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Abel, John
Inner City Outings
Angeles Chapter Outings Award (1992); Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1996); Sierra Club Inner City Outings Unsung Hero Award (1999)
John Abel serves as Service Certification Chair for ICO. He is thorough and conscientious in advising potential leaders of the process and in maintaining the required records and documentation. John rarely, if ever, raises his voice with youngsters, but he carries an indisputable authority about him. When he shares his knowledge of nature, fellow leaders, as well as the children, stop to listen.
-Jutta Romero, ICO Chair

Adair, Herbert S., Dr. (1891-1974) Active 1922-34 (11.6 Years)
Led annual Halloween weekend party at Wheeler Hot Springs through mid '20s.

Adler, James
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1994).

Aiken, Roy Active 1944-67 (23.5 Years)
Camping, especially desert locales.

Aiken, Ruth - Active 1947-57 (10.0 Years)
Camping, especially desert locales.

Rocky Ainsworth
Rocky Ainsworth (r) confers with Sparky Wilson on a geology matter, Oct 1954. -John Nienhuis Collection, Angeles Chapter archives

Ainsworth, Rocky - Active 1946-56 (10.2 Years)
Local Hikes, Camping, Moonlight, NSS, Pasadena.

Dick Akawie
Dick Akawie in the early '70s.-Photo by Dick Worsfold Dick Akawie
Dick Akawie (with map in hand) on Mecca Hill Desert Peaks Section exploratory, January 1979.-Photo by Bob Cates

Akawie, Richard ("Dick") (1923-89) - Active 1967-89 (22 Years)
LTC, HPS, DPS, WLA, Moonlight Hikes; Activities Schedule Editor
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1970, 1974); Angeles Chapter Chester Versteeg Outings Award (1977): HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1981); Angeles Chapter Phil Bernays Service Award (1976, 1988); Sierra Club Oliver Kehrlein Award (1984).
Dick Akawie edited the Activities Schedule for many years, and was a prolific leader for the peak climbing sections, attaining emblem status in the HPS, DPS, and SPS. His most famous trademark was his constant map in hand, keeping track of his exact location at all times in an era before GPS. Needless to say, Dick was a sterling navigation instructor for the Leadership Training Course. He was presented with the club's Oliver Kehrlein Award in 1984, which "honors an individual who has done outstanding work in the Sierra Club's or a chapter's outings program."

Allen, Bob - Honorable Mention
Bob Allen served as the capable bus driver on as many as 100 of the Harry Goldstein-led bus trips.

Bob Allen
Bob Allen poses with 4 other Great Leaders, Oct 1991. L to R: Bob Allen, Felicia Hammond, Harry Goldstein, Jack Goldberg, Alice Goldberg. -Goldberg Collection, Angeles Chapter.

Allen, Pam
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1998)
Pam Allen is honored for her enthusiasm, caring nature and attention to detail that she has shown on the 69 hikes and backpacks she has led in just the past four years for the Wilderness Adventures Section. She currently serves as the section's chair. - 1999 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Alpert, Joyce - Active 1968-present (31 Years)
Angeles Chapter Conservation Service Award (1975)

Alpert, Sid - Active 1968-present (31 Years)
Angeles Chapter Conservation Service Award (1975)
Sid and Joyce Alpert joined the Sierra Club in 1965, led outings for the San Fernando Valley Group from 1967 to 1987, and led National Outings from 1969 through 1980. They initiated the Nature Knowledge Workshop in 1970, conducting it for ten years, and subsequently implemented the program in the San Diego Chapter when they moved to that area. They are rightly pleased and proud that Nature Knowledge Workshop has "had an impact on leaders, making them more sensitive to the environment and able to communicate that to their outing participants." Sid and Joyce recently moved back to the Angeles Chapter, where they are getting involved with conservation issues in southern Orange County and plan to lead outings for the Sierra Sage Group.

Alvarado, Louis
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1995).

Tom Amneus
Tom Amneus poses with a chapter group he led in 1959 that spent a week cleaning up the Mt. Whitney Trail. -Photo from October 1959 Seventy Six Magazine

Tom Amneus
Tom Amneus

Amneus, Tom (d. 2004) - Active 1956-70 (14.4 Years)
Local Hikes, HPS, Mule Pack, NSS, DPS, SPS, Mountaineering Training, Rescue, SFV, BMTC
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1979); Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1986)
To quote from the 1979 Chapter Awards Banquet writeup: "Tom has provided outstanding service to the Chapter in outings, conservation, and administration since the day he joined in 1955. In his 73rd year he is still leading trips for the Sierra Peaks Section and Hundred Peaks Section, in addition to National Club outings. He was Chapter Chairman in 1959, has served on the Rescue Committee, was chairman of the Natural Science Section, led the fights against check dams in Santa Anita Canyon and against the tramway on Mt. San Jacinto, worked at the Chapter office in support of the Alaska campaign, organized a dozen precincts and walked two of his own for Prop 15-the Nuclear Safeguards Initiative, and wrote the report on the earthquake and flood damages for the Palmdale Airport."
As chapter chair in 1959, Tom took an important, positive role in the controversial issue of race discrimination revolving around the chapter's Membership Committee policies. In this as well as other policy matters, he helped guide the chapter through the difficult years of transition from primarily a social group toward a conservation-oriented organization in tune with national club objectives.

Anderson, George - Active 1948-68 (20. 5 Years)
Ice Skating (46 evenings)

Anderson, Jim - Active 1944-68 (24.0 Years)
Ice Skating (51 evenings)

Judy Anderson
Judy Anderson

Lance Anderson
Lance Anderson, San Jacinto Pk, Oct. 19, 1930. -Photo by H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant

Anderson, Judy - Active 1972-Present (29.6 Years)
Verdugo Hills, SCRCC Desert Committee
Angeles Chapter Weldon Heald Conservation Award (1979); Extraordinary Achievement Award (1984, 1994); Sierra Club John Muir Award (1999)
Judy Anderson's name is most closely identified with desert protection issues, and most of the outings she has led over the last two decades have been related to introducing participants to California desert areas. Her outstanding mapping abilities were critical in determining the boundaries of wilderness areas defined in the 1994 California Desert Protection Act. For her key work in desert preservation, Judy received the John Muir Award by the Sierra Club in 1999, the highest honor the club can bestow after that of Honorary President.

