In the Know: Forest Stewardship Council Board

  • Posted on 13 November 2019
  • By Krystal Ruiz
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) aims to protect forests for future generations by setting a standard for responsible forest management worldwide. The FSC’s Board of Directors is responsible for the analysis and decisions of a global organization that is characterized by dialogue and consensus within the framework of very demanding standards of how to manage forests.
Recently, the FSC welcomed Carla Cardenas to the Board after she obtained 49% of votes across three chambers in all countries. Cardenas became a member of the FSC in Ecuador in 2006 knowing that it was a space where members make a commitment to change realities in their own operations or lands while promoting the creation of policies and incentives.
“I greatly admire the ability of the FSC to sit down to dialogue with sectors that are commonly considered enemies: companies -- communities, social and workers’ organizations -- and environmentalists,” said Cardenas after the election. 
Cardenas is best recognized locally for her activity with the Chapter’s Conservation Program and Water Committee, but Jason Grant was responsible for helping Cardenas gain local support and exposure during the election. 
Grant has spent the last 25 years invested in green buildings forestry. He has been representing the Sierra Club on the FSC Board with a special focus on strengthening the FSC’s standards in addition to informing and producing better environmental outcomes of logging. Together, Jason and Carla have made a tremendous impact on the FSC and will continue to strive for responsible forest management.
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