Join the Climate Journey as a Cool Block Team Leader in LA and Irvine

  • Posted on 13 September 2021
  • By Kimberly Orbe- Conservation Program Manager
You can green your neighborhood, make it safer to walk in, and more. Cool Block teams will meet, discuss, and implement sustainability concepts on topics related to energy efficiency, water conservation, emergency preparedness, and more.  It’s up to you to decide with your neighbors based on your community's unique needs. This is why the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter voted to support the City of LA, and City of Irvine's Cool Blocks program. We would like to recruit you, if you live in LA or Irvine, sign up as a leader for your block. The deadline to apply in Irvine is Sept. 20th, and the LA City deadline has been extended to Sept 23rd.
Through the Cool City Challenge, block leaders will invite their neighbors  to reduce carbon footprints, reduce water use, live more sustainably, and prepare for disasters while building community. You will be supported with coaching and a framework to lead your block. We are aiming for a carbon-neutral LA by 2030. If you are looking for a way to make a meaningful impact on climate change, this is your chance. More information is available at one of the upcoming virtual café info sessions provided in English and Spanish. Sierra Club members and volunteers in LA and Irvine should email if you are interested in signing up to volunteer as a cool block leader.
The City will provide training materials and resources to the Cool Block Team Leaders to guide them through this program. Team Leaders will be asked to: 
  • Recruit a team of 5-8 households on your neighborhood block to join your Cool Block team. 
  • Lead an informational and team-building meeting. (Once the initial recruitment phase is complete, the workshop meeting responsibilities are shared with the team.)
  • Keep your team on track to achieve their individual and collective climate action goals.


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