The River Touring Section provides for the exploration and enjoyment of our lakes, rivers and coastal bays by sponsoring weekend canoe, raft or kayak trips; occasional longer trips, and instructional programs in basic skills and moving water techniques. River Touring also encourages concern for the preservation of our water resources for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. 

We are based in Los Angeles. Our members share a love of kayaking and canoeing throughout Southern California and beyond. 



I Easy moving water with a few riffles and small waves.
II Easy to Medium rapids with waves up to 3 feet high, some obvious obstacles to maneuver around.
III Medium to Moderately Difficult rapids with high irregular waves, narrow channels, rocks and holes, some maneuvering required.
IV Difficult to very Difficult; long turbulent rapids with powerful waves and holes, many obstacles requiring precise maneuvering.
V Extremely Difficult; long violent rapids that must be scouted from shore, dangerous drops, unstable eddys, irregular currents.
VI Unrunnable - Don't even think about it!


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