Pasadena 100 vs. Pasadena Water & Power

  • Posted on 1 November 2023
  • By George Vine, Pasadena Group

Who wins, the planet or the electric utility?

You have electrified your home, and installed solar panels. You drive an electric car and you no longer take commercial airplane flights. You know that all this is just a drop in a very big ocean. What do you do next to save the planet?

Lightening the Load: How SolarApp+ Can Help Climate Activists Push for Solar Roofs in Their Cities

  • Posted on 6 March 2023
  • By Ed Maurer, Sierra Sage Group Management Committee
Being a climate activist can be daunting, and SolarApp+ can lighten the effort.  Since a lot more electricity generated from renewable sources is needed fast, and since governments on all levels don’t move fast, here’s one proposal your city council may actually act on fast. With a little help from my friends at the Solar Rights Alliance, I got results in my city.
What is SolarApp+, what does it do, and what can YOU do about it?

    Local Group Volunteers Represent Chapter at Pasadena 100 Rally

    • Posted on 4 November 2022
    • By Kim Orbe, Conservation Program Manager
    The Pasadena Group mobilized to represent the Sierra Club at the Pasadena 100 Rally to celebrate the collection of more than 1,100 postcards from Pasadena residents with the message: “I care about climate change and I want Pasadena to be

    Ride the Swell to a Renewable Energy Future

    • Posted on 9 September 2022
    • By Swell Energy & Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
    You may have seen the recent news about our partnership with Swell Energy (Swell) to offer Sierra Club Angeles members $500 cash back on the purchase of solar and/or energy storage batteries. Now, we’d like to tell you a little more about Swell and the value they bring to our members and our mission. 

    More Cities Transitioning to 100% Renewable Energy!

    • Posted on 7 February 2022
    • By Kim Orbe, Conservation Program Manager
    In January, the City of Hawthorne voted unanimously for 100% renewable energy as their default rate while Hermosa Beach voted to join the Clean Power Alliance, thanks in part to the advocacy of the chapter’s Clean Break team. In Orange County, Buena Park became the first city in Orange County to make 100% renewable energy its default, becoming the first member of the Orange County Power Authority to do so. 

    Sierra Club launches new Wind Works campaign

    • Posted on 9 July 2012
    • By Sierra Club reports

    The Sierra Club in June launched Wind Works, a new campaign to advocate for renewal of the Production Tax Credit, or PTC, for wind energy. The credit is a federal tax policy that helps level the playing field by providing the certainty the wind industry needs for continued growth.