Directors Desk: The Anthropocene

  • Posted on 1 October 2020
  • By mgoodwin
More and more of us are realizing that this is what it’s like to live in the Anthropocene. 

New Native Species Series

  • Posted on 1 October 2020
  • By Everette Phillips Chair, Communications Committee

Announcing a new series for our Website and Southern Sierran - Understanding Native Species, How to enjoy them, and How to protect them.

The magnificent Burrowing Owl by Paul Reinstein

The magnificent Burrowing Owl; Paul Reinstein all rights reserved

Water A Public Resource: How Privatization Happens

  • Posted on 31 July 2020
  • By Demitri Fierro
Water has been a fundamental pillar of civilization since antiquity, and access to clean water is a basic universal right to be enjoyed by us all. As it is our most vital resource, we each have a moral responsibility to see that everyone has access to it. But, what occurs when access to clean water is sold off and exploited? The result is lower quality and a threat to public health in the name of easy profit.  

"Just" PPE

  • Posted on 17 July 2020
  • By Mackenzie Jackson
Editors note: Stopping the spread of the pandemic is our immediate concern, and we encourage everyone to follow government guidelines for sanitation and health protocols. For those who can, we encourage limiting the use of disposable PPE and properly disposing it when used.

In the Know: Forest Stewardship Council Board

  • Posted on 13 November 2019
  • By Krystal Ruiz
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) aims to protect forests for future generations by setting a standard for responsible forest management worldwide. The FSC’s Board of Directors is responsible for the analysis and decisions of a global organization that is characterized by dialogue and consensus within the framework of very demanding standards of how to manage forests.

You Can’t See the Forest for the Chaparral

  • Posted on 21 October 2019
  • By John Monsen
 Chaparral rapidly recovering four years after the 2009 Station Fire.  Photo of the Condor Peak Proposed Wilderness Area from Rocky Point with Upper Fox Creek in foreground and Condor Peak the high point on the distant ridgeline. Photo by John Monsen