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Frank Sanborn
Frank Sanborn on New York Butte, April 29, 1951. -Photo by Niles Werner

Sanborn, Frank - Active 1951-65 (14.2 Years)
SPS founder, many SPS outings; HPS; DPS; knapsack; camping
Universally remembered as the prime force in the formation of the SPS, Frank felt special satisfaction in making deep penetrations into then little-known areas of the Sierra, including the Southern Sierra. Many of his trips were labeled "death marches," which meant that many miles of backpacking and considerable elevation gain were involved. Frank favored non-technical climbs to dominant summits, and his trip announcements in the Angeles Chapter Schedule contained very colorful language in describing the peaks to be attempted. His leadership activities extended to the DPS and HPS, but his focus clearly was the SPS. He was the founding chair of the SPS and served in that capacity through 1957. Pairing with John W. Robinson, his first "official" lead for the SPS was to Deer Mtn. on May 5-6,1956. The importance of the SPS formation is illustrated by Frank's published recollections of the 19 trips scheduled by the SPS in 1956:
"When it is remembered that the average number of trips scheduled by the Angeles Chapter (usually by the DPS) into the Sierra used to be only three annually, it can be appreciated that the SPS, in 1956, fulfilled its mission of scheduling many trips. This set the pattern for succeeding years. In addition, the trips extended from early May to early November, putting to rest the old notion that the Sierra was accessible only from the Fourth of July to the end of September. Now Sierra Peaks groups are active virtually all year in the Sierra, falling back upon the southern areas in the winter." -Jerry Keating

Sanborn Group
Frank Sanborn ('Father' of the Sierra Peaks Section) joined four other founders of the SPS on the summit of Angora Mountain in April of 1956. L to R: Owen Blackburn, Pat Meixner, John W. Robinson, Chuck Miller, Frank Sanborn. -Photo from Patricia Meixner Gentry Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Scales, Nina - Active 1926-41 (14.7 Years)
Local Hikes; Ice Skating; Camping; social events

Schatteles, Sheila
Inner City Outings; Mule Pack
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1998)
Sheila Schatteles leads day hikes, camping trips and snow trips and served as chair for the Inner City Outings Committee which provides transportation and hikes for urban youths in outdoor settings. -1999 Chapter Awards Banquet

Schliefer, Bill
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1986)

Schonborn, Robert - Active 1931-57 (26.5 Years)
Local Hikes; Ice Skating; Camping; HPS; bicycling

Robert Schonborn group
Bob Schonborn was one of a triumvirate of Great Leaders who met up with old Joe Argay, the "Hermit of Colby's Ranch" in 1931. Left to right: Russ Hubbard, Bob Schonborn, Luella Todd. -Photo by H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Schrader, Frederic P. (d.) - Active 1946-58 (12.0 Years)
Local Hikes; Moonlight Hikes
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1982)

Schrader, Ruth - Active 1946-61 (14.9 Years)
Local Hikes; Moonlight Hikes; Camping; Conservation
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1982)

Schultz, Henry
Santa Clarita
Angeles Chapter Conservation Service Award (2000)

Schuster, Steve
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1992)

Searle, Richard - Active 1961- (11.0+ Years)
SFV; Local Hikes; Camping
Angeles Chapter Phil Bernays Service Award (1971); Sierra Club Special Achievement Award (1968)
After becoming active with the Rock Climbing Section in the 1950s, and later with the San Fernando Valley Group, Searle, along with Robert R. Marshall, was a chief architect in creating the Angeles Chapter's organizational structure during the growth period of the 1960s. Dick served on the Executive Committee throughout the late 1960s, including a term as Chair (1967). He now resides in Sedona, Arizona.

Seizer, Alice
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1987)

Severance, H. M., Dr. - Active 1937-49 (11.5 Years)
Local Hikes; Nature Study Group

H. M. Severance
Dr. H.M. Severance petting Henry the Mule hitched to the trolly at the One Man and a Mule Railway near Mt. Lowe Tavern, Dec. 25, 1932. -Photo from H.M. Severance Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Parker Severson
Parker Severson on Muir Peak, April 20, 1977. -Photo by Bob Cates

Severson, Parker (d.) - Active 1941- (25.4+ Years)
DPS; Local Hikes; Camping
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1981)

Sexton, Sigrid
Wilderness Training Committee
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (2000)
A Wilderness Training Committee mainstay, Sigrid Sexton has trained about 350 Angeles Chapter members in wilderness first aid-most of them outings leaders or leader candidates. -2001 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Shamma, Henry (d.)
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1989)

Carleton Shay
Carlton Shay during HPS/DPS trip to Rosa Point, Jan. 11, 1975. -Photo by Jerry Keating, Angeles Chapter Archives

Shay, Carleton - Active mid 1970s-present
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1994); HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1996); HPS Peakbagger of the Millennium Award (1999)
Carleton Shay would have the been longest-term outings leader, with 59.1 years, if he had led a scheduled RCS outing in 1942. Unfortunately, WWII intervened and he was serving in the 10th Mountain Division instead of leading the outing. Carleton returned to leading, this time for the HPS, in the mid-1970s.

Sherrick, Mike - Active 1954- (15.9+ Years)
A long-time rock climbing leader, Mike participated in the first Yosemite Grade VI climb (the Northwest Face of Half Dome) in 1957 with fellow RCS members Royal Robbins and Jerry Gallwas. He was RCS Chair in 1958. -John Ripley

Mike Sherrick
Mike Sherrick posed at Tahquitz Rock with some of the best rock climbers of the day. L to R: Unidentified man, Mike Sherrick, Yvon Chouinard (plaid shirt), Arkel Erb (alpine hat), unidentified man, Tom Frost. -Photo from Ellen & Charles Wilts Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Virgil Shields
Virgil Shields at Chapter Headquarters reception for Michael McCloskey, Nov. 27, 2005. -Photo by Bob Cates

Shields, Virgil
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1984)
From the 1985 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup: "A club member since early 1978, Virgil joined the Rock Climbing Section in 1979. Since that time he has served as Secretary-Treasurer, and twice as Chairman of the section. He continues as a member of the Safety Committee. He has been an active instructor in the training course, devoting special attention to new students on their first climbs. He has been willing and eager to lead a large number of trips during the RCS climbing seasons. He has actively promoted new climbing areas for the RCS, and has enthusiastically tackled new and difficult climbs. He initiated a new series of awards to give recognition for outstanding climbs and service to the section. These are fast becoming a facet of the RCS tradition."