Anderson, Lance - Active 1930-1942 (11.6 Years)
Local hikes & camping trips

Andy Andrews with Marion Jones
Andy Andrews and assistant Marion Jones leading a Sierra Club outing in Havasu Canyon, April 1942. -Desert Magazine, June 1942

Leroy Arnold
Leroy Arnold at Loomis Ranch in 1930 (see larger photo under Cliff Youngquist entry)

Andrews, W. E. ("Andy") - Active 1937-49 (12.1 Years)
Desert Camping, week+ outings, moonlight hikes, bicycling

Arnold, Leroy - Active 1932-57 (25.0 Years)
Desert Camping, Nature Study Group/NSS, moonlight hikes, ice skating, Grand Cyn, RCS

Ken Ashby
Ken Ashby lighting charcoal at Painted Canyon campground, Feb 5, 1972. -Photo by Bob Cates

Spencer Austin
Spencer Austin belaying Stephen Garry on the way up Mt. Giroud on climbing trip to Dusey Lake Basin, August, 1930. -H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant Album (clipping from unknown magazine)


Ashby, Ken - Active 1960- (11.8+ Years)
Camping, ESGV
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1979)
Ken has been a strong supporter of the Club from the time he joined in 1956. He was a member of the Conservation Committee for eight years, and of the once-existing Camping Committee for seven years during which time he led camping outings. His main interest has been the support of the East San Gabriel Valley Group. He has held various positions on the management committee for over 13 years including chairman for two years. -1979 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Atkinson, Talmadge D. - Active 1916-52 (35.6 Years)
Local hikes
For his many years of service, T.D. Atkinson was awarded an Honorary Life Membership by the Sierra Club Board of Directors in 1961.

Austin, Spencer - Active 1938-52 (13.9 Years)

John Backus
John Backus fueling up from his gorp bag in 1970. -Photo by Dick Worsfold

John Backus
John Backus leading, as usual, on Chuckwalla Peak, 1972. -Photo by Bob Cates

Backus, John (1911-1988) - Active 1969-87 (18 Years)
HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1971); Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1977); HPS Special Award-Leader Extraordinaire (1979); Angeles Chapter Chester Versteeg Outings Award (1979)
As a young physicist, John Backus helped develop the atomic bomb in the early 1940s. His later career was spent as a physics professor at USC from 1945 until 1980. He was an accomplished musician, playing first bassoon for the El Camino Community College and the Pasadena Community orchestras. He also played the piano and kettle drum. Backus had a never-ending enthusiasm for the Hundred Peaks list, which he completed six times. There are 270 peaks on the list, all over 5,000 feet high. Backus started his peakbagging career in 1965, and first completed the list in 1971. He followed this with successive completions in 1975, 1980, 1983, 1986 and 1987. Backus conceived and executed the idea of officially leading every peak on the Hundred Peaks list. For these efforts the Hundred Peaks Section bestowed several awards upon John and re-named their Leadership Award the John Backus Leadership Award in January of 1988.

Bagdon, Mindy - Active 1957-67 (10.7 Years)

How Bailey
How Bailey in 1969. -Photo by Dick Worsfold

How Bailey
How Bailey descending Old Baldy after leading a midnight climb, summer of 1976. -Photo by Bob Cates

Bailey, How - Active 1965
HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1968); Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1978); Angeles Chapter Chester Versteeg Outings Award (1983)
How Bailey has been a prolific leader for all the peak climbing sections. How made a game of connecting all his peak climbing routes in the San Gabriels with canyon and ridge hikes he often did by himself. He retired from a long and successful career as a physics researcher at the Rand Corporation and now lives in Santa Monica.

Hiram Bailey
Ernest Dawson(l) and Hiram Bailey(r) demonstrate extraction of water from a barrel cactus in Palm Canyon, 1916. -Glen Dawson collection, Angeles Chapter archives

Bailey, Hiram E. ("Hi") - Active 1912-31 (18.8 Years)
Local hikes

Baker, Howard
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1988)

Lois Banda
Lois Fracisco in a characteristic pose on Pleasant View Ridge, in the spring of 1972. -Photo by Bob Cates


John Banks

John Banks at Colby's Ranch, 1931. -Photo by H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant

Banda, Lois Fracisco - Active 1970-
Local hikes, ESGV
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1983)

Banks, John - Active 1929-54 (25.3 Years)
Local hikes, overnighters, moonlight hikes, ice skating, HPS

Banks, Lynn - Active 1942-53 (11.3 Years)
Moonlight hikes, ice skating



George Barnes
George Barnes at Barter Island, Alaska, at completion of 1963 expedition. -Photo by Graham Stephenson, Louise & Niles Werner Collection, Sierra Club-Angeles Chapter archives

Barnes, George - Active 1968-present (33.4 Years)
Desert conservation outings

Barry, Frances - Active 1945-64 (19.0 Years)
Local Hikes

Barry, William C. - Active 1923-66 (43.0 Years)
Local Hikes, particularly Verdugo Hills, Griffith Park
Bill Barry joined the club soon after the chapter's formation in 1911, but didn't get around to leading outings until 1923. He lived in Glendale and most of his hikes were in the Verdugo Hills and Griffith Park, many ending with a reception at his home.

William Barry
William C. Barry (sitting far right) with friends enjoying the afternoon sun at Muir Lodge in the early 1920s. -Photo from William Barry Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Barthoumes, Archie
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1995)

Jack Bascom
Jack Bascom, Aug 1973. -Photo by Dick Worsfold, Angeles Chapter archives

Bascom, Jack (1910-2000) - Active 1939- (37+ Years)
Local Hikes, HPS
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1978); HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1995)
Jack Bascom accompanied his friend Weldon Heald on many hikes during the 1940s, including Weldon's 100th peak in 1946. He often recalled how he thought at the time that Heald's idea of making a 'game' out of climbing 100 Southern California peaks was crazy, like "pushing a peanut up a mountain with your nose." Jack went on to climb his 100th peak in 1947, and his 200th twenty-seven years later in 1974. He was a stalwart of the Hundred Peaks Section, and also led for the Local Hikes Committee and Puddingstone Evening Hikes.

Jack Bascom
Jack Bascom(l) shaking hands with Weldon Heald(r) on the occasion of Heald's 100th peak, the summit of Grouse Mt., June 30, 1946. This image records the first Hundred Peaks accomplishment by HPS founder Heald. Bascom would go on to become HPS Emblem Holder #3, behind Heald and R. S. "Sam" Fink. -Photo by Weldon Heald, Angeles Chapter archives.

Alice Bates
Alice Bates on the summit of Old Baldy, 1916. -Photo by Edgar Cook

Bates, Alice L. - Active 1916-65 (45.3 Years Leading; 49.0 Years Overall Service)
Local Hikes
She saw it all. Alice L. Bates began leading outings in 1916 for the Sierra Club's Southern California Section (precursor of the Angeles Chapter) the same year this photograph was taken of her sitting on a summertime snowbank by Edgar Cook on a climb of Old Baldy. Here she is arrayed in typical women's hiking attire of the day-bloomers, the 'Middie-blouse', lace-up high-boots, and a stylish straw hat. Even after Alice withdrew from listing herself as the Leader of trips, she continued to support the chapter outings program through serving as assistant leader, transportation coordinator, or hostess for numberless events over the course of more than forty years. Alice Bates personifies the early contribution of women leaders to the Sierra Club and the vital leadership roles they have played since the earliest club outing.

