The Sierra Club has a national membership. If you are inquiring into that membership, please go to the Sierra Club Membership page; there you will find information about it and an application to join the Sierra Club.
Membership in the Sierra Club entitles you to the Sierra magazine and an activities schedule of their local chapter in your area. And if that chapter is the Angeles Chapter, you will also receive the Southern Sierran newspaper. These periodicals are all mailed to Sierra Club members on a regular basis at no additional fee.

20s & 30s

Why Join

The 20s & 30s Section (20s & 30s) has a large base of participants. Sierra Club members need not join 20s & 30s or any other section; however, there are good reasons to do so. For one thing, you would gain all the advantages of being in a small group, and you would receive our section Newsletter--which is emailed exclusively to its members and lists all outings of our section.
Likewise, 20s & 30s participants need not join the Sierra Club, however; you must be a current member of the Sierra Club to receive discounts on trips or to have voting privileges in the 20s & 30s section.

What Joining Provides

In addition to the benefits received as a National Sierra Club member, joining 20s & 30s entitles you to:
  • An annual membership status in our section
  • Price reductions on the cost of multi-day trips.
  • 20s & 30s Electronic Newsletter
  • A vote in our upcoming management elections giving you a voice in who leads our section.
  • Membership also entitles you to host your own non-rated activities for this section (Rated activities are led by qualified leaders only.)

Who May Join

Although 20s & 30s focuses on Sierra Club activities that interest less experienced hikers and campers in their 20s & 30s, anyone is welcome to become a member of our section. You need not be single, in your 20s or 30s, or a member of the Sierra Club to participate in our activities.

How to Join

Simply sign up for our newsletter -- newsletter signup