Angeles Chapter Elections Center 2015

  • Posted on 30 October 2012
  • By gwatland

Welcome to the Angeles Chapter Elections Center

The Annual Election begins by November 1 and ends December 1 for At-Large positions on the Angeles Chapter Executive Committee (Excom) and for each Regional Group.
You have three ways to access the ballot needed for you to vote:

1)  Online Ballots and Paper Ballots for the Chapter Executive Committee and for your Regional Group Executive Committee are available online at the Ballot Website specific for your Regional Group shown on the Chapter Election email or postcard sent to all current members.  The information includes a single Member ID to be used either the Online Ballot or Paper Ballot for all voting members living at your mailing address.

2)  If you prefer, please request Paper Ballot(s) and candidate statements for your household be sent via the US Post Office  or ask any questions about the Chapter Election by calling the Chapter Director, George Watland, 213-387-4287 ext. 210, or by emailing  

3) You may also simply put your postcard in an envelope and mail it to the address below :

Paper Ballot

Sierra Club Angeles Chapter

3250 Wilshire Blvd. #1106

Los Angeles, CA  90010

For options 2 & 3 above, please allow 5-7 business days to receive Paper Ballots and return them to the address shown above.

Please note that all members voting by paper ballot last year will automatically receive one before Nov. 1.

Your completed paper ballots must be delivered to the Chapter office by 5:00 pm on December 1, 2015.


Angeles Chapter Candidates


Sridhar Gullapalli
Houria Hall
Lynne Plambeck
Charming Evelyn
Marcia Hanscom
Bill Simpson
Candidate Statements


Airport Marina Group Candidates

Felize Garvin
Jeanette Vosburg





Antelope Valley Group Candidates

  Nathan Krumm  






Central Group 

No Election Scheduled



Crescenta Valley Group Candidates

Bettie Pearson John Lajeuness Jeff Wilson Jerry Burnham
Fred Dong
Gail Adams Silvia Darie  





East San Gabriel Valley Group

No Election Scheduled





Long Beach Group Candidates

Jaime Guoz
Justin Ramirez





Orange County Group Candidates

Chuck Buck
Bernie Lipman 
Candidate Statements





Palos Verdes / South Bay Group Candidates

Marcia Cook
Candice Nafissi
Frank Atkin
Hersh Kelley
Paul Rosenberger
Dave Wiggins
Candidate Statements





Pasadena Group Candidates

Carole Scurlock
Bill Joyce
Pat Zeider
Candidate Statements





Rio Hondo Group Candidates

David Warren
Margee Hills
Candidate Statements





San Fernando Valley Group Candidates

Barry Katzen
Gabe Sende
Bryant Luba
Belen Katzen
Elaine Trogman
Terrie Brady
Julie Szende
  Candidate Statements  





Santa Clarita Group Candidates

Sandra Cattell
Ray Lorne
Dave Morrow
Ed Benison


Sierra Sage Group of So. Orange County Candidates

Rich Maxey
Linda Ledger
Sylvia Stevenson
Duana Miller
Candidate Statements





Verdugo Hills Group Candidates

Delphine Trowbridge
Marlene Vella
Annette Kargodorian
Michael Beck
Charlotte Feitshans
Paul Nemeth
Carol Henning
  Candidate Statements  





West Los Angeles Group Candidates

Mary Ann Webster
Art Antolick
Paul Cooley
Kana Yokota
Frank Gruber
Yubert Fang
David Haake
Candidate Statements



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