Sustainable City Commission urges Long Beach to end oil drilling, declare a climate emergency

  • Posted on 28 January 2022
  • By Angeles Chapter Updates
Last night (1/27) the Long Beach Sustainable City Commission approved a recommendation intended to accelerate the phase-out of oil drilling in the city and address the climate crisis.
The commission voted to draft a memo with recommendations for Mayor Robert Garcia and the City Council that would urge them to declare a climate emergency to halt new oil drilling permits in Long Beach. It also asks the City Council to move more swiftly toward a net-zero emissions economy by expanding rebate programs to encourage decarbonizing buildings and transportation options in Long Beach.
The commission’s recommendation also directs city officials to collaborate with Los Angeles County’s third-party amortization study to accelerate the phase-out of all oil operations, increase the state’s contribution to abandonment liabilities and identify alternative sources of revenue and options to help oil field workers transition into new careers.
A huge thanks to everyone who called in! The Cerritos Wetlands Taskforce, LB community members, as well as Sierra Club campaigners working tirelessly on this effort. And to the commission for prioritizing the health and safety of the city’s most vulnerable communities.
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