Shinno, George (d. 1990) - Active 1959- (13.4+ Years)
Ski Mountaineers; SPS; Rescue
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1977)
George Shinno caught the hiking 'bug' from his teenage son, Jon, and became an active SPS and SMS leader through the 1960s and 1970s. He served as SMS Chair and held every other office in the SMS. He was a member of the Sierra Club's National Mountaineering Committee, and his famous 'rescue cards' were distributed nation-wide and beyond. George was known as a real gentleman, and always willing to serve; always generous with his time to help friends and the Club.

Marcus Shipman
Marcus Shipman led local hikes for the chapter during the first 22 years of his period of service to the club. He continued on as an overseer at Harwood Lodge until the late 1960s. -Photo by Sally Olin, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Shipman, Marcus (1892-1983) - Active 1927-68 (22 Years Leading; 40.6 Years Overall Service)
Local Hikes; Ice Skating

Siemons, Don
Palos Verdes-South Bay
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1984)
From the 1985 Chapter Awards Banquet writeup: "Don joined the Sierra Club in 1975, and very early became a "regular" on the Thursday Palos Verdes-South Bay Conditioning Hikes. A few years ago he enrolled in Leadership Training, obtained his rating, and started leading the hikes. In recent years he has been the man in charge of these challenging activities. Don has been responsible for the introduction of a large number of people to the wonderful outdoor world of hiking-and to the Sierra Club."

Virgil Sisson
Virgil Sisson

Sisson, Virgil D. - Active 1943- (27.4+ Years)

Sisson Group
Virgil Sisson co-led this Desert Peaks Section climb of Mt. Tom with Freda Walbrecht over Sept. 19-20, 1953. Virgil is at center, bare-headed and wearing a red shirt. Frank Sanborn is 2nd from left, Conrad (Connie) Jarabin is 3rd from left. John Wedberg is at far right, with Barbara Lilley standing next to him. -Photo by Frank Bressel, Frank Bressel Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Andy Smatko
Andy Smatko during a Sierra Peaks Section outing to Mt. Corcoran, Sierra Nevada, Sept. 29-29, 1974. -Photo by Jerry Keating, Jerry Keating Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives

Smatko, Andy (d. 2005) - Active 1958- (14.1+ Years)
Sierra Club Francis Farquhar Mountaineering Award (2001)
Probably no other person has so thoroughly explored Muir's Range of Light as has Andy Smatko. He has climbed virtually every named summit in the Sierra Nevada, as well as most of the un-named peaks. As the "Dean of Sierra Climbers" and an "Indomitable Explorer and Chronicler of the Sierra Nevada," Andy Smatko's exploits have been recognized by the Sierra Club through the bestowal of the Francis Farquhar Mountaineering Award this year. Smatko was the first 'Triple List Finisher', having reached the summits of the 247 peaks on the Sierra Peaks Section list, the 98 mountains identified by the Desert Peaks Section, and the more than 270 summits of the Hundred Peaks Section. Andy drew upon his expertise to compile The Climber's Guide to the High Sierra, a Sierra Club totebook published in 1972. When Smatko began his climbing career on New Year's Day, 1950, there were still many untrodden Sierran high points, however his 300-plus first ascents have left only a handful for those who would aspire to go where no Smatko has gone before. -Photo by Jerry Keating.

Smith, Carolyn - Active 1961- (14.6+ Years)
WLA; Palos Verdes (especially twice weekly morning hikes); family hikes; Camping; RCS
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1970)

Smith, Eleanor - Active 1954-68 (14.5 Years)

Eleanor Smith
Eleanor Smith and Ernest Dawson on the Sierra Club's 1931 High Trip, taking a rest break on the Parker Pass Trail, Aug. 6, 1931. -Photo from Fern & George Shochat Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Smith, Emily - Active 1953- (17.3+ Years)
Local Hikes; Moonlight Hikes

Fran Smith
Fran Smith during Desert Peaks Section outing to Ruby Dome, Nevada, Sept. 3, 1977. -Photo by Jerry Keating, Jerry Keating Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives
Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Ron Smith
Ron Smith at Rock Climbing Section practice session conducted at Running Springs, c. late 1950s. -Photo by Niles Werner, Louise & Niles Werner Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives

Smith, Fran (d.) - Active 1968-
HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1980); HPS Special Award for leading Rabbit Peak 14 years in a row

Smith, R. Steve - Active 1967-
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1989) (son of Fran Smith)

Steve Smith Group
Steve Smith was among this impressive gathering of HPS List Finishers, including nine Great Leaders(*), on Mt. Gleason, June 5, 1983. Top Row, L to R: Fred Bode, R.S. "Sam" Fink*, Keats Hayden, How Bailey*, Simone de Miguel, Dale Van Dalsam*, Gene Olsen*, Dick Akawie*, Fran Smith*, Larry Machleder, Bob Hawthorne*, Frank Goodykoontz*. Front row, L to R: Steve Smith*, Ron Young, Mike Fredette, Edna Erspamer, Alice Hawkins, Vick Henney. -Photo by Bob Kanne, Bob Kanne Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Smith, Ron - Active 1957- (18.5+ Years)
RCS; Rescue; Mountaineering Training; SPS; WLA; Camping; Palos Verdes-South Bay Group
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1970)
Ron started rock climbing in the early 1950s, joining the Sierra Club about 1952 and becoming active with the Rock Climbing Section. Through the years 1952 to 1975, Ron developed many skills as a rock climber that he, in turn, taught to participants of the section. He served as vice-chairman and chairman of the RCS in the early 60s and subsequently served as its safety committee chairman for the next 3-4 years. Ron's next involvement was with the Basic Mountaineering Training Committee where he participated in lecturing, served as lecture chairman, followed by 3-4 years as chairman of the South Bay section of the committee. Later, Ron was very active in the Palos Verdes-South Bay Sierra Club Group from 1982 to 1988, leading group backpacks and day hikes. He served as the Outings Chair for 2 years. Ron feels the Sierra Club has made a significant impact on his life over these many years. He certainly has left his deep imprint on the Club because of his unassuming leadership, teaching and administrative services over so many years. -Adapted from input received from Palos Verdes-South Bay Group

