Angeles Chapter is currently hiring.

  • Posted on 9 January 2020
  • By agonzalez


Applications are invited for the following Angeles Chapter Full-time Staff Positions.


Communications Coordinator

Collaborates with chapter volunteer leaders and chapter staff to promote the conservation action, public education, and other goals of the Sierra Club through the development, coordination, and implementation of messages and strategic media plans for the chapter and through outreach to the general public and to public officials.The Communications Coordinator is responsible for working with the Chapter Director to develop, implement and coordinate media strategy for the full range of the chapter conservation action campaigns, public education projects, and other activities.  The Communications Coordinator assists chapter volunteer leaders and chapter and national office staff in outreach to the general public and to public officials in the shaping and implementation of public policy.




Conservation Program Manager

Organizes and implements conservation programs, campaigns, and initiatives according to priorities set by the Executive Committee, such as land use management, air/water quality, renewable energy, wilderness management, transportation planning, wetlands, zero waste, urban planning, etc.  The Chapter Conservation Program Manager is responsible for ensuring that the Chapter’s approved conservation program objectives are implemented. Participates in the development of program strategies. Works closely with volunteer leaders on conservation campaigns.of public policy.




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