Permits First

  • Posted on 3 May 2021
  • By Randy Kokal
You need a hunting license before you go hunting, a marriage license before you get married and the Poseidon desalination project needs to get their permits before they are allowed to operate.
Poseidon has asserted (with no evidence) that building a state of the art plant to minimize damage they will do to the sea life and the ocean is too expensive. Without any proof, they claim that slant wells, infiltration galleries, subsurface intakes, and removing the salt from their discharge, are too expensive.

West Basin and the Angeles Chapter

  • Posted on 30 April 2021
  • By Scott Houston
World Water Day may annually be recognized on March 22, but we must honor and respect water every day as we confront climate change in order to ensure we have adequate supplies of safe, affordable water to meet our needs.
The management and governance of water is complicated, particularly in California.  Do you know where your water comes from?  It can be confusing.  You may pay your bill to one agency, city, or water company when, in reality, there might be multiple partners involved that provide clean drinking water to your tap.

Sierra Club Looks to Build on Special Efforts to Make Water Agencies More Diverse and Progressive

  • Posted on 1 March 2021
  • By John Monsen

The Sierra Club Helped Make Several Influential Water Agencies More Diverse and Progressive; Now We Need to Prepare to Do Even More

Water may be life, but most residents of Southern California do not often reflect on the complex series of canals, pumps, and pipelines that connect where they live to water sources like the Colorado River, the Sierras, or the numerous water basins under LA County.

Poseidon's Toxic Desalination Proposal

  • Posted on 23 February 2021
  • By Ray Hiemstra, Angeles Chapter Water Committee
The people behind the Poseidon project feel Orange County residents do not pay enough for water. They feel that residents can and should pay. They see a potential profit in  each glass of water, each shower and each toilet flush.  Their plan is simple, add more expensive water that we do not need into our existing water supply and then charge us more for the water we already own. This idea is so profitable that it resurfaces again and again going on nearly 20 years now, and the Sierra Club has been working hard to keep your water supply inexpensive and abundant.