Winter at the Hut

Skiing Baldy Bowl

From the San Gabriel Valley to the coast, after a winter storm, Mt. San Antonio's snow capped slopes strike awe in all who view. And the Hut makes a great base camp!

Circa 1930-40, tackling and schusing the steep slopes of Old Greyback was a feat taken on by few and accomplished by only a handful. Early skiers, though lacking in form due to their equipment, probably skied more terrain than one could imagine. Today, descents of Baldy's West and South slopes are common, with North and East slope descents rare, but popular.

Parkin it

Location: San Antonio Falls Rd. Gate.

We arrived to an empty parking area, shared only with a 1' of new snow, and still coming. We skinned right from the car! Pictured are Bahram Manahedgi and Kyle Amundsen.

The Big Thaw

Arriving at the hut after blazing a long skin track in virgin pow. Jay and Chris enjoy the heat of the moment. Notice the socks, and feet, en route to the thaw zone.

White Beauty

Well, to our good fortune, the weather man called it right. We awoke to 2' of fresh the next morning, and still snowing.

Pictured is Gil Estrada, breakin trail in some of the lightest stuff ever seen. Location: near plane wreck on West Ridge.

Headin Home

Gilski heads for the Hut, but not before laying his line in some outstanding snow.

Location: Just below the summit of Mt. San Antonio. Some reeeaaallll gooood skiiiinng!

Baldy Bowl Panorama from Thunder Mtn. Photo By: Mat Kalin

Drivin' up (Jan 2001)

Drivers view of the road, as taken through the front window. Quite inspirational.

We don't need no stinkin trail!

Chris Bea and Jay Greening breakin trail up the standard route to the Hut. It's not often you can leave your truck with your skis on your feet.

Slicin' da Pow

Bahram knee deep in Utah, I mean Baldy powder. Can you say "San Antonio"?

Back at the 4x4's

As you can see, skiing back to the car is a reality. For some us, much more than others. Gracias, San Antonio