Don't get left in the dark - Secure your power and save today

  • Posted on 31 March 2023
  • By Swell Energy & Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
In mid March, a wind storm in Northern California damaged power lines and vital equipment leaving more than 160,000 bay area PG&E customers without power for several hours. More than two-thirds of these customers were estimated to be without power for up to two full days. While this issue was isolated to Northern California, the state in general is becoming increasingly more likely to experience outages due to strain on an aging infrastructure and unpredictable weather events. 
In today’s electrified reality, not many of us are equipped to go without power this long. Working from home, school age children doing homework online, cooking meals, refrigerating food, charging an EV, running electric heat and hot water, these are daily necessities we take for granted until the power goes out. 
There were customers, however, whose power stayed on during the outage. These were utility customers with battery storage. For customers in Southern CA alike, power outages are unpredictable and are occurring with greater frequency. Now is the time to protect your power before the next outage. 
5 Reasons for battery backup now
PLUS, Sierra Club Angeles members qualify for up to $500 off your energy storage installation and we’ll donate up to $750 to the chapter on your behalf. 
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Don't get left in the dark. Secure your power and save today

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