George Bauwens
George Bauwens in a rare relaxed moment. -Photo from Muir Dawson collection, Angeles Chapter archives

Bauwens, George O. - Active 1938-39 (2 Years)
Ski Mountaineers
Bauwens was the second SMS Chairman, a pioneer in ski mountaineering, first in the German Alps and later in Southern California. An engineer and outdoor enthusiast, he supervised construction of both the San Antonio Ski Hut-1935/1936, and the Keller Ski Hut-1938, completing them in record time. A stern but beloved taskmaster, he exhorted his building crew to action with frequent encouragement, "Get to verk you lay-see loafers".

Beach, Robert - Active 1991-present
Palos Verdes-South Bay; HPS; DPS; SPS; WTC
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (2000)
The Outings Chair for the Palos Verdes-South Bay Group, Robert Beach leads conditioning hikes, weekend outings and backpack trips. He has participated for seven years in the Wilderness Training Committee, serving as a navigation examiner and leading experience hikes, usually to Sierra peaks. He has also led many hikes to HPS peaks for the Palos Verdes-South Bay Group.

Bear, Bob - Active 1948-65 (16.8 Years)
DPS, HPS, Ice Skating, Camping (desert); RCS

Bob Bear
Bob Bear and his wife Emily joined by friends, climbing companions, and other Great Leaders(*) on this unidentified summit, c. 1949. L to R: Bob Bear*, Emily Bear, Willard Dean, Betty Crookston, Elsie Kent, Bill Crookston*, Chuck Gerckens*, Bill Henderson*, unidentified woman, Margie Henderson*. -Photo from Elsie & Eric Kent collection, Angeles Chapter archives.

Beito, Peter - Active 1940-55 (14.9 Years)
Local Hikes, Moonlight Hikes, Camping, extended outings

Bender, Lou
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1987)

Wynne Benti Group
Wynne Benti and friends posing on a climb of Weaver's Needle. L to R: Randy Bernard, John Gibba, Wynne Benti. -Photo by Randy Danta

Randy Bernard
Is Randy Bernard describing a new belaying technique for his Basic Mountaineering students? Or perhaps chain-mail anti-grizzly attire? -Photo taken in 1970 by Dick Worsfold

Benti, Wynne - Active 1984-present (22 years)
DPS, HPS, SPS, RTS,UCLA Group, 20's & 30's Singles, K9 Hiking Committee, SMMTF, LTC
Angeles Chapter Conservation Award (1990), HPS Conservation Award (1990)
Sierra Club Life Member; DPS list finisher 1995; Angeles Chapter EXCOM member-at-large, Chapter delegate to SC National Council; Chapter delegate to SCNRCC; Conservation Chair for HPS, RTS, DPS, LTC; Secretary DPS; Chair, Rivers Conservation Subcommittee; Chair, Los Angeles Rivers Task Force; Cofounded K9 Committee; Chair, National Sierra Club Committee on Outings Insurance; Redesigned and co-edited the LTC Leadership Reference Book (1985-1990); Editor Waggin' Tails, HPS Lookout; designed tee-shirts for the HPS, SPS (latter used to raise funds for bear boxes in the Sierra Nevada).
Wynne led the first organized canoe trip down the LA River on Earth Day 1990 in conjunction with Friends of the River and FOLAR, which was attended by CA State Senator Art Torres. She testified at California Desert Hearings on behalf of FOR/Sierra Club, and organized volunteer groups to testify at Bureau of Reclamation hearings on flow releases from Glen Canyon Dam. Among her personal accomplishments, Wynne canoed 500 miles on the Yukon River. In her 'spare time', she founded Spotted Dog Press, an ongoing book publishing business. Her wide-ranging volunteerism was acknowledged by the General Electric Gerald Phillippe Award for Outstanding Leadership in Community Service in 1990 (she donated the $1000 award to the Angeles Chapter).

Bernard, Randy - Active 1969-
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1974); Angeles Chapter Chester Versteeg Outings Award (1990)

Phil Bernays at Muir Lodge in 1938. -Photo by Edgar Cook, from Wm. C. Barry Collection.

Phil Bernays

Phil Bernays presiding over the dedication of Muir Lodge, Autumn 1913. The man kneeling to his left is Charles J. Fox, second chapter chair and another Great Leader. -Photo from Angeles Chapter Archives

Bernays, Phil (1886-1976) - Active 1911-40 (28.3 Years Leading; 42.0 Years Overall Service)
Angeles Chapter Phil Bernays Service Award (1968); Sierra Club Walter A. Starr Award (1970)
The "Father of the Angeles Chapter", Bernays was largely responsible for successfully launching the Southern California Section of the Sierra Club in 1911. He chaired the chapter in 1918-20, and was often elected to the Board of Directors (1919-54; President of the Sierra Club, 1928-31). The chapter's highest service award is named in his honor. For his many years of work at the national club level, Phil was made an Honorary Vice President in 1954 and was presented with the Walter A. Starr Award for "continuing, active work and support of the Club by a former Director" in 1970.



Newton Berstein
Newton Berstein at Sierra Singles Friends Reunion, 2003. -Photo by Bob Cates.

Berstein, Newton
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1994)

Berry, Richard ("Dick") - Active 1935-50 (15.0 Years)
Local Hikes, desert camping

Beuerman, Rudy
International Community Section
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1997)

Bud Bingham
Bud and Bep Bingham cooking dinner at Dorothy Lake, Sierra Nevada, in the early 1960s. -Photo by Niles Werner, Louise & Niles Werner Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Bingham, Bud (d. 2000) - Active 1956-68 (12.2 Years)
SPS, DPS, Ski Mountaineers
A founding member of the SPS and former chair, Bud also served as DPS chair and on the Ski Mountaineers Central Committee. He led many trips for the DPS but is best remembered for his work with the SPS, especially with climbs requiring technical skills. Beyond the Sierra, his climbing activity included first ascents in the St. Elias Range, climbs in the Pacific Northwest and an arduous traverse along the crown of the Inyo Mountains. In addition, he was among the first persons to complete the Snow Creek-to-Idyllwild traverse in one day, that being prior to the establishment of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. His wry sense of humor appeared in cartoons carried in the SPS and DPS newsletters, and he was responsible for designing the SPS emblem, which shows Mt. Williamson with a cloud and a pine bough. Bud later dismissed the emblem's design as a mistake, saying it should have had an ice axe and a rope in it. That statement reflected his interest in advancing technical climbs and seeing to it that participants were properly prepared. Bud died of natural causes in May of 2000. -Jerry Keating

Blair, Leola - Active 1956-67 (11.0 Years)

Blauvelt, Art (d. 1987)
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1985)
Art Blauvelt was a key leader and former chair of the Desert Peaks Section, as well as an instructor for BMTC.

Fred Bode
Fred Bode on Heald Peak, April 27, 1974. -Photo by Bob Cates

Bode, Fred (1899-1995) - Active 1953-72 (19.5 Years)
HPS, DPS, Local Hikes
HPS Special Award-Inspiration (1970)
Fred Bode was the oldest person to complete the Desert Peaks List. This accomplishment was the ultimate testimony of the slow but steady school of hiking. He often served as an assistant leader to Paul Lipsohn. Those of us who lingered at the tag end of the group with Fred were often entertained by his muttering "one more step" in his thick German accent as he one-stepped his way to the top of another peak.