Snyder, Don - Active 1984-
Long Beach; NSS
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1999)

Snyder, Phyllis - Active 1974-
Long Beach; NSS
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1999)
Don and Phyllis Snyder have served in many capacities within the Chapter. This includes serving as outings leaders for the Long Beach Group and Natural Science Section (Phyllis for 25 years, Don for 15 years). In addition, they volunteered to be overseers for Keller Peak Ski Hut for more than a decade, were reservationists for five years for the annual Natural Science Section Nature Knowledge Workshop and volunteered as the mailers for the section's newsletter. -2000 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Sorensen, Nile
SPS; LTC; WTC (Orange County)
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (2000)
Nile Sorensen is one of the most active Sierra Peaks Section leaders. He headed the snow portion of the LTC Mountaineering Course and led all LTC snow checkoffs last year. Sorensen has served as the Orange County Wilderness Training Committee leader for several years. -2001 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Betty Southam
Betty Southam, 1963 Natural Science Section outing. -Photo by Dick Worsfold

Southam, Betty - Active 1953- (16.2+ Years)
NSS; Local Hikes; Pasadena Group; Camping
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1982)
From the 1983 Chapter Awards Banquet writeup: "Betty's membership dates from 1950. She has been an outings leader for the Natural Science Section and the Pasadena Group. She was active with the Pasadena Group from 1953 to 1957 including terms as vice-chair and chair. It is, however, the Natural Science Section that can thank her for 27 years of support - on the management committee from 1956 to 1965 including a stint as chair, and on the permanent advisory committee right up to today."

Sparks, Ellen - Active 1926-36 (10.2 Years)
Local Hikes

Ellen Sparks
Ellen Sparks cavorts with friends at a Muir Lodge party in 1931. Three other Great Leaders(*) in addition to Sparks were also caught in action. Back row L to R: Bob Schonborn*, unidentified man, R.S. "Sam" Fink*, H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant*. Middle L to R: Harry "Mutau" Wilson, Ellen Sparks*, and two unidentified persons. Foreground: D.D. Chalmers*. -Photo by H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant.

Josephine Spates
Josephine Spates near Monrovia-Rincon Trail Junction, June 15, 1919. -Photo by Edgar Cook, Edgar W. Cook Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives

Spates, Josephine Z. (1907-1976) - Active 1923-69 (46.0 Years)
Ice Skating; Local Hikes
"Jo" Spates opened her home on Balboa Island for a once-a-year chapter outing for 41 years. These were not minor affairs. On one of these occasions, she led a beach hike with 148 participants. In her earlier years, Spates also led for Local Hikes and served as a hostess for ice skating.

Speik, Bob - Active 1976-
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1984)
From the 1985 Chapter Awards Banquet writeup: "Bob took the Basic Mountaineering Training Course in 1972, but it was not until 1976 that he joined the club, took the Leadership Training Course, and plunged into chapter activity, which has continued up to the present. He became an assistant leader in the BMTC in the late '70s, and in 1979 became Treasurer of the Basic Mountaineering Training Committee. In 1982 he became Chair of the BMTC, a position he held through 1984. During his service he revamped committee bookkeeping procedures and assisted in rewriting committee policies, procedures and staff handbooks. He presided over establishment of the new Advanced Mountaineering Training Program. He has been actively engaged in leading trips for the chapter's hiking and climbing sections."

Chuck Stein
Chuck Stein attending Southern California Regional Conservation Committee meeting in San Luis Opispo in the 1970s. -Photo from Mary Ferguson Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives
Ed Stella

Ed Stella
-portrait by Dick Worsfold

Stein, Chuck (d.) - Active 1970-
SFV; BMTC; HPS; Inner City Outings; DPS; LTC
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1976); Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1988)
Chuck Stein convened the Inner City Outings Committee while he was on the ExComm and served as ICO's first chair. He was a long time leader in one or more of the peak climbing sections. He led many ICO outings.

Stella, Ed - Active 1970-
Camera; Local Hikes; WLA; Moonlight Hikes (Griffith Park Evening Hikes)
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1984)
From the 1985 Chapter Awards Banquet writeup: "A club member since 1960, Ed has been involved in many chapter activities. He was active on the West Los Angeles Group management committee in the early years. Later he was active in the Camera Committee, and served as its chairman. For many years Ed served as an office volunteer, working with Office Manager Irene Charnock when the chapter office was located in the Philharmonic Building in downtown L.A. He has been a long-time member of the Evening Dinners committee, serving on that management committee, and presenting a number of slide shows of his own extensive travels. He is a "charter member" of the Wednesday Hikes group, having led and assisted on numerous outings for them since 1967."

Stenzel, Reiner - Active early 1990s-present
Ski Mountaineers Section; SPS
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (2000)
An active leader of the most aggressive Ski Mountaineers Section trips, Reiner Stenzel has served as Outings Chair, Vice Chair and Chair of the SMS and has led the snow shelter training course. -2001 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Stephens, Howard (d.) - Active 1962- (10.1+ Years)
SFV; Cabrillo; BMTC
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1968); Angeles Chapter Phil Bernays Service Award (1972)

Graham Stephenson
Graham Stephenson at Barter Island, 1963. -Photo by Graham Stephenson, Louise & Niles Werner Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives

Stephenson, Graham (d. 1976) - Active 1957- (10.9+ Years)
SPS; DPS; Mountaineering Training
Best known as a soft-spoken but friendly SPS leader who always claimed he wasn't working on any climbing lists, Graham liked difficult itineraries. He did climbs such as one from Death Valley's Badwater to Telescope Peak to get in shape and then would lead SPS groups from the edge of the Owens Valley over the Sierra crest to remote summits such as Arrow Peak. He chaired the SPS Training Committee and early in 1960 became chair of the newly-formed Angeles Chapter Training Committee. Graham also had a deep interest in the desert and led many trips for the DPS. Graham's contributions to the Angeles Chapter ended much too early when he died in an October 1976 climbing accident on Dunagiri in the Garwhal Himalaya of India. -Jerry Keating

Stephenson Group
Graham Stephenson participated with a group of other chapter climbers in an expedition to climb peaks in Alaska's Brooks Range in 1963. Here the group is shown at Baxter Island at the completion of the expedition. L to R: Bill Lentch, Rick Jaly, Dennis Burge, Gene Gail, Barbara Hill, Graham Stephenson, Larry Gail, George Barnes. -Photo by Tom McCord, Louise & Niles Werner Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Stirton, Bob - Active 1955- (17.2+ Years)

Stitt, Julie Mortimer - Active 1922-37 (15.3 Years)
RCS; Local Hikes
A veteran of club High Trips in the 1920s, Julie used her experiences to help the RCS get started in the 1930s.

