2022 Annual Report

Southern Sierran

Newsletter of the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
April 2023

Announcing our 2022 Annual Report

A central theme in our 2022 Annual Report (available here) is building a foundation for lasting transformational change. In 2022, we laid fertile soil and planted deep roots that will anchor us as we cultivate a more robust collective movement in Southern California. Here’s how our work illustrates this theme...


While our mission year-round is to explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the Earth, we know April is a time when Angeles Chapter members and supporters feel particularly passionate and ready to take action. That's why throughout the month, we'll be highlighting the powerful activities and organizing taking place all over the region.

There are countless ways to get involved - from local hikes and community engagement events to online meetings. Find an event near you using our Earth Month activities map!  New activities will be added throughout the month.

Earth Month Activities Map

Snow Camping
San Gabriel Valley Group 5 spent an exhilarating weekend at French Camp in the Sierras. What a way to wrap up an incredible WTC season!

SNOW, SKILLS and SCENERYTake a look at some breathtaking photos from this year's WTC snow camp trips! Despite heavy snowfall in California, students in the course were well-prepared with essential skills for a fun weekend navigating the wintery backcountry. Follow WTC on Instagram for more stunning photos!

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Last week, Sierra Club California held a refresher webinar to train volunteers on best practices for In District Lobbying. You can view that webinar here, and also see further details on their In District Lobbying webpage.

Are you interested in interested participating in this year's In-District Lobbying campaign?

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The Angeles Chapter is hiring a Chapter Coordinator to work out of our office in Koreatown! In this role, you'll help keep the office running smoothly and provide support to the Chapter Director and volunteer leaders. If you're organized, have some accounting/bookkeeping skills, and want to be part of a team fighting for environmental justice, check it out!

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Protect your power

Don't get stuck in the dark! Power outages in California are becoming more frequent due to an aging infrastructure and unpredictable weather. Battery storage is emerging as a solution to keep your power on during outages. Secure your power and save today with Swell!

PLUS, Sierra Club Angeles members qualify for up to $500 off your energy storage installation and we’ll donate up to $750 to the chapter on your behalf.

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Vehicle donors bring a smile to Sierra Club

Donating a vehicle

Donating your vehicle to the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter will give you a smile as sweet as spring. It’s easy, the pick-up is free, and your donation is tax-deductible. Call 844-674-3772 or donate online.

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An Earth Month Haiku

Beneath blue skies clear,
Nature's wonders to revere,
Earth Month draws us near.