Bodge, George - Active 1949-62 (12.4 Years)
Local Hikes, Camping

Richard Booth
Richard Booth at Harwood Lodge 75th Anniversary Party, Oct. 15, 2005. -Photo by Bob Cates.

Booth, Richard
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1991); Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1994)

Bouquet, Melba - Active 1982-98 (16 Years)
Sierra Singles
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1990)
Melba has had a long and fruitful outings career with the Sierra Singles Section, organizing and co-leading four bus trips per year throughout California.

Bowman, Tina Stough
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1997)
Tina is an exceptionally strong quadruple list finisher (HPS, DPS, SPS, and Lower Peaks Section). She has chaired the Sierra Peaks Section, and is the current editor in charge of revising the Leadership Reference Book for the Leadership Training Committee. In her other lives, she is a professor of English at Cal State Long Beach and the national women's heptathalon champion in her age group; plus, she happens to own the Mary Austin house in Independence. -Adapted from input received from Duane McRuer

Bradley, Bill - Active 1972-
Rio Hondo; SPS; DPS; BMTC; LTC
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1982); DPS Leadership Award
Bill has given many years of service to the climbing sections since he joined the Club in 1969. He has held numerous positions on the Sierra Peaks Section management committee, including chair, is an active leader for both the SPS and the Desert Peaks Section, assists in the training programs of BMTC and LTC, and gave long-time support to the Rio Hondo Group including serving as the group's Council Representative. -1983 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup Bill has since chaired the Desert Peaks Section and was one of the first recipients of the DPS Leadership Award.

Bradshaw, Robert
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1992)

Braun, Sophia - Active 1913-24 (11.0 Years)
Local Hikes; provided earliest schedules for chapter archives.

Bob Brinton
Bob Brinton, c. 1960. -Glen Dawson Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Brinton, Robert K. (1915-1996) - Active 1937-48 (10.8 Years)
RCS, Ski Mountaineers, Ice Skating
Bob Brinton was a pioneer California rock climber and skier with a contagious enthusiasm and a sprightly sense of humor. He was a leader, with Walter Mosauer and George Bauwens, in the formation of the Ski Mountaineers Section, serving on its management committee almost continuously from 1936 through 1948 (Section Chair-1942). Brinton named the SMS news sheet the Mugelnoos. He participated on a number of early Sierra ski tours, including crossing the Whitney-Russell pass. In 1936 he made exploratory climbs on Tahquitz Rock, including the first ascent of the Fingertip Traverse with Art Johnson. The following year he was in the party that made the first ascent of Mt. Whitney's East Buttress. Dr. Brinton was a Professor of Chemistry at UC Davis and served as a civilian expert for the military in WWII.

Bob Brinton
Five Great Leaders in one view! They've just completed the first ascent of the East Buttress route on Mt. Whitney, Sept. 5, 1937. Front row, L to R: Dick Jones, Muir Dawson, Glen Dawson. Back row, L to R: Bob Brinton, Howard Koster. -Photo by George Shochat, Glen Dawson Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Martin Britt
Martin Britt

Britt, Martin C. - Active 1921-48 (26.6 Years)
Local Hikes, DPS, HPS

Martin Britt
Martin Britt was in distinguished company on this early ascent of Waucoba Mountain (June 7, 1942). Counting the photographer, there were five Great Leaders in the party (designated with asterisks). L to R: Paker Severson*, Fred Johnson, Martin Britt*, Harry Paley, Rhoda Goertz, Freda Walbrecht*, Jim Tow, Morris Vehon. -Photo by Niles Werner*, Louise and Niles Werner Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Bill Britton
Bill Britton cooling off on a Chapter bus trip in 1980. -Photo by Dick Worsfold, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Britton, Bill - Active 1959- (13.6+ Years)
Local Hikes, NSS, WLA, Camping, HPS

Brower, David - Honorable Mention
The Sierra Club's first Executive Director and one of the leading conservationists in America's history, David Brower was an enthusiastic rock climber and outings leader in his early years with the club. He was one of the leaders of a joint trip to Yosemite with the Bay Chapter in 1939.

Stag Brown
Stag Brown at Mineshaft Saddle, San Gorgonio Wilderness, June 1974. -Photo by Bob Cates

Brown, Stagalee
HPS; Griffith Park; Local Hikes
HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1979); Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1979)
Stag has been a leader with the Griffith Park Evening Hikes Committee for the last six of the eight years that he has been a member of the Club. For the last five years he has been in charge of the Wednesday night hikes which, under his leadership, have always been exciting and exhilarating. He also leads for the Hundred Peaks Section and the Local Hikes Committee. He is currently on the management committee of the Hundred Peaks Section. -1979 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Miles Brubacher
With characteristic enthusiasm, Miles Brubacher points the way to Mt. San Jacinto in May 1956. -Patricia Meixner Gentry Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Brubacher, Miles - Active 1956- (13.2+ Years)
SPS, Ski Mountaineers
A founding member of the SPS and former chair, Miles also was active with the Ski Mountaineers. In the SPS, he was instrumental in expanding the list of qualifying peaks, the linchpin to the section's rapidly growing outings program. It was only three weeks after the SPS's first scheduled trip that Miles joined Frank Sanborn in leading a scheduled trip to Maggie Mtn. Miles was a skilled leader on ice and snow as well as rock, but he also believed strongly in introductory trips. His involvement with Angeles Chapter ended when he moved to Hawaii. He now lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, and seasonally returns to California. -Jerry Keating

Burch, Fremont ("Monte") - Active 1932-47 (15.0 Years)
Ice Skating, Local Hikes

Adam Burk
Adam Burk

Burk, Adam (d. 2003)- Active 1975-? (26 Years)
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1982); Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1990, 1998)
Adam's enthusiasm for leading trips has never diminished since he joined the Club in 1975. He is outings chair for the West Los Angeles Group, and actively seeks and involves new Sierra Club members in the WLA Outings program. He also leads outings for Cabrillo Section, Santa Monica Mountains Task Force, and the Youth Section. He stresses conservation awareness on all his trips. He plans trips to include families, and, as an adjunct of this, has become an Advisor to the Youth Section, to encourage young people to join in Club activities. -1983 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup Adam Burk is honored for his more than two decades of service to the West Los Angeles Group. He has led many hikes for the group, served on the management committee and served as newsletter editor. - 1999 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Bybee, David
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1992); Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1998)

Byrkit, Margaret - Active 1939-50 (10.7 Years)
Nature Study Group

Al Campbell
Al Campbell at Superstition Mountain, Arizona, Thanksgiving 1973. -Photo by Bob Cates

Campbell, Al (d. 1994) - Active 1970-
HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1973)

