Four win seats on Chapter’s Executive Board

  • Posted on 5 December 2022
  • By Jonathan Howard, Communications Coordinator
Pictured left to right are David Haake, Nancy Barba, Coby King, and Dyana Peña
Pictured left to right are David Haake, Nancy Barba, Coby King, and Dyana Peña
November 15 marked the end of the annual Angeles Chapter Elections. Members cast their ballots both for candidates for the Chapter’s Executive Committee (ExComm) and for leadership of 13 of the Chapter’s regional groups.
The top vote-getters in the ExComm Election were Coby King, Dyana Peña, Nancy Barba, and David Haake. These four will join the 2023-2034 Executive Committee as at-large members to serve two-year terms. Congratulations to the new at-large members-elect, and a warm welcome back to Dyana. And, of course, thank you to all the candidates who ran and those who cast a ballot. 
Our thanks also to the Nominating Committee for creating a roster of excellent candidates with a depth of knowledge and dedication to the Chapter. And to David Eisenberg, Margee Hills, and Marlene Esquivel, who inspected, counted, and mailed regional group ballots with Election Chair Diane Trautman. 
We asked our newly elected leaders to introduce themselves and share priorities for their upcoming term: 
David Haake: "I'm the Chair of the Angeles Chapter's West Los Angeles Group and the Clean Break team, which advocates for a just and equitable transition from dirty fossil fuels to clean renewable energy. My priorities are working to make the Angeles Chapter Executive Committee a more compassionate, collaborative, and respectful experience, and supporting the next generation of Sierra Club activists."
Nancy Barba: “Hello fellow Sierra Club-ers! I am honored to join the ExCom and look forward to supporting the Club's important political and anti-racist work. I will provide affirmative support to efforts that build communities that feature housing with proximity to people-powered transportation.”
Coby King: “O-U-T-I-N-G-S! (and transit) Outings are transformational.  Since John Muir took Teddy Roosevelt camping to preserve Yosemite, OUTINGS have spread the experience of the outdoors.  Seeing our local mountains (and being surprised and amazed at the diversity and beauty of the landscapes) is the first step to preserving these special places. For eight years I helped lead the Hundred Peaks Section and Lower Peaks Committee.  As the only 4-time chair of HPS’s Management Committee, I will advocate for OUTINGS. I also believe in the environmental benefits of TRANSIT.  I’ve become one of LA County’s leaders in bringing more transit to our communities and have long participated on the chapter’s Transportation Committee.  I’ll bring my expertise and connections to the Chapter’s advocacy.”
Dyana Peña: "Hello, everyone! My name is Dyana, and I am incredibly humbled by the honor of being elected to serve on the Executive Committee for the Angeles Chapter. Though I am excited to bring energy to all our work, my priorities are to continue to look inwardly as a Chapter to ensure that our spaces are equitable for any person looking to get involved with our work. I hope to lean on our Core Values and our most vital asset, our people power, to achieve this. I also hope this leads to increased collaboration amongst our committees because we are stronger together."
Please join us in congratulating and welcoming our new leaders in the comments below!
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Congratulations to the newly elected members of the Excom!

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