Don Stivers
Don Stivers working at Harwood, late 1980s. Photographer Unknown.

Stivers, Don (1916-2001) - Active 1970-
Sierra Singles; Harwood Lodge
Don Stivers first came into prominence in the early 1970s when he joined with others to form the Sierra Singles Section. He led hikes, rode his bicycle, paddled a canoe, backpacked and told puns with every mile. Don was a quiet man, an accountant by trade. He took on the post of Singles Section chairman and saw the section successfully through some growing pains. He worked diligently with Harwood Lodge Committee for many years, participating in planning and financial efforts as well as laborious work-party tasks. When the lodge desperately needed a new roof in about 1977, Stivers went to meetings of nearly all local groups and sections to solicit support and money. For a man who confessed to a dislike for public speaking, he did a super job of presenting a case before many groups. In the wilderness, Stivers was among the first to be seen with a big plastic bag into which he deposited trash as he cleaned the trail. His example stirred others to schedule trail-cleaning trips. After moving to Palm Springs with wife Gloria Jordan in the early 1980s, Stivers was active in the Palms to Pines Section, still doing trail maintenance and adding to the fun with those famous puns. -Obituary by Ruth Worley, May 2001 Southern Sierran

Stocking, Mabelle McCalla - Active 1914-25 (10.7 Years)
Local Hikes

Les Stockton
Les Stockton giving his 'Ten Essentials' lecture on the trail, August 1973. -Photo by Dick Worsfold, Dick Worsfold Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives

Les and Pudge (Abbye) Stockton on Eagle Mtn. #1, Feb. 15, 1970. -Photo from Les Stockton Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives

Stockton, Les (1916-2004) - Active 1967-
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1979)
From the 1980 Chapter Awards Banquet writeup: "Our favorite "Red Baron" has been a familiar figure to Sierra Club hikers since the 1960s. He has led easy to difficult trips for all three climbing sections - the HPS, DPS and SPS, has been chairman of the HPS and DPS, and served as secretary and vice-chairman of the Chapter's Executive Committee. His lectures for the Basic Mountaineering Training Course and the Leadership Training Course are a highlight of each series. His humorous presentation lightens, yet emphasizes, the serious content of his material." Les and his wife, Abbye (Pudge), have been highlighted in recent years in LA Times Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, and on KCET with Huell Howser for their years as physical fitness enthusiasts who participated in the activities at Muscle Beach during the 1940s and 1950s.

Les Stockton
Les Stockton, also known as The Red Baron, posing at a restaurant sign in Yucca Valley, Oct. 23, 1971. -Photo from Les Stockton Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Strawn, Phyllis
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1984)
From the 1985 Chapter Awards Banquet writeup: "Phyllis became active on the old Chapter Schedule Committee soon after joining the club in 1960. In 1961 she joined the Natural Science Section, the beginning of a long and happy association with that group. During her 20-plus years with Natural Science, she has had service in almost every position on the management committee. In recent years she worked on the section newsletter, maintaining the membership file and financial records. She is presently treasurer for the section. She has been a long-time leader and participant on section outings, and has served as reservationist on a number of Field Ecology Workshops."

Bob Sturdevant
Bob Sturdevant "knapsacking" in the San Gabriels backcountry, circa 1930. -Photo from H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant album, Angeles Chapter Archives
Harry Sutherland

Harry Sutherland celebrates his birthday with the mid-week hikers in 1990. Photographer unknown. Photo from Wednesday Hikers photo album contributed by Henriette Worsfold

Sturdevant, H.R. "Bob" - Active 1930-55 (24.8 Years)
Local Hikes
Bob Sturdevant led many local hikes for the chapter, and maintained the Sam Merrill Trail up Echo Mountain for five years after Merrill died in 1948. Sturdevant was an accomplished photographer and his albums provide an invaluable record of the Great Hiking Era of the 1920s and 30s, and of the Sierrans who took part in it. Self-portrait taken near summit of Mt. Williamson (San Gabriel Mountains), April 1932. -H.R. Sturdevant Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives

Sutherland, Harry - Active 1946- (37+ Years)
Local Hikes; RCS
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1982)
From the 1983 Chapter Awards Banquet writeup: "Harry is another old-timer with the Club whose membership dates from 1945. He was on the Rock Climbing Section management committee from 1947 to 1954 including the positions of vice-chair and chair. The Ski Mountaineers Section claimed him from 1949 to 1954 and he was chair for two years. He was elected to the Chapter's Executive Committee to a 2-year term in 1953. His support for the Club has continued with his active participation as an outings leader for the Wednesday local hikes."