Campbell, Ron
Wilderness Training Committee; Leadership Training Committee
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1999)
Ron Campbell has served on the Wilderness Training Committee in various capacities from 1992 to 1999, including being Chair from 1997 to 1999. He has been a group leader with the Orange County WTC since 1992 and has become active with the Leadership Training Committee in improving the training of potential leaders. -2000 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Carmical, Pat - Active 1933-47 (14.5 Years)
Local Hikes, Moonlight Hikes, HPS

Pat Carmical
Pat Carmical joined this group of Sierrans on Iron Mtn. #1 (Big Iron) on November 23, 1941. Back row, L to R: Kasper Casperson*, Betty Bole, Martin Britt*, George Wilkens, Jack Bascom* (trip leader), Jack Froud*. Center row, L to R: Walter Clark, Charles Bram. Front, L to R: Katherine Smith, Agnes Burnside, Pat Carmical*, Earl Wallace. (Great Leaders denoted by asterisks.) -Photo from Jack Bascom Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Carney, Cecelia - Active 1934- (37.8+ Years)
Cecelia Carney was the first RCS Secretary and led a series of practice climbs in the latter half of the 1930s. Later she was a key volunteer at the Chapter office, and still later was a hostess for Evening Dinners Committee in the 1960s and 1970s.

Jim Carriel
Jim Carriel circa 1980. Photographer unknown. From Wednesday Hikers photo album, contributed by Henriette Worsfold.

Kasper Casperson
Kasper Casperson on the summit of Mt. Williamson (Sierra Nevada), 1931. -Photo by Niles Werner

Carriel, Jim - Active 1969-
Cabrillo; NSS; HPS; Local Hikes
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1984)
Jim has been a Sierra Club member since 1968, and has been active in the Cabrillo, Natural Science and 100 Peaks Sections. During the early years he was active in the Cabrillo Section, serving for a time as the section's Chairman. In the mid 70's he became active with Local Hikes, scheduling and leading many hikes for the Wednesday group, Jim's background as a geologist, and his scientific commentary while leading these trips soon made him a popular leader for the Wednesday outing, attracting as many as 65 participants. He continues periodic leadership for the Wednesday hikes. -1985 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Casperson, Kasper - Active 1923-54 (31.1 Years)
Local Hikes, Moonlight Hikes
A very active leader, Casperson was a prime sponsor of the chapter's Old Baldy Cabin, an old miner's cabin in Baldy Notch converted and used by club members until superceded by Harwood Lodge in 1930. Around 1924, he designed the elegant, weatherproof cast aluminum register boxes later adopted by the national club and still located on some remote Sierra summits. He co-led a 60 mile marathon hike through the San Gabriels with D.D. Chalmers in 1926.

Bob Cates
Bob Cates after climbing Jacumba Peak, March 18, 1972

Bob Cates
Bob Cates communing with R.S. "Sam" Fink on Heald Peak dedication climb, April 27, 1974

Cates, Bob - Active 1972- (29.3 Years)
HPS; NSS; History Committee; Local Hikes; DPS; CNRCC Desert Committee
HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1976); Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1986); Angeles Chapter Conservation Service Award (1989); Angeles Chapter Extraordinary Achievement Award (1994)
Bob Cates has led for a wide variety of chapter entities, but primarily for the Hundred Peaks Section and the Natural Science Section. For a 10 year period beginning in the mid 1970s, he joined with John W. Robinson to reinstitute an annual hike up Muir Peak to celebrate John Muir's birthday, a chapter tradition that continues to this day.

Maureen Cates
Maureen Cates on a desert peak, 1975

Maureen Cates
Maureen Cates calls the troops to order while Paul Lipsohn looks on at Heald Peak dedication climb, April 27, 1974. -Photos by Bob Cates

Cates, Maureen - Active 1972- (29.7 Years)
HPS; NSS; History Committee; LTC; CNRCC Desert Committee
Angeles Chapter Phil Bernays Award (1977, 1991); HPS R.S. Fink Service Award (1976)
Maureen Cates has served the chapter in many capacities, perhaps most notably as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the Annual Awards Banquet for 18 years. She was very active in the Hundred Peaks Section during the early '70s, serving as Membership/ Treasurer, Chair and leader. She served as an LTC lecturer from 1976 to 1985.

David Chalmers
D.D. Chalmers standing next to Alice Knapp, another Great Leader, at Clifton's-by-the-Sea, Redondo Beach, in the 1920s. -Photo from Katherine Volk Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives

Chalmers, David Duncan ("D.D.") (1876-1953) - Active 1920-35 (14.4 Years)
Local Hikes
"D.D." was one of the strongest hikers during the early decades of the chapter. In 1926, along with Kasper Casperson, he led a 60-mile marathon hike through the San Gabriel Mountains that encompassed 12,500 feet of total elevation gain. The triumvirate of Great Leaders - Chalmers, Casperson, and Edgar Cook - maintained the Old Baldy Cabin in the decade prior to the construction of Harwood Lodge in 1930. As a leader and a participant, Chalmers was a regular fixture of chapter outings from the '20s through the '40s.

ONE FOR THE BOOKS - March 27-28, 1926 SIERRA MADRE TO OAK WYLDE via LOOMIS RANCH (Total hiking distance 65 miles)

This trip is being scheduled to give the members of our Chapter an opportunity to disprove the statement sometimes made that the Sierra Club never ventures far beyond the odor of burned gasoline or the strains of jazz music.

Saturday: Leave Pacific Electric, Main St. Sta., on 2:07 P.M. Sierra Madre Train, then hike via Muir Lodge, Hoegees Camp, Winter Creek Trail to Mt. Wilson, Opids Camp. . . then down the West Fork to the Ranger Sta., up Short Cut Canyon to Pine Flats Ranger Sta., Loomis Ranch, Barley Flats, Switzers Camp, Clear Creek Trail to Big Tahunga, Dark Canyon and Oak Wylde.

This trip will require more than 24 hours of practically continuous hiking, so do your "daily dozen" and get into good condition before starting.
All participants will be expected to register, stating time of arrival and departure, on cards to be placed at each of the above named places.
No reservations necessary, but you should communicate with the leaders regarding details.

Leaders: D.D. Chalmers, M.A. Knapp, Kasper Casperson.

Gleaned from a later Schedule:
The Mt. Wilson Sixty Mile Marathon as scheduled for March 27-28, 1926 was repeated on Nov. 20-21 by 30 people, 14 being Club members and the others college students. The best time (elapsed time from start to finish) was 19 hours 10 minutes made by Bob Penman; the next best was 19 hours 30 minutes made by J.P. Essek, both Club members.

