Proposed 2021 Goals

Major Goals for 2021 – Conservation

  • Continue wildfire and chaparral education both for the public, Sierra Club members, and Sierra Club Chapter leadership.
  • Monitor and hold the Forest Service accountable for wildfire recovery strategies that protect endangered species and the chaparral ecosystem. Make sure that areas frequented by underserved communities, such as East and West Fork, receive priority attention along with other recreational areas closed or damaged by wildfires. DON TO REWRITE: Help recovery efforts with trail crews and other volunteer support.
  • Support Federal Legislation (wilderness, wild and scenic rivers, national recreation area, completion of national monument) in coordination with National Field Staff, Rob Morales and Jenny Binstock, and Chapter staff, Kim Orbe.
  • Monitor status and implementation of the East Fork, San Gabriel River project, and other related San Gabriel River watershed projects that would improve protection of aquatic habits as well as improve the quality of visitor experience in an areas heavily used by communities of color. Provide encouragement and hold the Forest Service and the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy accountable.
  • Monitor implementation of the National Monument Plan.
  • Coordinate with WUI Committee (John is on the Committee).

Major Goals for 2021 – Organizational

  • Develop strategy to diversify and expand core leadership group and activists willing to take regular action. Add Outings and Membership Chairs. Consider experimenting again with under 40s group within the Forest Committee.
  • Improve social media presence (Liliana with help from Rob, Juana and John)
  • Participate in Conservation Committee to bring more attention to the work and increase Chapter commitment to (John)