Local Chapter

The 20s & 30s Section (20s & 30s) abides by the Angeles Chapter Rules Of Conduct and all other Angeles Chapter Outings Policies on its outings and other activities.

20s & 30s

No children are to be brought to any 20s & 30s activity without contacting the leader first. It is up to the leaders to determine the appropriateness of bringing children on their events, just as they must determine the qualifications of any participant.


Radios (except for essential uses), televisions, cassette recorders, and firearms are prohibited on all 20s & 30s hikes.

Outings Leaders

All outings leaders for 20s & 30s must be current members of the Sierra Club and members of this section. And they must complete the requirements of the Leader Training Program as offered by the Leadership Training Committee of the Angeles Chapter. A leader may exclude a participant if he or she feels that the participant is not properly prepared for the event.


No animals are to be brought to any 20s & 30s activity unless the write-up specifically states otherwise.