Angeles Chapter becomes an Amazon Associate

  • Posted on 9 January 2014
  • By jrobinson

Help us raise funds – make the purchases you already planned, and raise money for the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter.  It’s that simple! 

The Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club has joined Amazon Associates. Now every time you make a purchase from using our link (, Amazon will give a portion of the proceeds directly to the Angeles Chapter!

How do I connect to to make sure my purchase supports the Angeles Chapter?
Every time you shop at, connect using our special link ( You can sign in using your existing account, just be sure to use our special link.  Qualifying purchases must be made within 24 hours, or you will need to reconnect through our link.

How do I know if I’m on the correct website?
Our designated link looks just like the regular site. The only difference is the url that appears:

Do I have to use this link every time I shop on Amazon?
Yes! Make it easy by bookmarking the link, and use it any time you plan to make a purchase on Amazon. 

I already have an account with  Can I still use the link to help raise funds for the Angeles Chapter?
Yes! Log into your existing account as you usually would. Just be sure to use our link!

Will this still work if I'm an Amazon Prime member?
Yes! Amazon Prime members, Amazon Mom members, new and existing members are all eligible to shop through our link.

How much of my purchase is given to the Angeles Chapter?
In general, 4%-8% of the purchase price is given to the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter. The exact amount varies depending on the item.

What if I return an item?
All returns are handled through as usual. The proceeds to the Angeles Chapter will be revised, but this will not affect your returns in any way.

Are my purchases tracked by the Sierra Club?
The Angeles Chapter receives a list of qualifying purchases, but all of the buyer information remains anonymous. The Sierra Club will not receive your contact information.

Can I claim these contributions as tax deductible?
No. Contributions to the Angeles Chapter through the Amazon Associates program are not tax deductible.



“I used the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter’s link to buy my holiday gifts. I enjoyed the same Amazon service I always get, and felt good knowing that my purchases helped contribute funds to the Angeles Chapter.” --  Carolyn Hodgen

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