Irene Charnock
Irene Charnock

Charnock Archives
Angeles Chapter History Committee unloading van-full of historical ephemera donated by the Charnock estate in 1984. L to R: John Ripley, Maureen Cates, Bob Cates, Paul Clark. -Photo by Bob Cates

Charnock, Irene (1898-1984) - Active 1940- (31.9+ Years)
Nature Study Group, NSS, Local Hikes, DPS, Camping; 23 yrs outings; remainder Evening Dinners Comm
Angeles Chapter Phil Bernays Service Award (1969)
Irene Charnock was the 'volunteer extraordinaire'. During her long Sierra Club career, she took on an amazing number of roles: Executive Committee, 1947-50, 1952, 1957-58; Chapter Chair, 1958; Conservation Committee, 1951-66; Natural Science Section Chair, Hundred Peaks Section Emblem-Holder, Southern Sierran editor, reporter and subscription manager, volunteer assistant treasurer, and chair of a one-person History Committee for many years. The chapter's highest volunteer service award is named in her honor. Throughout, she also led a large number of chapter outings and functions.

Chase, Tom
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1986)

Gordon Chelew
Gordon Chelew

Chelew, Gordon - Active 1926-67 (14 Years Leading; 41.2 Years Overall Service)

Cheslick, John
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1989)

Nathan Clark
Nathan Clark in 1985. -Photo courtesy Johnny Serna, Angeles Chapter Archives

Clark, Nathan C. (1906-93) - Active 1951-
Ski Mountaineers Section; Pasadena Group; History Committee; Local Hikes
Angeles Chapter Weldon Heald Conservation Award (1984); Sierra Club Walter A. Starr Award (1987)
Nathan C. Clark moved to Los Angeles from the Bay Area in 1930 and became active in the Ski Mountaineers Section (Chair, 1945). He participated on one of the earliest ascents of Baja California's Picacho del Diablo (1932), via the then-unclimbed 5th class pinnacle ridge, with an extremely strong party consisting of Clark, Norman Clyde, Glen Dawson, Jules Eichorn, Walter Brem, and Bestor Robinson. Nate participated in several critical conservation efforts, co-founded the Sierra Club Foundation, and served on the Sierra Club Board of Directors from 1955 through 1971. He was President of the Club in 1959-61. For his continuing, active work and support of the Club as a former Director, Nate was presented with the Walter A. Starr Award in 1987.


Clyde, Norman - Honorable Mention
Although the great mountaineer Norman Clyde was not a member of the Angeles Chapter, he did come out of his beloved Sierra Nevada in 1929 to lead a 22-mile dayhike of Sunset Ridge for the Local Hikes Committee. A couple of months later, he led a chapter outing to Palisades Glacier.

Norman Clyde
Here Norman Clyde is shown (third from left) on a photograph labeled "On Grayback, November 1930". L. to R: Jack Peyton, Howard Sloan, Clyde, H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant. Peyton and Sturdevant are two of the chapter's Great Leaders. -H.R. Sturdevant Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Coffeen, Mary
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1978)

Cohen, Barbara
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1993)

Coles, Alan - Active 1979-present (22 Years)
HPS; Trails Committee; Wilderness Adventures
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1986); HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1987)

Polly Connable
Polly Connable was a frequent fixture of DPS outings in the 1950s, frequently leading trips for the Section. Here she is shown most likely on a DPS summit. -Photo by Niles Werner, Louise & Niles Werner Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Connable, Polly (1909-1987) - Active 1951-62 (11.1 Years)

Conrad, Alan
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1997)

Edgar Cook
Edgar W. Cook posing at Switzer's Camp, October 6, 1918. -Edgar W. Cook Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Cook, Edgar W. - Active 1919-30 (11.1 Years)
Local Hikes; Old Baldy Cabin
Edgar Cook left the chapter a wonderful legacy in the form of many photographs he took on outings throughout the 1920s and '30s. He and his wife, Elizabeth, founded the Friday Night Dinner meetings that were a center of the chapter's social life for many decades. Edgar was also a primary force behind the chapter's Old Baldy Cabin.

Edgar Cook
Edgar Cook (far left) posing with a group at the Old Baldy Cabin. Kasper Casperson, another Great Leader, is on the right foreground wearing a bandana. -Photo by Niles Werner

Cosgrove, Bob - Active 1948-59 (10.6 Years)
RCS, Ski Mountaineers
Bob Cosgrove chaired the RCS in 1950 and the Ski Mountaineers in 1956.

Costello, Al - Active 1959- (13.1+ Years)
Ice Skating, including 3 times at Dollar Lake (38 events altogether).

Al and Vicki Costello are among this group of Sierra Club Ice Skaters on Big Bear Lake in 1968. Al is at far right and Vicki is 6th from the left. Among others are Lillian Gerckens (2nd from left) and Great Leader Chuck Gerckens (2nd from right). Photo by Elwyn Beach, Charles & Lillian Gerckens Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Costello, Vicki - Active 1959- (13.1+ Years)
Ice Skating (35 evenings).

Southern Courtney
Southern Courtney handing out an award at the Mid-Week Hikers Reunion, May , 2005. -Photo by Bob Cates.

Courtney, Southern
HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1997); Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (2000)
Southern Courtney has been a leader for Local Hikes since 1990. He recruits leaders and has headed more than 150 hikes himself for Local Hikes and the Hundred Peaks Section. Courtney has been an instructor for beginning navigation classes and is a provisional hike leader evaluator. -2001 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Crandall, Kathy - Active 1980-present (21 Years)
Ski Mountaineers, RCS
Kathy Crandall has been leading Ski Mountaineers and RCS outings for more than 20 years. She was SMS Chair and held numerous other positions on the Central Committee. Kathy almost single handedly organized, arranged, and even cooked dinner, for over 100 at the SMS/RCS 50th Anniversary Party in 1984.

Bill Crane
Bill Crane

Crane, Bill - Active 1973-present (28 Years)
Backpacking Committee; SMMTF; Wilderness Adventures
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1983, 1993); Angeles Chapter Chester Versteeg Outings Award (1997)
Bill has led everything from beginning backpacks in Ojai to strenuous backpacks in Hawaii, Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Big Sur and many other locations. Bill leads six annual outings in the Santa Monica Mountains and has led 22 backpacks in the Hawaiian Islands from 1976 to 1997. He has led 36 three-and four-day backpack/bus trips to points in the continental United States, and 29 two-to- three day outings and 45 day hikes. Along with his distinguished outings record, Bill has served as vice-chair of the ExComm 1990-92, Chapter Secretary 1987-89, ExComm member 1987-92, four years on the editorial advisory board, vice chair of Friends of the Angeles Chapter Foundation and was a Sierra Club California convention delegate 1987-91. He has won Outings Awards in 1983 and 1993; he also won the President's Backpacking Award in 1978. -1998 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Don Creighton
Don Creighton. -Photo from Angeles Chapter Archives.

