Do you have an interest in cycling and the environment? Would you be interested in taking a leadership position in this committee?

Currently, the Bicycle Touring Committee is inactive. A chapter like the Angeles Chapter is large and has many interest groups and committees. We depend on volunteer leaders to help organize the meetings, members and outings related to a specific interest group.

Of course among some 50,000 members spread from LA to OC there are members with an interest in scheduled rides. However, these members depend on a few volunteers to rise up to the occasion and take on leadership roles. The more who do, the easier it is to manage a committee. If you are interested, do not worry, we have training on how to run meetings and how to use the technology and tools we offer to schedule outings.

Are you interested in helping lead a Bicycle Touring Committee and bring members the most interesting bicycle rides around? Would you like to help offer road bike rides in scenic locations, including overnight pannier trips? Would you like to recruit and train volunteer leaders to offer rides that range in difficulty from easy to hard? Just remember the Sierra Club focus is not racing - it is about enjoying the outdoors, and we ride as a group. Leaders will make sure no one is left behind! We welcome all new participants. Helmets are mandatory on all rides. As a leader, you would help riders to self-identify experience, skill level and knowledge such as how to change a tire and carrying tire tools, patch kit, pump and water.

Typical club activity.
(Near Lompoc May 1999)

As new leaders, you would choose whether the leadership meeting is monthly or is scheduled every 4 months or so.
Please contact Morgan Goodwin ( if you have an interest in being a leader and helping this committee to restart. There need to be at least three volunteer leaders willing to work together in the following roles if the committee is to become active again.


  • Chair: seeking new leadership
  • Secretary/Treasurer: seeking new leadership
  • Outings Chair: seeking new leadership Touring Committee


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