About Us

Bikers from Mission Viejo at Murray Community Center

The mission of the Climate Action Team of Sierra Club Angeles Chapter is to educate and inspire our members and the general public in Los Angeles and Orange Counties to engage in climate change issues.

Our committee will work with groups to advocate and implement solutions for mitigating and adapting to our changing climate through means such as increasing energy efficiency, eliminating fossil fuel use, promoting renewable energy, and fostering sustainable carbon footprints.

Goal 1: Become educated and to educate others citizens and local officials with regard to the reality, consequences, urgency, and solutions for climate change in the short and long term.

Goal 2:Participate in various efforts to directly influence public policy and decision-makers regarding energy and climate change through public advocacy .

Goal 3: Demonstrate solutions in our own lives, reducing our own carbon footprints as much as possible, through installation of efficiency, renewable energy, and conservation measures in our homes, and businesses, reducing and offsetting our emissions from travel and consumption.

Goal 1A: Members read, view videos and films, attend programs, speakers and discussions, design and maintain and interactive web site and related social media. Take other steps to learn about climate change, energy efficiency, renewable energy production, and environmental justice.

Goal 1B: Members educate public officials and decision-makers, specifically at the local level (cities and county) through letters, phone calls, one on one meetings, and through presentations to groups such as city commissions and city councils.

Goal 2A: Participate in environmental campaigns sponsored by Sierra Club and other environmental organizations through letter writing, lobbying, rallies, etc.

Goal 2B: Through personal contacts and visits to decision-makers, advocate for actions by local and governmental bodies including school districts and water districts, toward greater energy efficiency, production of renewable energy and other actions related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Take steps to reward and recognize those who take positive actions.

Goal 2C: Seek to collaborate and form coalitions with community and environmental organizations that share our goals. Examples are Friends of Harbors, Beaches, and Parks; Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment; Orange County Sustainability Collaborative; Orange County chapter of the Green Building Council; Orange county chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby; Surfrider Foundation.