Creighton, Don (1935-2003)
Palos Verdes-South Bay; WTC; LTC
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1994, 1998)
Don Creighton was an active leader for PV-SB from approximately 1990, and became an "I"- rated leader. Of particular note are the 6-7 bus trips he led each year to such diverse locations as Bryce-Zion, Clair Tappaan Lodge, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Anza-Borrego, Joshua Tree and Sequoia. He also led dayhikes and assists on provisional dayhikes and backpack trips. In addition, Don was active in WTC, was a Navigation Examiner, a member of the Angeles Chapter Safety Committee and of the Leadership Training Committee (the Administrative Chair). -Palos Verdes-South Bay Group

Jean Crenshaw
Jean Crenshaw leading aided climb around entrance falls, Canyon del Diablo, Baja California, 1964. -Photo by Louise Werner, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Crenshaw, Jean - Active 1960- (12.4+ Years)
RCS, Ski Mountaineers
Co-publisher of Summit Magazine, the primary American mountaineering magazine of the 1950s-70s.

Croker, Ken - Active 1968-
Orange County; Wilderness Proponent of Santa Ana Mtns
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1996); Angeles Chapter Conservation Service Award (1975); Angeles Chapter Weldon Heald Conservation Award (1978); Extraordinary Achievement Award (1984)
Ken Croker was especially active in leading hiking trips into the Santa Ana Mountains, which inspired him to write a guidebook that remained in print for many years. As an activist, he was instrumental in establishing wilderness areas in the Santa Ana Mountains.

Crookston, Bill - Active 1944-58 (14.0 Years)
DPS, Local Hikes, HPS, NSS

Bill Crookston
Bill Crookston (sitting foreground) poses with fellow Sierrans on a brushy summit in the late 1940s. Standing behind him are, L to R: Bill Henderson*, Louise Werner*, Fritz Sloman, Margie Henderson*, and Betty Crookston. Asterisks denote other Great Leaders. -Photo by Niles Werner*, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Crowley, Tom - Active 1953-65 (12.2 Years)
Local Hikes, Camping, Catalina Island

Don Crowley
Four Great Leaders, including Tom Crowley, are shown climbing Nevada's Wheeler Peak in 1959. L to R: Marge Gall, Niles Werner, Bob Greenawalt, and Tom Crowley. -Photo from Louise and Niles Werner Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives.

E. W. Cunningham
E. W. Cunningham

Cunningham, E.W. - Active 1920-49 (29.1 Years)
Local Hikes, Ice Skating
Chapter Chair, 1949.

Cunningham Group
E.W. Cunningham (back row, 2nd from left), joined this group on the summit of Mt. Lowe on Feb. 8, 1931. The group includes other Great Leaders Niles Werner (front row, 2nd from rt) and Jerry Otto (front row far rt). -Photo by H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant, Angeles Chapter Archives.

Curl, Ed (d. 1981) - Active 1970-81 (11 Years)
Moonlight Hikes (Griffith Park Evening Hikes)
Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1973)
As chair of the Griffith Park Hikes, and active in leading these weeknight rambles until the night of his death, Ed Curl probably came into direct contact with more club members and potential members than any Sierra Club leader up to his time.

Dessie Daler
Dessie Daler at Colby's Ranch, 1931. -Photo by H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant, Angeles Chapter Archives

Daler, Dessie - Active 1924-57 (33.1 Years)
Local Hikes, HPS, Moonlight Hikes

Danta, Randy
Angeles Chapter Chester Versteeg Outings Award (1991); Sierra Club Francis P. Farquhar Mountaineering Award (1994)
In addition to leading many challenging outings for the Sierra Peaks Section, Randy Danta has climbed extensively in Europe and Asia, including an ascent of Mount Everest in 1992. Danta has been a long-time chair of the Leadership Training Committee and the editor of the Leader's Reference Book. Co-recipient (with another Great Leader, Doug Mantle) of the Club's Francis P. Farquhar Mountaineering Award in 1994.

Davie, Walter ("Walt") - Active 1955-present (46.4 Years)
Songsters, Ski Mountaineers; Alpine Ski Mountaineering Committee
Walt Davie is a long-time member of the Ski Mountaineers and remains active by helping maintain the San Antonio Ski Hut, an account of which was published in the Oct. 27, 2001 issue of the Los Angeles Times. He is the current Safety Chair of the Alpine Ski Mountaineering Committee.

Ernest Dawson
Three Great Leaders posed by one of the palms at Twentynine Palms in the 1920s. L to R: Sarah Olin, Ernest Dawson, and Ernest's son Glen. -Photo from Sarah Olin Collection

Dawson, Ernest (1882-1947) - Active 1915-38 (22.5 Years)
Local Hikes; weekend camping trips, especially to desert areas, long trips to Baja, early trip to Whitney ('21)
A well-known Southern California bookdealer, Ernest Dawson was one of the most popular leaders ever to serve the chapter. He headed the Local Walks Committee 1916-27, and was the first leader to regularly schedule longer trips covering a weekend or more in the Southern California mountains and desert backcountry. Often elected to the chapter Executive Committee (1916-23, 1926-31), Ernest also served on the club's Board of Directors (1922-37), including a stint as Sierra Club President (1935-37). As head of a special Finance Committee, he was particularly effective in raising the funds to pay for the construction of Harwood Lodge.

Glen Dawson
Glen Dawson practiced the art of stump climbing at a tender age, as shown here on a 1926 Chapter outing to Camp Seely. - Photo courtesy of Glen Dawson, Angeles Chapter Archives

Glen Dawson
Glen Dawson is shown here on the summit of Mt. Whitney with other members of the party that made the first ascent of the east face in 1931. L. to r: Dawson, Robert Underhill, Jules Eichorn, Norman Clyde.

Dawson, Glen - Active 1929-2000 (17.6 Years Leading; 70.3 Years Overall Service)
Junior Section, RCS, Ski Mountaineers, Ice Skating
Sierra Club Francis P. Farquhar Mountaineering Award (1973)
Born 6/3/1912 and, as Glen puts it, "can still walk around the block." One of two sons of Ernest Dawson, Glen received a life membership in the Sierra Club from Aurelia Harwood in 1921 (Life Membership #14, making him the longest-tenured Life Member). A founding member of both the Ski Mountaineers Section and Rock Climbing Section, he was the leading Southern California rock climber of the 1930s. He participated in many important first ascents of a technical nature, including the East Face of Mt. Whitney (1931). From 1932 to 1935 he was on the UCLA Ski Team and participated in ski tours with Walter Mosauer and Louis Turner. Between 1937 and 1951 he was a member of the Sierra Club Board of Directors, and was with the Tenth Mountain Division during World War II. His mountaineering exploits were recognized by the Club with its bestowal of the Francis P. Farquhar Mountaineering Award upon Dawson in 1973. Glen and his brother Muir culminated their service to the chapter by putting on the program for the 2000 Chapter Awards Banquet.

Muir Dawson
Muir Dawson on upper slopes of Mt. San Antonio, September 9, 1930.

Dawson, Muir - Active 1938-2000 (21.3 Years Leading; 62.0 Years Overall Service)
Ski Mountaineers, RCS, Ice Skating, Folk Dancing
Angeles Chapter Media Award (1986)
The younger son of Ernest Dawson, Muir was an accomplished climber and skier in his own right. Muir has often shared his photographs and passion for Sierra Club history by producing programs for banquets and special events, such as the chapter's Diamond Jubilee Event in 1986.

