Outing Planner




Always read the write-up for an outing very carefully to determine the difficulty of it. And if you plan to participate in an outing, make sure that you are at the level of physical conditioning necessary to complete it.

Generally, a hike of more than 6 miles and 1200 feet elevation gain is 'moderate' and not suitable for beginners. If the write-up specifies 'strenuous', 'fast-paced', 'no beginners', etc., expect extra exercise and skill requirements. And if you are unsure whether you are in condition for an activity, call the leader first.

Conditioning Hikes

For those who want to get in shape—or stay in shape—for our outings, the Angeles Chapter offers various local conditioning hikes that meet on a regular basis throughout Southern California. The exact locations, dates, and other details are disclosed in the Repeating Activities/Conditioning of the schedule of Angeles Chapter Outings and Activities.


Environmental Awareness

Workshops, Field Trips, and Other Outings

For those who desire a greater appreciation for the things that one sees on our outings, the Natural Science Section (NSS) of the Angeles Chapter sponsors workshops, field trips, and other outings on environmental awareness. These activities are very informative and well worth the time and expense. The exact dates and other details are disclosed in the schedule of Angeles Chapter Outings and Activities.

Published Articles and Other Information

For those who wish to stay abreast of the conservation issues in the places that we visit, you can read previously published articles in the Archives of The Newsletter of the Angeles Chapter's Conservation Committee. Or you can investigate our Chapter's immediate concerns by checking out the current Angeles Chapter Conservation Activities.

And for those of you who wish to become more environmentally aware through 20s & 30s, you can read about the issues that concern our section in the Conservation Corner.




Please familiarize yourself with the Angeles Chapter Outings Policies on Activities Requirements under the subheading Transportation; for we do not take an active role in making arrangements for ridesharing. However, we do encourage you to make such arrangements. And, as such, we will provide you with information on participants who might be interested in ridesharing and the list of Southern California ride share locations.

Overnight Outings

For overnight outings, that information will be provided to you by the leader.

Day Outings

For day outings, there is no formal procedure. Usually, the leader will designate ridesharing points. You can also look on the Participant List and simply send them an email.


And if you do rideshare with someone to an activity, we suggest that each rider pay the driver 5 to 10 cents per mile for expenses.



Overnight Outings

For overnight outings, the leaders will provide a list of recommended supplies to all registered participants.

Day Outings

For day outings, each activities write-up will list certain things that participants need to have; but that list is not exhaustive! Without saying, participants need to have the appropriate clothing, food and water, and other supplies for the given situation.

20s &30s recommends that participants include the following items in their gear on its day hikes: Sunscreen, sunglasses, water/juice, food, day pack/fanny pack, hiking boots, and a light jacket.

The Angeles Chapter highly recommends that participants bring The Ten Essentials on all outings in the wilderness.

Passes & Permits

If you plan to park your car in the Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres, or San Bernardino National Forests for one of our activities, you will need a National Forest Adventure Pass; the daily pass is $5 and the annual one is $30. Either may be purchased at any US Forest Service office or at various private vendors that sell wilderness supplies.

If one of our outings is in an area that requires a Wilderness or Campfire Permit, the leader of the outing will usually get that permit for the group.



Beginning Backpacking Class

For those who want an introduction to backpacking, this section offers a Beginning Backpacking Class once a year (in the spring) on basic skills and information. The cost is nominal and the course is short in duration.

Wilderness Travel Course

For those who want to know it all, the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club offers one of the best in-depth courses on good hiking and backpacking skills that you will find. It is called the Wilderness Travel Course. The cost is very reasonable and is usually half what most private companies would charge for the same thing. It too is offered once a year (in the winter).

Wilderness First Aid Course

For those who want expertise in dealing with medical emergencies in the wilderness, the Angeles Chapter offers a wilderness first aid course. It is quite thorough; yet its cost is nominal, considering what you get. And it is offered twice a year (in the spring and fall). But sign up early for this one; as it is a very popular. The exact dates and other details are disclosed in the schedule of Angeles Chapter Outings and Activities.

Training in Navigation, Rock, and Snow Safety Skills & Rescue

For those who want training in navigation, rock, and snow safety skills & rescue, the Angeles Chapter also offers courses and workshops on these skills at various times throughout the year. The exact dates and other details are disclosed in the schedule of Angeles Chapter Outings and Activities.


Weather & Road Conditions

It is always a good idea to check the weather and road conditions before you set out on an activity, and now you can do it on-line from the Angeles Chapter's Recreational Weather & Road Reports page.