Election Call to Action

  • Posted on 19 October 2020
  • By Everette Phillips - Chair, Communications Committee

Share the Importance of Voting with 5 people and ask them to do the same.

There is so much noise in the media regarding the national election that local issues and local elections are getting lost.  Also, this national election noise might discourage some people from voting, among other barriers to the polls. You can make a difference by reminding five people that their vote counts and that you plan to vote (or already voted). It also helps to research and have awareness for local elections. I was surprised at the feedback I got from neighbors about a yard sign I had for a local candidate in a local election. They indicated that they did not have time to research the election and found my yard sign useful. Although I was worried about what other people might think when I posted the sign, I felt it was important to participate in the voting process. I am glad that I did. I will not change any one person’s mind, but I can help them decide by having more information. There are many people who are undecided and uninformed on many local candidates and ballot decisions.
Here is the challenge, look for opportunities to ask at least five friends and neighbors if they plan to vote and then ask them if there are any ballot items for which they are undecided. If you have researched the item, share your knowledge, and if you are undecided research the item and share the results. One place to research is the Sierra Club endorsements or contact members of the political committee to ask about items they may have researched but decided not to endorse.
If you have a constructive discussion with your friends and neighbors then ask them to try and have a similar discussion with five more people. Explain the challenge to them and see if they are willing to participate and share this article with #5Friends5Votes.
Today (Monday 10/19) is the deadline to register to receive a ballot in the mail, otherwise same-day registration is available. You will find all information you need below, from learning how the process works to locating the nearest voting stations:

[Header photo: Greg Maguire's viral "vote" image, made out of a smoky sun in Portland.]

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