Announcing our 2022 Annual Report

  • Posted on 17 March 2023
  • By Angeles Chapter Updates
A central theme in our 2022 Annual Report (available here) is building a foundation for lasting transformational change. 
In 2022, we laid fertile soil and planted deep roots that will anchor us as we cultivate a more robust collective movement in Southern California.
Here’s how our work illustrates this theme: 
Living our values
Angeles—one of the oldest Sierra Club chapters—has evolved greatly over time. This year we’ve begun the implementation of a strategic framework that integrates all of the initiatives to advance our mission to enlist humanity to create a healthy, thriving planet and transform it into an equitable and just organization. This vision is firmly rooted in our Core Values of anti-racism, balance, collaboration, justice, and transformation.
Enlisting humanity
We welcomed over 11,481 new members in 2022, many seeking opportunities to experience the transformative power of the outdoors and others eager to help us make positive environmental change. They found a home in a chapter that offered an unparalleled full range of over 1,300 outings run by experienced and knowledgeable volunteer leaders and a robust conservation program including 15 committees and task forces and 4 National campaigns.
Local grassroots power
Our effectiveness lies in our authentic local relationships and working alongside trusted partners across our region, and enables us to harness the power of national Sierra Club resources alongside local leaders, staff, and volunteers lobbying at the state level and running campaigns in small towns, counties, and cities.
For more examples of how we harness the power of community, collaboration, and connection for lasting transformational change, check out our annual report or download as PDF (click below).
2022 Sierra Club Angeles Chapter Annual Report
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