Fundraising Corner: Highlights and Ways to Make a Lasting Impact

  • Posted on 7 August 2023
  • By Jennifer Gregg, Chapter Fundraising Officer
August is giving us stellar reasons to look up! We get to see two full moons at the beginning and end of the month plus the Perseids meteor shower in the middle of August. And here on Terra Firma, our fundraising efforts are illuminated by members like you who truly make a big difference!
In July, we hosted an in-person fundraiser at HiDef Brewery in DTLA. We took this moment to celebrate Morgan Goodwin’s birthday and to share his wish for more people to support the Angeles Chapter. This kind of gathering works so well because it’s a bit more casual, yet very intentional. The beer was cold and the food was so good! The music and message by the Quentin Blue band was a perfect backdrop to the event. What we loved about doing this fundraiser is that we could amplify something very important to Morgan and inspire others to add their power to the Chapter. We set a goal to raise $2000… which we beat by a mile, having raised more than $5000 giving us a net of over $4000. We look forward to doing more events like this! If you would like to host a fundraising event like this, please reach out to me at and I will be happy to support your ideas. Let’s make fundraising FUN!
Speaking of passion as a powerful way to make a difference, did you know that Legacy GIfts are one of the most meaningful ways to provide enduring support for the Chapter? For all that you are doing now to help protect the planet, these lasting gifts are a beautiful way to ensure your passion is honored and continued. Crafting an ethical gift might feel a bit overwhelming to talk about, but I can help make things a little bit more natural and easy for you. If you would like to learn more about Planned Giving and how to preserve your legacy, please visit MyPlan.SierraClub.
Another win-win type of fundraising is to donate your car! If you have ever tried selling your car, you know it’s quite a process! The Sierra Club Foundation in partnership with CARS offers an easy way to donate vehicles that you no longer use. The donation is tax deductible, and the  funds raised through this program will directly support the Angeles Chapter. This is a great way to donate your car, boat, RV, truck, trailer, or motorcycle while supporting the Sierra Club!
Monthly recurring donations to the Chapter are a really impactful way to sustain your support. Donations of any amount not only add up, but multiply your effect on the environment. Designating $5. $10, or $50 a month - any amount that works for you - is an incredible way to help us keep winning environmental victories in Los Angeles and Orange County. Please consider giving to the Chapter by signing up to become a monthly donor today!
As I look up to the moon and the stars this month, I will be reminded of why support for the Sierra Club matters so much. It’s humbling and inspiring to know how much you care. Thank you for all that you do to share your passion and for your support for the Angeles Chapter!
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