Taber, John - Active 1989-present (12 Years)
Palos Verdes-South Bay Group
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (2000)
An active member of the Palos Verdes/South Bay Group for 13 years, John Taber has held various positions on the Management committee. He established and leads the annual Trans PV Hike and the annual Catalina Backpack. -2001 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup
John has assisted the Palos Verdes-South Bay Group in many ways. He has organized trail maintenance work parties for several years, handled the mailing of the group¹s newsletter, The Foggy View, for about five years, and organized a pair of hikes covering the 26-mile Palos Verdes Loop trail as part of the Sierra Club¹s 100-year celebration. Participants who completed both sections received a special patch. Taber expanded the fast-only Tuesday Night Conditioning Hike to include slow and medium groups, and has led many groups on both Tuesday and Thursday night conditioning hikes. He took over the13-15 mile annual Trans-Peninsula hike which includes visits to our Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night hike meeting places as we go from San Pedro to Redondo Beach. He has organized and led a three-day Catalina Island Backpack annually for 10 years and led several hikes along the Kern River and Jordan Hot Springs areas of the Southern Sierras, as well as numerous hikes in the Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains. John is currently helping organize a 14-day hiking trip to New Zealand where attendees will experience nature of a different kind and learn about conservation efforts there. -Adapted from input received from Palos Verdes-South Bay Group

Talbott, Virgil
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1987, 1996)

Fern Tantzen
Fern Tantzen led dozens of hikes for the West Los Angeles Group. Photo taken late 1960s(?). Photographer unknown. -from Wednesday Hikers Photo Album, contributed by Henriette Worsfold
Clair Tappaan

Clair Tappaan

Tantzen, Fern - Active 1964-
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1975); Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1986)

Tappaan, Clair S. (1878-1932) - Active 1911-29 (17.6 Years)
Local Hikes
A Superior Court judge from Los Angeles, Clair Tappaan served the Sierra Club in many functions: first chapter Chair and leader of the first chapter outing; assistant manager of the Sierra Club High Trips; Board of Directors 1912 until his death in 1932; President of the club 1922-24. One of the most familiar sights on the club's annual High Trip was the bear-like figure of 'Tap' stepping into the light of the campfire to regale an enraptured audience with one of his inimical "scientific lectures" on the mythical Roctivora, Ring Tailed Rusticrustus, Side Hill Guana, Weeping Ibis, or some other of his mental creations. The club's largest lodge facility, at Norden in the Sierra Nevada, is named in his honor.

Clair Tappaan
In this image, Clair Tappaan is shown towering above all others, as he surely did in most endeavors, on the summit of Old Baldy (Mt. San Antonio), May 6, 1917. Edgar Cook, who took this photograph, sits at the far left (marked with an asterisk). -Edgar Cook photo, Angeles Chapter Archives

Tapia, Al
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1988)

Tenero, John
Palos Verdes-South Bay

Thayer, E. Merlin (1908-1987) - Active 1941- (31.7 Years)
Ice Skating; RCS
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1981)
Merlin Thayer began leading Ice Skating outings in 1941 and continued into the 1970s.

Thayer Group
Merlin Thayer (on far left) pictured with two other Great Leaders, Harry Sutherland and Marge Gall, in Agua Alta Canyon, Santa Rosa Mtns, March 1957. -Photo by Niles Werner, Louise & Niles Werner Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Robert Thompson
Bobcat Thompson on Whale Peak, San Diego County, April 1976. -Photo by Bob Cates
George Thuro

George Thuro at a Sierra Singles Reunion, October 2004. -Photo by Bob Cates

Thompson, Robert ("Bobcat")
HPS; Griffith Park Comm
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1980); HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1982); Angeles Chapter Chester Versteeg Outings Award (1988)

Thompson, Wandalee Nickell - Active 1935-55 (20.0 Years)
Local Hikes

Thorne, Renee
Long Beach
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1998)
Renee Thorne has led many hikes and organized car camps for the Long Beach Group. She also served as hostess for the San Antonio Ski Hut in winter and in summer for the past 15 years. -1999 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Thuro, George - Active 1970-
Sierra Singles; Ice Skating
George Thuro has been active with the Sierra Singles, leading hikes, ski trips, Harwood weekends, photo outings, and backpacks. He chaired the Singles in 1973 and was instrumental in transitioning the Committee to an official Section.

Tidball, Larry
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1990); Angeles Chapter Chester Versteeg Outings Award (1996); SPS Leadership Award (2000)
Larry currently serves in the capacity of Chapter Safety Chair.

Linda and Wallace Tinsley
Linda and Wally Tinsley in Baja California circa 1957. -Photo from Louise Werner Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives
Luella Todd

Luella Todd at Colby's Ranch in 1931. -Photo by H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant, Angeles Chapter Archives

Tinsley, Linda - Active 1955-68 (12.9 Years)

Tinsley, Wallace - Active 1954-68 (14.6 Years)
NSS; Local Hikes; RCS; HPS; DPS

Toby, George - Active 1968-
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1981)

Todd, Luella - Active 1929-62 (33.4 Years)
Local Hikes; Ice Skating; HPS (unofficial list keeper for many years)

Luella Todd
Luella Todd led the Ice Skating Committee for many years. Here she is, circa 1944 (standing center, light-colored jacket), surrounded by a loyal crew of skaters who kept this group going for decades. -Photo by Walt Clark, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Trager, Jack
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1985); HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1989)

Caroline Tracy
Caroline Tracy in the 1920s. -Photo by Edgar Cook
Rosalind Underwood

Rosalind Underwood on the trail in May, 1963. -Photo by Dick Worsfold, Dick Worsfold Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives

Tracy, Caroline E. - Active 1917-31 (14.4 Years)
Local Hikes; Ice Skating

Ulrich, Alfred - Active 1934- (38.8+ Years)
Local Hikes; Camping; Pasadena Group

Underwood, Rosalind - Active 1958- (13.4+ Years)
Local Hikes; HPS

Valkass, Maris (d. 2001)
DPS; CNRCC Desert Committee
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1987); Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1990); Extraordinary Achievement Award (1994); SPS Leadership Award (2000)

Van Aken, Ray W. - Active 1947- (22.3+ Years)
RCS; Ski Mountaineers
A very prolific leader with many Sierra Nevada leads, Ray was a talented climber with numerous first ascents to his credit. He was RCS Secretary in 1947.

Ray VanAken
Ray Van Aken shown with group of RCS climbers on an expedition to the Canadian Rockies, Aug. 3, 1953. L to R: Ray Van Aken, Ruth Dyar Mendenhall, John D. Mendenhall, Gil (last name unknown). -Photo by George Harr, George Harr Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Van Allen, Bob - Active 1965-
HPS Backus Leadership Award (1968)
Bob Van Allen edited the Activities Schedule before Dick Akawie, served has HPS Chair, and was co-constructor of the HPS Sam Fink Service Award trophy in the form of a mountain fire lookout tower.

Van Cleave, Beverly
Bicycle Touring
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1983)
-See 1999 Chapter Awards.

