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About the Lower Peaks Committee

There are some famous peaks on our List, like Echo Mountain and Mount Muir, but many peaks are known merely to the old-time and unconventional hikers and are only climbed by a few people each year. These summits are located in lesser known areas in Southern California. Traveling to these summits combine a trip to beautiful unspoiled California territories with a good hike. Many of these summits offer outstanding views.

The average round trip is about seven miles long with 1,500' gain. Many trips are shorter, some hikes are very steep and some are brushy. Most peaks can be reached on fire roads, trails, and small use trails or a combination of these. For some peaks cross-country experience and navigation are necessary. All are classified as Class 2 or below (no ropes needed). If there is a summit block it does not have to be climbed to qualify for the peak.