value of your home energy system
  • Custom design that meets your unique home energy needs and saves you the most on your monthly energy costs including advising on GridRevenue programs and the latest state incentives and federal tax credits (now 30% through the recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act)
Swell also helps homeowners navigate the solar and battery marketplace by providing best in class pricing, warranties, and customer experience. Recognizing the value proposition of homeowners being able to store the solar energy they produce, Swell was quick to begin offering energy storage options to residential solar customers, while many solar companies are still not offering the pairing. Swell took it a step further by integrating with utility companies to provide more savings and incentives to homeowners for sharing the energy they produce and store back to the grid. Where once the idea of “off the grid” may have been trending, now “offsetting the grid” is the trend. 
Swell is carrying out their mission of “creating a greater grid for the greater good” by working closely with utility companies to create renewable energy Virtual Power Plant (VPP) programs. These VPP programs are helping to transform the aging electric grid infrastructure while offsetting energy costs for homeowners. The more people adopt clean energy to power their homes, the more VPP programs can grow and enable a statewide clean energy future. 
Businesses and Critical Infrastructure
In addition to residential projects, Swell currently has efforts underway to develop commercial and industrial energy projects on critical infrastructure across California such as water treatment plants, fire departments, medical facilities, grocery stores and food banks. These Swell projects serve the essential facilities that communities and first responders critically depend on during power outages and emergencies.
Not only will these projects provide critical backup power, but also they’ll enable the opportunity for utility bill savings and price stability for customers in disadvantaged communities, including Tribal Nations. Swell is creating more opportunities for energy resilience in communities impacted by wildfire and power outages, while enabling greater capacity available for grid services and VPPs. 
Building the Greater Grid
Utilities across the United States are recognizing the value of VPPs to build renewable energy capacity without the need for investment in additional fossil fuel infrastructure to meet electricity demand. Swell’s community based VPPs are feeding the electric grid with vital energy offsets during times of peak demand and are simultaneously incentivizing customers who participate. 
Join the Wave of the Future Today
Swell makes it simple to get started by providing $0 down access to products and services that power your home by the sun, store your energy to secure your power, energize your community with reliable power and support your state’s renewable energy infrastructure. Recent funding of more than $400M represents the market's confidence in Swell's approach on how to distribute, manage, and fund clean energy in America's communities that will sustain our future. 
Now the adoption of clean energy is being supported at the highest policy levels with the recently passed, Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which allows taxpayers to claim a 30% federal tax credit through 2033 for qualified residential energy efficient property purchases. Battery storage with capacity of at least 3 kWh is also eligible for the credit. Swell works with their customers to ensure bill savings and to help facilitate the maximum federal tax credit and state incentives available. 
In addition to the $500 cash back credit from Swell, when members purchase Swell solar and/or energy storage batteries, $750 is donated to the Sierra Club Angeles on your behalf. 
Contact Swell Energy at: swellenergy.com/sierraclubangeles or call 888-839-0296
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