Van Cleave, Ron - 1970-
Bicycle Touring
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1983); Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1999)
Ron Van Cleave, who received an Outings Service Award in 1983, served as Chair of the Bicycle Touring Committee from 1977 to 1995 and has led bicycle rides from 1977 to the present. -2000 Chapter Awards Banquet

Dale VanDalsam
Dale Van Dalsam at Desert Peaks Section Banquet, October 1990. -Photo by Bob Cates

Van Dalsam, Dale (1933-1994)
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1990)

Van Degrift, Tyler R. (1891-1957) - Active 1916-43 (26.8 Years)
Local Hikes; Camping; ski & winter fun trips; Ski Mountaineers
Tyler Van Degrift was an early chapter leader (Executive Committee 1923-25, 1927-30; Chair, 1928-29) who converted his shoe store over a period of years into the first major ski shop in Southern California.

Van Oosting, Peter (d. 1985) - Active 1924-35 (11.2 Years)
Local Hikes; instrumental in building Harwood
Van Oosting chaired the Harwood Lodge Building Committee, putting in many long hours of work on the site during the year of Harwood's construction (1930). In addition to years of followup work while sitting on several Harwood Lodge committees, he served on the chapter's Executive Committee (1929-31, 1933-34), including two terms as Chair (1930-31).

Alda VanPappelendam
Alda VanPappelendam

Van Pappelendam, Alda - Active 1947-60 (12.6 Years)
DPS; Camping (desert)

VanPappelendam Group
"Alda Van", as her fellow climbers called her, posed with this group on the summit of Eagles Rest Peak in the Los Padres backcountry in 1952. This shot includes five Great Leaders(*). Top row, L to R: Bob Bear*, Howard Hill*, Alden Hilton, Jerry Zagorites*, Emily Bear. Front row, L to R: Alda Van Pappelendam*, Freda Walbrecht*, Eric Kent. -Photo from Elsie & Eric Kent Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Chester Versteeg
Chester Versteeg -from Chester Versteeg Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives

Versteeg, Chester (d.) - Active 1913-48 (34.6 Years)
Local Hikes; DPS (founder); RCS
Chester joined the Southern California Section shortly after its founding in 1911. He was instrumental in constructing Muir Lodge in 1913, and was attributed to have spent 40 days and 40 nights of continuous labor on this first mountain home of the chapter. He founded the Desert Peaks Section in 1941. Throughout his long career he worked with the Board on Geographic Names to officially name dozens of features in the Sierra Nevada-including peaks, lakes, and meadows. In 1987 the Angeles Chapter created an award for outstanding leadership and named it after Chester Versteeg.

Versteeg Group
The earliest known photograph of a Desert Peaks Section outing is this one taken by Niles Werner of a group he led up Waucoba Peak with co-leader and DPS founder Chester Versteeg on June 6-7, 1942 (the third outing of the DPS). L to R: Parker Severson*, Fred Johnson, Martin Britt*, Harry Paley, Rhoda Goertz, Freda Walbrecht*, Chester Versteeg*, Jim Tow, and unidentified man. (*) denotes Great Leader from the Honor Roll -Werner Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Vidor, Gary
20s & 30s Sierra Singles
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1997)

Tom Wade
Tom Wade modeling Youth Section T-shirt, 1975. -Photo by Dick Worsfold

Wade, Tom - Active 1967-
Youth, Cabrillo; Moonlight Hikes; Local Hikes; Griffith Park Evening Hikes
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1980)

Wagner, Sally
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1993)

Walbrecht, Freda B. (1903-1978) - Active 1942-61 (19.0 Years)
HPS; DPS; Local Hikes

Freda Walbrecht
Freda Walbrecht was one of four women Great Leaders surrounding Mike Loughman in the arch on Tin Mountain on November 28, 1945. L to R: Margie Henderson, Marie Smith (Graser), Mike Loughman, Freda Walbrecht, Louise Werner. -Photo by Niles Werner, Louise & Niles Werner Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Arnold Wall
Arnold Wall in the Sierras, 1958. -Photo by Dick Worsfold
George Wallerstein
George Wallerstein

Wall, Arnold - Active 1946-61 (24.9 Years)
Camping; Local Hikes; HPS; NSS; Songsters; Ice Skating

Wallerstein, George - Active 1954-65 (10.5 Years)
Ski Mountaineers; SPS; DPS

Wallerstein Group
George Wallerstein is shown in this group shot on the summit of Dry Mtn on Nov. 27, 1954, including six Great Leaders(*). Front L to R: Bill Henderson*, Barbara Lilley*, Freda Walbrecht*, Mike Loughman, George Wallerstein*. Back row, L to R: Louise Werner*, Paul Estes*, G. Brinton. -Photo by Niles Werner, Louise & Niles Werner Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Wankum, Joe
Wilderness Training Committee
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1997)

Warner, Charles E. - Active 1924-35 (11.6 Years)
Local Hikes; swimming; 3 outings total
Charles E. Warner was instrumental in having the original trail constructed from Altadena to Echo Mountain, which was later named the Sam Merrill Trail (see entry under Sam Merrill.)

Charles Warner
Four Great Leaders, including Charles Warner, appear across the bottom of this photo taken on the summit of San Jacinto Peak on October 19, 1930. L to r: Fred Eaton, Charles Warner, Frank Noel, Lance Anderson. The man standing at the top is Howard Sloan; the woman with the Sierra Club cup to his right is identified as Myrtle Richmond. The other women are unidentified.

Warner, Glen - Active 1939- (30.5+ Years)
Long Beach Group; Ice Skating; Moonlight Hikes; RCS; Nature Study Group

Brent Washburne
Brent Washburne showing his award from the Mid-week Hikers at the Mid-week Hikers reunion picnic, Oct. 16, 2005. -Photo by Bob Cates
John Wedberg

John Wedberg poses with fellow Great Leader Barbara Lilley at start of Desert Peaks Section Climb of Mt. Tom, Sept. 19-20, 1953. -Photo by Frank Bressel, Frank Bressel Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives

Washburne, Brent (1970-present)
SPS, DPS, HPS, Local Hikes Committee
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1991); HPS R.S. Fink Award (2001); Local Hikes Leadership Award "for decades of wonderful leadership" (2005)
Brent has attained Emblem Status in the Hundred Peaks Section, Desert Peaks Section, and Sierra Peaks Section, and is also a List Completer in the HPS. He has been an M-rated leader since the rating system was inaugurated. But according him, his greatest achievement is that he is still hiking, although slower, in 2006 (at age 80).