Simone DeMiguel
Simone DeMiguel celebrates her 200th peak with fellow peakbaggers Dave Welbourne (l) and Dale Van Dalsam (r) in July of 1978. -Photo courtesy Simone DeMiguel, Angeles Chapter Archives

DeMiguel, Simone
SMMTF; Chapter Awards Banquet; SFV; Trails Comm; ICO
Extraordinary Achievement Award (1978); Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1979); Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1984)
From the 1985 Chapter Awards Banquet: "Since joining the club in 1972, Simone has been involved in countless chapter activities. She has worked almost continuously with the Santa Monica Mountains Task Force, and has been active in the San Fernando Valley Group, serving on its management committee. An avid hiker and outing leader, she has led scores of trips for groups, climbing sections and committees. She has been active on the Chapter Trails Committee for more than 8 years, and has participated in maintenance and construction work on many trails. She was a prime collector of signatures and petitions for the Watt recall campaign, and has been a supporter of the chapter's SCCOPE Committee. She was one of the first volunteers to lead hikes for the Inner City Outings Committee, and is continuing this work with disabled or disadvantaged young people. She has for several years been in charge of ticket sales for the Awards Banquet. Simone has been a super-volunteer." Upon her retirement, Simone returned to her native France where she is residing in Normandy.

John DePoy
John DePoy at the Mid-week Hikers reunion picnic, Oct. 16, 2005. -Photo by Bob Cates

DePoy, John - Active 1976-Present (25 Years)
Sierra Singles Section; Griffith Park Section; NSS
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1983); Angeles Chapter Special Service Award (1997)
John has led over 300 hikes, primarily for the Sierra Singles Section. From 1977-86, he led Tuesday and Thursday evening hikes for the Griffith Parks Section. John has also written articles for the Southern Sierran.

DeRusha, Dick - Active 1970-
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1980)

Dixon, Bill - Active 1953- (17.4+ Years)
Bill was RCS Vice-Chair in 1953 and Chair in 1954.

Dixon, Martha
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1981)

Ruth and Frank Dobos
Ruth Lee Dobos and Frank Dobos on their first and second HPS List Completions on West Big Pine Mountain. -Angeles Chapter Archives.

Dobos, Frank
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1991); HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1994)

Dobos, Ruth Lee (d. 2002)
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1991); HPS R.S. Fink Service Award (1995); HPS John Backus Leadership Award (2000); Angeles Chapter Lifelong Service Award (2001)
Few who are active in the Angeles Chapter can fail to recognize the name of Ruth Lee Dobos, this year's honoree for the Angeles Chapter's Lifelong Service Award. Her important contributions include service for many years as an outings leader — particularly the 10 years she spent leading Wednesday hikes in Griffith Park. In addition to her service on the Angeles Chapter Executive Committee, Dobos also has been heavily involved with the Hundred Peaks Section, serving as section chair, conservation chair and one of the prime organizers of the section's annual Octoberfest at Harwood Lodge. The Chapter veteran also participated with the Desert Peaks Section and Verdugo Hills Group. -Feb. 2002 Southern Sierran

Doggett, Peter
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (2000)
Peter Doggett has been an unappreciated stalwart of the outings program for a long time. He is a veteran leader for the Hundred Peaks and Griffith Park Sections and has pursued many special projects, such as mapping in Griffith Park. -2001 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Dong, Fred
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1994); Angeles Chapter Weldon Heald Conservation Award (2000)

Dorris, Sherwin - Active 1950-67 (16.3 Years)
Local Hikes, Moonlight Hikes, NSS

Dorris, William ("Bill") - Active 1945-66 (21.1 Years)
Local Hikes, Camping, HPS, Mule Pack, Cabrillo

Dresler, Wilson (d.) - Active 1968-
Long Beach Group
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1977)

Dunbar, Diane
HPS John Backus Leadership Award (1998); Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1999, 2004)
Diane Dunbar has led Chapter outings to more than 100 peaks on the Hundred Peaks Section list since 1993 and also leads for the Desert Peaks Section. She has been involved with navigational training with the Leadership Training Course since 1997, serving as a Navigational Examiner from 1998 to the present. -2000 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup
Diane Dunbar has participated for eleven years in the Angeles Chapter's Map and Compass Navigation Training and Instruction as part of the Chapter's Leader Training Program. She appeared on the LTP Navigation scene in early 1993, and came to practice often (including with a broken arm) until she certified at the Basic-Level (I/M) Navigation in April 1994. Thereafter, she participated actively as an Assistant Instructor. She was certified at the Advanced E-level in 1998 and seldom missed an event as Navigation Examiner. Besides her involvement, her strong point is skillful instruction with a human touch, magic with intimidated feeling students, to ease them through the initial terrors of LTP Navigation. -2005 Chapter Awards Banquet Writeup

Dunbar, Mark
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1983)

Dunie, Gerry (d. 1996) - Active 1979-1995 (26 Years)
Sierra Singles; 20's & 30's Singles; HPS; SPS; Backpacking Committee; Pasadena Group; National Outings Committee
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1985, 1992); Angeles Chapter Chester Versteeg Outings Award (1995)
Gerry Dunie led more than 250 outings from the time he joined the club in 1977 until his death in 1996. He started the Sierra Singles Beach Walk Cook-out conservation fund raisers in 1983, which have drawn up to 350 people and provided much-needed funds for the Angeles Chapter. In 1985, he organized and led the Monday night "Power Hikes to Henniger Flats" which continued until 1993. Gerry was vital to the renewal of the Pasadena Group in 1989, serving on the Management Committee and as Outings Chair. He was also the Outings Chair for the Backpacking Committee, and was a prolific bus trip organizer, planning and executing 5 to 10 backpack and skiing trips per year. He got the Wilderness Adventures Section started on their successful trip program too. At the chapter level, he served on the Safety Committee from 1983-90. Always a good mentor, Gerry developed a special training guide for the Knapsack Subcommittee of the National Outings Committee, and he provided provisional leader evaluations for more than a dozen new leaders. He received a Life Sierra Club Membership for leading seven National Backpacks from 1988 through 1994. -Adapted from obituary by Liz Pomeroy, April/May 1996 Southern Sierran

Dave Dykeman
Dave Dyke captured during a pensive moment. -Photo courtesy Randy & Joyce Bernard.

Dykeman, Dave (d.)
Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1988)
Dave Dykeman was a well-known leader of the Sierra Peaks Section throughout the late 1980s and the '90s. He was the co-recipient (along with Bill T. Russell) of the first SPS Leadership Award in 1997.
Ray David Dykeman went to Aconcagua, climbed Mexico's volcanoes, summitted Mera in Nepal, climbed all 247 peaks on the Sierra Peaks Section List, and climbed almost 224 of these peaks at least twice. He not only finished The List, but he led, on a scheduled trip, every single peak on The List. List Completion is noteworthy but to have led climbers of all abilities to the summit of every peak on The List is a tremendous achievement. -R.J. Secor


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