Hello from the new Chapter Librarian

  • Posted on 2 June 2023
  • By Nguyen Tran, Chapter Librarian
Hi everyone! 
My name is Nguyen Tran, and I’m stoked to serve as your Chapter Librarian. During my spare time, I like hiking, reading, and trying new food recipes. My favorite hikes with the Sierra Club are the Griffith Park Night Conditioning Hikes and the Cucamonga Wilderness Hikes.
Over the weeks, I’ve enjoyed exploring our beautiful collection– first edition (and autographed) John Muir books, the works of Ansel Adams, vintage and rare pieces published before the 1970s, mountaineering/climbing guides, etc. Currently, I’m working under the guidance of our Director Morgan Goodwin and former Los Angeles Chapter Librarian Glenn Pascall, to revive and redevelop the library after its temporary closure during the pandemic. My ultimate goal is to broaden our community's reach to the library’s expansive collection and resources.
Within the next couple of months, our library will be open for public access and use. Come by, relax, destress, and you might find your next source of inspiration here. Please say “hi!!” I would be happy to give you a tour and show you some of my favorite reads. 
If anyone wants to help contribute to our ongoing project, we’re open to taking potential donations for shelves that would house our books, vintage pieces to furnish our library space (e.g., lamps, typewriters, bookends, rugs, tables, etc.), and other pieces that would help liven up the space. 
*For potential donations, please get in touch with me via email nguyenkimtran2021@gmail.com to sort out the logistics* 
I hope to see you at our library and events in the coming months!
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