Waxman, Asher
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1994)

Webster, Ron - Active 1968-
Local Hikes, SFV, SMMTF
Angeles Chapter Conservation Service Award (1974); Extraordinary Achievement Award (1978); Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1980)

Wedberg, John - Active 1954-present (47.7+ Years)
RCS; SPS; Ski Mountaineers, Alpine Ski Mountaineering Committee
Angeles Chapter Phil Bernays Service Award (1970)
John Wedberg began leading in early 1950's for SMS, RCS, SPS, and later the Alpine Ski Mountaineering Committee. He donated years of work, love and leadership towards the continuing use and maintenance of the San Antonio Ski Hut. He chaired the RCS in 1969 and 1970, and the Ski Mountaineers in 1969 and 1971 - the only person to chair these two sections at the same time.
(for John Wedberg photo, see Mt. Keynot group photograph elsewhere in display)

Weimer, Ronald A.
Orange County Sierra Singles Section
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1999)
Ronald A. Weimer has led more than 90 activities for the Orange County Sierra Singles Section, including the Tuesday/Thursday Irvine Conditioning Hikes from 1991-97. Weimer served on the Management Committee as Outings/Safety Chair in 1994-95 and currently is Backpacking Chair and Webmaster. Weimer also has organized backpacking classes from 1994 to present. -2000 Chapter Awards Banquet

Weisman, Shirley
Inner City Outings
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1995)
Shirley Weisman may have thought that life would slow down after she retired, but then again, perhaps not. Her involvement with ICO kept her busy. She is the Volunteer Coordinator, ICO Liaison for several agencies and an enthusiastic leader. Shirley visits the school prior to a hike to meet the students and to prepare them for the experience. In working with other groups, this creative leader has broadened the scope of her hikes. For example, she arranged for the docents of Abalone Cove, a local tide pool beach, to assist on one occasion. Another time, members of the Camera Committee taught the youths photography techniques. On a third outing, the Audubon Society provided binoculars and expertise on identifying birds. There is no doubt that each group of children with which Shirley Weisman works is enriched by the encounter. -Jutta Romero, ICO Chair

Louise Werner
Louise Werner at age 76, after climbing Cornell Peak, Aug 12, 1978. -Photo by Bob Cates

Werner, Louise (1902-2001) - Active 1935- (34.7+ Years)
Local Hikes; HPS; NSS; Camping
Louise Top Werner came to California from Iowa as a Physical Education teacher in the early 1930s and quickly became involved with the Sierra Club, where she met her future husband, Niles. They both became avid mountaineers, particularly of desert peaks. Louise was an exceptionally strong hiker/climber, and a literary talent, as well, with many of her adventures appearing in the pages of Desert Magazine and Summit Magazine over the years.

Louise Werner Group
This photo from the Louise Werner collection, labeled "Tired Bunch", shows a summit party atop Baja California's Picacho del Diablo in 1951. Left to right: R.S. "Sam" Fink, Eleanor Pierson, Louise Werner, and Harry Stege.

Niles Werner
Niles Werner shown near the summit of Mt. Williamson (San Gabriel Mountains), on a weekend trip to Buckhorn Flats, April 23-24, 1932. -Photo by H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant.
Lowell Weymouth

Lowell Weymouth at Sierra Singles Reunion Picnic, Oct. 22, 2005. -Photo by Bob Cates

Werner, Niles (1889-1965) - Active 1927-64 (37.2 Years)
Local Hikes; DPS; Camping; HPS
Niles Werner was an engineer who worked on Boulder Dam and became enamored of the desert. He led many local outings, as well as further afield to the Sierra Nevada and various desert locations. He led the first official Desert Peaks Section outing.

Westerfield, James ("Jim") - Active 1949-64 (15.0 Years)
Desert Camping

Westhal, Pepi
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1987)

Weymouth, Lowell - Active 1970-1998 (28 Years)
Sierra Singles
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1990)
Lowell has had a long career with the Sierra Singles, leading 4 bus trips per year for this section.

Wezeman, Claude
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1994)

Wheatley, Robert N. (d. 2006) - Active 1970-
Orange County; BMTC; SFV
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1981, 1988); Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1992)

Beatrice Wheelock
Bea Wheelock
Walt Wheelock
Walt Wheelock offers a toast at the 1980 Chapter Awards Banquet. -Photo by Bob Cates

Wheelock, Beatrice ("Bea") - Active 1953- (17.3+ Years)
HPS; Local Hikes; 44 outings as of 6/24/70

Wheelock, Walt (1909-97) - Active 1952-94 (20.3+ Years Leading; 41.7 Years Overall Service)
HPS; Local Hikes; Cabrillo; Camping; Rescue; DPS; Mule Pack; SFV; 83 outings as of 12/17/72
HPS R.S. Fink Service Award (1977)
Wheelock joined the club in the late 1930s, but his career as a Glendale police detective put his outings leadership role on hold until the early 1950s. He led a wide variety of outings, but his primary interest lay in the Hundred Peaks 'game', which he converted into a formal committee in 1954 and then into a full-fledged section in 1955, serving as its first Chair.

