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Newsletter of the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
September 2020

Volunteer Spotlight - Liliana Griego

This month we’re spotlighting Liliana Griego, a Wilderness Travel Course (WTC) graduate, Forest Committee Volunteer, and ExCom member-at-large working to create a more influential and inclusive Angeles Chapter.

A Wilderness Travel Course (WTC) graduate, Forest Committee Volunteer, and ExCom member-at-large, she is committed to the Sierra Club’s mission and working to create a more influential and inclusive Angeles Chapter.

By Jonathan Howard, Chapter Communications Coordinator

Angel Strike, by John Clement

Editors note: As we go to print, wildfires are destroying large parts of the west, the Gulf coast battles the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, and Los Angeles Black Lives Matter activists continue to fight for their lives. In the midst of this pain, we offer a collection of stories of solutions, of hope, of fun, and of community to support the evolution toward a more just and sustainable world. Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Emmanuel AlcantarMotivations to Contribute - Emmanuel Alcantar

By Emmanuel Alcantar, Environmental Justice Committee Volunteer

Motivations to Contribute is a new series oriented towards understanding our volunteers and members both for inspiration and to enhance cooperation and coordination among current members while encouraging new volunteers to join us. This month, Emmanuel Alcantar shares what inspired him to join the Environmental Justice Committee.

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Fires & PhilosophyDirector's Desk: Fires and Philosophy

By Morgan Goodwin, Senior Director of the Angeles Chapter

As fires rage across California this month, the questions of ‘how should we live’ (and where should we live) are being re-examined more than they have been in decades if not centuries. Think about that for a moment: How should people live? At the Sierra Club, we share an environmental ethos, at least a partial answer to that question. We believe people should live in a way that does as little harm the natural world as possible.

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Water A Public Resource: How Privatization Happens Pt. 2

By Demitri Fierro, Communications Committee Voluntee

Then it comes to public health, one easily believes that community wellness takes priority over anything else. However, as we have covered in previous publications, that does not always hold true. As more officials in the public sector are being forced into transparency from ongoing scrutiny, we continue to see motivations behind their actions as self-serving. What happens when exploitation of public utilities is labeled as the “best interest” for the city? The City of Montebello is still attempting to answer that question.

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Awards After-PartyPolitical Leadership Awards After-Party

By Jonathan Howard, Chapter Communications Coordinator

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune, Sierra Club President Ramón Cruz, CA State Senator Henry Stern, U.S. Representatives Mark Takano and Ted Lieu and more came out for the first-ever virtual awards celebration in the Chapter's History. Click below for a full recap of the event.

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Chapter electionWhat Are Chapter Elections?

By Everette Phillips, Communications Chair

Most of the work and decision making in the Angeles Chapter is made by volunteers. When groups of volunteers work together, some must assume leadership roles. Some of those roles require recognition through elections. But, what exactly gets decided in these elections? Why should I bother voting? We lay it out for you. Click to learn more.

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PoseidonPoseidon - What's in a Name?

By Charming Evelyn, Chair - Water Committee

The Huntington Beach Ocean Desalination plant is being proposed by Poseidon. What a title for a company! Do you think anyone with Poseidon stopped to consider their namesake? Poseidon is considered to be one of the most bad-tempered, moody, and greedy Olympian gods and known to be quite vengeful when insulted.

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Virtual Scavenger Hunt

City Hike: LA 2020 Virtual Scavenger Hunt

By Team Sierra

Just because we can’t hike together doesn't mean we can't virtually explore our city together! Our theme is juxtapositions, we’ll explore stark contrasts in our urban landscape. Beautiful plants pushing through the pavement. Pollution right next to homes. Moments of serenity, punctuated by the NOISE of everyday life. You'll learn more about LA through the clues and how we as a community are all connected. Click below to register!

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Political MobilizationJoin the Largest Political Mobilization in Club History

By Sierra Club Independent Action

In the 2020 election, voters will determine whether we act on climate change before it’s too late. Sierra Club Independent Action will tap into our trusted brand, grassroots structure, and 3.8 million supporters to tackle the most urgent task before us: defeating Donald Trump. Thousands of volunteers, across Chapters, are texting, writing, and calling voters, and committing to help Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) in October and November.  Will you join us?

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Angel Strike, by John ClementPhoto of the Month: Angel Strike, by John Clement

As Featured in Focal Points Magazine, courtesy of the Angeles Chapter Camera Committee

"Super Cell Storm that ran in front of—and behind—me for 2 hours and produced 100's of lightning Strikes."

Shot using: Olympus E-M5, Mark II, Olympus M.12-40mm F2.8, 1/25 @ 12mm, ISO 200, Lightning Trigger by Stepping Stone Productsr!

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Bob Cates Autumn colors of buckwheat and bunchgrass on Pinyon Ridge

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Parting Words

"All things flow, nothing abides. You cannot step into the same river twice, for the waters are continuously flowing on. Nothing is permanent except change."

— Heraclitus