Poseidon's Toxic Desalination Proposal

  • Posted on 23 February 2021
  • By Ray Hiemstra, Angeles Chapter Water Committee
The people behind the Poseidon project feel Orange County residents do not pay enough for water. They feel that residents can and should pay. They see a potential profit in  each glass of water, each shower and each toilet flush.  Their plan is simple, add more expensive water that we do not need into our existing water supply and then charge us more for the water we already own. This idea is so profitable that it resurfaces again and again going on nearly 20 years now, and the Sierra Club has been working hard to keep your water supply inexpensive and abundant.

Water Equity and COVID-19

  • Posted on 23 February 2021
  • By Yvonne Watson, Chair of the Angeles Chapter Environmental Justice Committee

Water Equity and COVID-  19 or Is Water Inequality A More Apt Description?

Health care professionals have reassured the public that you can’t catch COVID-19 from drinking water, but what if you have other worrisome things in your water?  How do you follow the health guidance about washing your hands when you don’t have access to clean water?

My Experience as a Water Board Director

  • Posted on 22 February 2021
  • By Conner Everts
The late matriarch of Los Angeles environmental groups, Dorothy Green, wrote a book that focuses on Southern California water and water agencies: Managing Water: Avoiding Crisis in California. 

Zombie Tunnel Project back to life as the Delta Conveyance

  • Posted on 22 February 2021
  • By Caty Wagner - SoCal Water Organizer, Sierra Club California
For many years we have opposed this project through its many iterations. The Peripheral Canal of the 80’s, the Bay Delta Conservation Project of the 00’s, the California WaterFix & Eco Restore Project of the 10’s and now the 20’s The Delta Conveyance project. Whether informally known as the twin tunnels, the tunnel boondoggle or the tunnel, we are forever hard at work to preserve and protect the Sacramento- San Joaquin  Delta, the only and largest freshwater tidal estuary on the West Coast.

What's in your Water

  • Posted on 17 February 2021
  • By Filomena Fuchs, Water Committee Member

A Water Quality Gradebook for LA and OC's Drinking Water

Hollywood Reservoir, Hollywood, California. A major storage area for LA's fresh water needs.

Hollywood Reservoir, Hollywood, California. A major storage area for LA's fresh water needs. John Nilsson all rights reserved

An Introduction: Who's Here for the Winter? The Birds!

  • Posted on 7 January 2021
  • By Marcia Hanscom
When I began as a Sierra Club activist in 1992, working to protect the Bolsa Chica Wetlands in Huntington Beach, the person who recruited me to join the Club asked me to go birding with him.   I was terrified.   
An overachiever since childhood in whatever I’d set my mind to, I hesitated to get into a new endeavor without knowing everything about it!   Still, I was interested in the possibility of a “date” with this guy, even a date outdoors in nature!   

Art, Plastics, and Politics

  • Posted on 17 November 2020
  • By The Angeles Chapter
The intersection of arts and political activism are two fields defined by a shared focus of creating engagement that shifts boundaries, changes relationships, and creates new paradigms. For centuries, art has been used to create change and spread political and social messages. Why? Art creates empathy. It helps society see injustice, and consequently, to make change.