Statement of Purpose

We view the Los Cerritos Wetlands as a living being deserving of our respect and in need of our protection. These wetlands that have sustained life, including human life, for tens of thousands of years, are on the verge of complete destruction. Therefore, the Los Cerritos Wetlands Task Force will employ the energy and expertise of Sierra Club members and other organizations and individuals to: Educate the local and larger community as to the value of the Los Cerritos Wetlands and the risks posed by projects and activities in and around them.

Monitor, comment on, and, if necessary, oppose projects and activities in and around the Los Cerritos Wetlands that do or could threaten the wetlands ecosystem, tribal places, and/or the health and safety of the community.

Support only those activities and projects compatible with a nature preserve, Traditional Tribal Cultural Landscape, and Sacred Site of Puvungna.

Protect wetlands, water, air, and the community from expanding fossil fuel extraction.

Promote sustainable restoration projects that do not damage/destroy the ecosystem or involve continued or expanded fossil fuel extraction.