Join the largest political mobilization in Sierra Club’s history!

  • Posted on 27 August 2020
  • By Angeles Chapter
Join the largest political mobilization in Sierra Club’s history!
In the 2020 election, voters will determine whether we act on climate change before it’s too late. Sierra Club Independent Action will tap into our trusted brand, grassroots structure, and 3.8 million supporters to tackle the most urgent task before us: defeating Donald Trump. 
This is the most consequential election of our lifetime. Even before 2016, we had no time to waste in addressing the climate crisis. With Trump in the White House, we are facing a real emergency.
The IPCC report released in 2018 brought sobering news: If we continue on our current path and temperatures rise 4°C or more, we will face droughts, famine, fires, floods, refugee crises, and political instability around the world. We have just 10 years left to radically shift our energy production, business models, land management, and policies in order to avoid that scenario.
To make the changes we need as quickly as science demands, we need elected officials pushing at every level—from the White House to City Council. We have to win big in 2020—at every level of government. 
To avert climate catastrophe, we are launching the largest political mobilization in Sierra Club history. In our 128 years of protecting the planet, we’ve never faced a crisis like the one we face today.  And we’ve never done anything like we’re going to do between now and November. Our Chapters are uniquely positioned to respond to this crisis.
Thousands of volunteers, across Chapters, are texting, writing, and calling voters, and committing to help Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) in October and November. 
Ready to join us? Sign up here! 
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