White, Georgie - Active 1943-63 (19.9 Years)
River tours; extended outings; DPS; Local Hikes; Ice Skating; Ski Mountaineers

Georgie White
Georgie White, famous as the "Woman of the River" from her hundreds of commercial runs down the Colorado River, is shown here on the Colorado in June of 1954. -Photo by John Nienhuis, John Nienhuis Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Steve Wilkie
Steve Wilkie shows off his kilts in this image made by Dick Worsfold in December 1980. -Dick Worsfold Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives

Wilkie, Steve - Active 1952- (19.6+ Years)
Ski Mountaineers (prolific); RCS
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1974)

Williams, Alan
Sierra Sage Group; Mule Pack Section
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (2000)

Williams, Jeanne
Sierra Sage Group; Mule Pack Section
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (2000)
The first leaders in the Sierra Sage Group, Alan and Jeanne Williams recruited many of the current leaders. They are active in the Mule Pack Section and have been constant in their support of the Club's Outings Program. -2001 Chapter Awards Banquet

Wilson, Josephine - Active 1957- (11.3+ Years)
NSS (2); Camping (1)

Wilson, Lightner - Active 1957- (12.5+ Years)
NSS (4); Camping (1)

Sparky Wilson
Sparky Wilson

Wilson, Sparky - Active 1942- (30.6+ Years)
Camping; extended outings; NSS
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1982)
From the 1983 Chapter Awards Banquet writeup: "Sparky's involvement with the Club goes back to 1939. He probably holds the Chapter record for leading more camping trips, weekend and week-long, than anyone else. He served on the Camping Committee from 1961 to 1971 including a year as chair. He was on the Chapter Executive Committee for five years including vice-chair in 1963. He has supported the Pasadena Group and the Natural Science Section but he is justly most famous for his desert camping trips, where he shares his vast knowledge of geology to enhance the participants' appreciation of the surrounding terrain."

Wilson Group
Sparky Wilson lectures an attentive group during a Natural Science Section outing to the Mecca Hills, led by Bob & Maureen Cates in January of 1984. Gene Gail at far left, Maureen Cates in red shirt at left center, geologist Sparky Wison in tan shirt at rt center, Elizabeth "Bep" Cohen foremost figure in red plaid at right, John Nienhuis tall man second from right. -Photo by Bob Cates.

Charles Wilts
Chuck Wilts handles the rope while another Great Leader, Ron Smith, looks on during an RCS practice session at Running Springs. -Photo by Niles Werner
Ellen Wilts

Ellen Wilts at Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite, 1949. -Photo from Ellen & Charles Wilts Collection

Wilts, Charles ("Chuck")(1920-1991) - Active 1943- (29.0+ Years)
RCS; Ski Mountaineers; prolific leader--60 outings up to 9/17/72
Angeles Chapter Chester Versteeg Outings Award (1980)

Wilts, Ellen - Active 1948- (24.1+ Years)
RCS; Ski Mountaineers
Chuck and Ellen Wilts were frequent leaders of both SMS and RCS from the 1940s. They met through the Club and married in 1947, making the first ascent of the South Arete of Matthes Crest during their honeymoon in Tuolumne Meadows. Both served on the management committees of both sections in various positions. Ellen chaired the SMS in 1952. Chuck was the only person to twice chair both the RCS and SMS-the RCS in 1946 and 1949, and the SMS in 1955 and 1963. Chuck pioneered many routes at Tahquitz Rock and authored the Tahquitz climbing guide. He continued to lead for the SMS into the 1980s. Both Chuck and Ellen contributed greatly to the success of both sections for many years.

Charles & Ellen Wilts
Ellen and Charles Wilts on summit of Mt. Lyell, Yosemite National Park, August 1947. -Photo from Ellen & Charles Wilts Collection, \ Angeles Chapter Archives.

Wing, Fred (d.) - Active 1969-
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1981)
Fred chaired the RCS in 1977.

Wittek, Rudolph ("Rudy") - Active 1957- (11.5+ Years)
NSS; Camping; SFV

Wong, Ron
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1993)

Dick Worsfold
Dick Worsfold on Heald Peak, April 27, 1974. -Photo by Bob Cates
Dick Worsfold

Dick Worsfold with his first movie camera. -Photo from Worsfold Collection

Worsfold, Dick (d.) - Active 1957- (15.5+ Years)
Local Hikes; HPS; Camera; NSS; WLA
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1977)
Dick Worsfold worked as a cameraman at MGM studios, but his real passion was to get on the trail with good friends. He chaired the Local Hikes Committee for many years, but also led many hikes for the Hundred Peaks Section (which he went on to Chair), and the Natural Science Section.

Wruck, Lenore
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1992)

Joseph Young
Joe Young displays membership/emblem pins of DPS, SPS, HPS. -Photo taken by Bob Cates in 1974
Cliff Youngquist
Cliff Youngquist at Sierra Club's Baldy Cabin, c. 1927. -Photo from Angeles Chapter Archives

Young, Joseph F.
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1984); HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1985)

Young, Ronald A.
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1988)

Youngquist, Clifford (d.) - Active 1924-65 (38.8 Years Leading; 41.4 Years Overall Service)
Local Hikes; winter & ski trips
Angeles Chapter Weldon Heald Conservation Award (1964)
After many years of activity in the Southern California Section of the Sierra Club (Executive Committee, 1933-35), Cliff Youngquist continued to contribute his talents while on the club's Board of Directors (1955-56, 1959-62). With Nate Clark, another Great Leader, he helped formulate road construction policies to minimize impact of National Park highways.
Youngquist Group
During the Great Hiking Era of the 1920s and '30s, the Loomis Ranch in the Big Tujunga was a favorite destination. Here, Capt. Loomis (sitting center) and Mrs. Loomis (standing to the left of the Captain) pose with a group that contained many of the Great Leaders (*) of the day. The tallest man in the back row is Cliff Youngquist*. The older gentleman to his left is Sam Merrill*, and standing farthest right, next to Merrill, is Leroy Arnold*. Sitting in the middle row are Lance Anderson* (far left) and Art Johnson* (far right). In the front row are Russ Hubbard* and Dessie Daler*. -Photo by H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Yount, Emory - Active 1972-
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1981)

Jerry Zagorites
Jerry Zagorites

Zagorites, Jerry - Active 1951-69 (18.2 Years)
Zagorites Group
Jerry Zagorites posing with fellow climbers and Great Leaders(*) on Granite Peak in the Oriflame Mountains of San Diego County, April 25, 1948. Top row, L to R: Willard Dean, two unidentified women, Alice Bates* (head-wrap), Louise Werner* (hatless), Peggy Cullens, Tony Gamero, Alden Hilton, Eric Kent. Bottom row, L to R: Bill Henderson*, Margie Henderson*, Niles Werner*, Jerry Zagorites*. -Photo by Niles Werner, Rosemarie & Lloyd Balsam Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.


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